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Super Spectacular Arcane Mage Mog

It’s finally Mage Week in Lae’s alt appreciation whirlwind, and I’m super excited to share this mog!  I mentioned I was working on this mog in my last Mage post, and I actually finished it awhile ago, but wanted to wait and join in the appreciation fun 😀


I’m really loving this mog now, but it was sort of a pain in the tail to put together.  Of all the alts I took through the Molten Front back in Cata, Drayney was not one of them.  When I decided I HAD to have this pink gloves, I had to start those dailies from scratch.  400 bazillion Marks of the World Tree later I finally had them, however I had neglected farming up the hood.  It drops from Netherspite in Karazhan, and I had seen it drop so many times when I didn’t want it.  Weeks after getting my gloves, it still hadn’t dropped for my mage though.  Then, one night while updating the cloth helm pictures on Mog Companion I had a huge derp moment.  I updated the picture for this hood, grumbled about it not dropping and moved on.  About an hour later I thought, ‘too bad I’m not a Warlock, they can just buy the hood with some Cenarion Expedition rep…’, then ‘wait! Wasn’t there a third item listed as the same model?’  That’s when the derp came, hardcore.  The hood is also a quest reward from Icecrown.  A quest I didn’t do, and towards the beginning of the zone!  So, I ran off to get my hood and promised myself I would thoroughly check the same model as tab next time XD

Anyhow, I thought the mix of pink and purple was a good look for an arcane mage.  The belt and bracers are a little warlock-y, but those shoulders say “Hey! I’m a mage! I will Arcane Blast you in the face!”


Helm: The Argent Skullcap

Shoulders: Vengeful Gladiator’s Silk Amice

Chest: Embersilk Robes

Waist: Sash of Serpentra

Legs: Black Mageweave Leggings

Feet: Unassuming Slippers

Gloves: Widow’s Clutches

Main hand: Chelley’s Staff of Dark Mending




-- Draynee
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Replica Lightforge Looks


I spotted this mog awhile ago and just fell in love!  I took a screenie for Fly Draenei Friday, but it’s so great, it needed it’s own post 😀  The colors are so striking, and I thought pairing the Lightforge pieces with those legs and boots was awesome!  After doing some mogs with the Replica Soulforge set, I was excited to try a few with this set.

Bakaknight is wearing Drake Talon Pauldrons with Replica Lightforge Breastplate, Gauntlets and Belt, Legplates of Blazing Light and Magma Tempered Boots.  I believe the mace on her right hip is either Bloodskull Destroyer or Swiftsteel Bludgeon.  Looks great Baka, thanks for the inspiration!



Here’s a few variations I came up with!

lightforge shoulders

Shoulders – Replica Lightforge Spaulders

Chest – Replica Lightforge Breastplate

Hands – Replica Lightforge Gauntlets

Waist – Hyperion Girdl

Legs – Legplates of Blazing Light

Feet – Magma Tempered Boots

Boots of the Redeemed Prophecy might also look nice,
and pick up more of the red in the look.


judgement shoulders


-- Draynee
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Love is In the Air


I posted this mog the other day on Twitter as just a ‘hey, this is what my mage is wearing now’ thing.  Then today, I was thinking about something to post here as a Valentine’s Day outfit, and I thought this is actually the perfect mog!  The dress reminds me of exactly how I dress in RL for V-day – show a little cleavage and actually put on a necklace 😀  I’m not much of a jewelry wearer, but I like to look a little fancy for our V-day nights out.  My Mr. and I met a few weeks before Valentine’s 6 years ago, and our first date was the weekend after.  We also got engaged on V-day 5 years ago, so it’s kind of an anniversary for us.

Anyhow, back to the mog 😉  I love the way these shoulders are just barely blue, which is the same color shown throughout the dress.  They also glow red, so I think they’re perfect!  Unfortunately, they are horde-only Tier 9 shoulders, so it doesn’t quite work for a fly Draenei *sad face*.  Well, I can’t let my belf have all the boobilicious fun, so I came up with a couple alternatives that look just as nice!

Belf’s Staff (Above)- Matsuba’s Breadmaker



I left the headpiece out of the Draenei mage mog, because it looks a little silly just plopped on top of a plain hairstyle.  I think it looks best with the croissantwich ponytail hairdo that my elf has.  Here it is on my paladin, for illustration purposes.  You can also see here that she has on the Wound Dressing underneath the dress for a little modesty panel.

felcloth hood
Here’s another version, playing up more of the red.

Head – Felcloth Hood

Shoulders – Consortium Mantle

Chest – Imperial Ghostbinder’s Robes

Hands –Muddied Crimson Gloves

Waist – Orbital Belt

The crimson gloves require Frenzyheart Tribe rep to purchase, but the Replica Virtuous Gloves, which are off-white, would work also.


Well, I hope if you celebrate V-day, you had a lovely one! If you don’t, I hope you had a nice Thursday 😀

-- Draynee
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Black Ninja Monk Transmog


For some reason, I tend to try and stay away from using rogue-ish pieces in my monk mogs.  It’s a silly self-imposed rule, especially because Draenei look amazing in rogue gear!  So, I’ve decided to stop being silly and make some ninja inspired monk mogs!

monk mog

Head (above) – SI:7 Special Issue Facemask
(Update – Rogue-only headpiece, *sadface* )

Shoulder – Shoulderpads of the Silvermoon Retainer

Chest – Fizzle’s Vest

Hands – Bard’s Gloves

Waist – Feral Cord

Legs – Ceremonial Leather Loincloth

Feet – Bard’s Boot

Swords (above) – Rune Sword


black monk
Another version with a few more modest pieces.

Head (above) – SI:7 Scout’s Hood

Shoulder – Shoulderpads of the Silvermoon Retainer

Chest – Fizzle’s Vest

Shirt – Stylish Black Shirt

Hands – Bard’s Gloves

Waist – Feral Cord

Legs – Nice Shorts

Feet – Bard’s Boot

Staff – Braxxis’ Staff of Slumber


-- Draynee
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Looking Fly with Euphy(ley)


Last week’s Laid Back Raid with JD and crew was a dragon killing party.  We started the night in Obsidium Sanctum, where I got to meet up with the super duper fly Euphyley of WoW Rare Spawns!  Her transmog is so awesome, and it goes fantastically with the Tabard of the Acheiver she is wearing.  Drainee also stepped out in her new look.  Since she recently turned 90 and is running a lot of heroics, I threw together a look that went with the dungeon set.  I was going for an outfit that I could mix and match without running to the mogger everytime I got an upgrade.  So shhhh, don’t tell that not all of my pieces are actually mogged!!

The great part about Euphyley’s mog is that she used some of the Scarlet Crusade pieces that used to drop out of Scarlet Monastery.  The Scarlet Belt is a BOE, so you may still be able to find one on your AH along with the Scarlet Chestpiece, but unfortunately, the bosses that dropped the Hands and Legs were replaced in the Mists’ revamp of the SM dungeons.


Shoulders – Harlan’s Shoulders

Chest – Ornate Breastplate

Gloves – Pillager’s Gloves

Waist – Bindburner Belt

Legs – Legguards of the Crimson Magus

Feet – Ornate Greaves


Head – Stylin’ Crimson Hat

Shoulders – Stormcaller’s Pauldrons

Chest – Stormcaller’s Hauberk

Hands – Gauntlets of Divinity

Waist – Scarlet Belt

Legs – Scarlet Leggings

Feet – Mercurial Greaves

I asked Euphyley about how to say her name, just so I could be sure it rhymed with ‘Fly’. I’ve always said it like Yoo-fee-lee, but just my rhyming luck, she pronounces it You-Fie-Lee! So glad that worked out 😛

Here’s another shot of Eupyley and Drainee, from our Ulduar LBR a few weeks ago!  Make sure and check out her blog for all the info you could ever want on rare spawn stuff 🙂
-- Draynee
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Red Cloth Mog – Twisted Visage

New expansions in WoW are really great.  New levels, new content to explore, new stories to hear and more!  My favorite thing about new expansions, though, is how powerful my characters are once they finish leveling.  I’m not one of those super-soloers like this rogue who soloed Patchwerk 25 at level 80.  The only raid I could solo at level 80 was Strathome (when it first came out you could technically take a raid in there, so that counts, right?).  So, when I hit 85 and got a little gear, I was quite excited to be able to spend time obliterating Karazhan and Molten Core etc. by myself.  Now that I’m 90, I’ve been pushing into more BC raids alone.  Thanks to this awesome video, I was able to do Tempest Keep the other night.  Yes, I know he did it at 85, but like I said…


What’s even better than all this anti-social behavior is stomping out old raids with a few close friends!  My horde-side guildies and I decided to give Ulduar 25 a shot the other night.  It started out as just 4 of us, and we were having a hell of a time trying to figure out Flame Leviathan Four Towers.  Luckily our other 2 guildies logged in as we were going to give it our last shot.  After one more wipe, we got him down and proceeded to merrilly frolic our way through the rest of the acheivements for the Ironbound Proto Drake.  We didn’t finish as it got late, but we made it all the way to Vezax.  Along the way, this awesome staff dropped.  The two druids and I all gave it our “ooh’s” and “aah’s”.  I felt a tiny bit bad that I won the roll, but I knew I was going to run out right away and make a mog for it 😀  My little belf mage has been running around in this mog, but as always, it looks much better on Drayney, lol.


naxx_shouldersWith Mantle of the Corrupted and Muddied Crimson Gloves

LiddeyLiddy with Mantle of Tirisfal and Fire Striders
-- Draynee
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Bloodmail Set – Hunter Mog

In the weeks leading up to patch 5.0.4, I had grand intentions of running Scholomance for some of the gear that was possibly being removed with the updates to it, and Scarlet Monestary.  Two pieces I was really interested in were the Bloodmail legs and boots.  It started well, I nabbed the boots on my second run.  By my fourth run, however, I started to loose interest.  I have to admit I was a little burned out on the place after farming for Alanna’s Embrace, and generally from years of running through it.

Unfortunately, the dungeon updates did remove all of the old gear from the loot tables.  Drainee is slightly bummed she will never have the perfect pair of black pants.  It would be awesome if Blizzard introduces more cosmetic gear in the future, as with the old tier pieces you can buy from the Darkmoon Faire.  I’ve decided to post my Bloodmail transmog that was not to be, hopefully some lucky soul with the pants can take inspiration from it 🙂

Bloodmail 2
-- Draynee
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Embersilk Robes Transmog

This lovely robe is the perfect cherry red.  It shares it’s model with the Felcloth Robe.  I have one on the auction house I just can’t unload, so I thought I’d make a mog for it instead!  I decided to go with a red and green look to actually play off the belt.  I sincerely hope they come out with more low profile cloth belt models like this one, maybe without the screaming green gem in the middle 🙂

Embersilk Robes

-- Draynee
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My Mage Mog: A Shoulder for All Specs

Wow, it’s been forever since I posted an outfit I’m actually wearing in game!  I feel like I’ve been trying to make these mage outfits work for just as long.  I get frustrated by the selection of cloth belts, and then just don’t post about them.  I’ve decided to just make the post, and then I can move on with my Mage’s life! Lol.  For a long time, Drayney was mogged into the Brutal Gladiator’s Regalia.  It was a quick and easy mog that I used in place of what I wished she was wearing: The Field Marshal’s Regalia.  That is such an awesome set, and I was pretty heartbroken the first day of transmog to find out I couldn’t use any of the pieces.  I truly hope they lift that restriction on day, because I have honestly never seen anyone, not even a level 60, in any of that pinky-purpley goodness.

Anyhow, enough of that sad story!  Here’s a spirit lifter: When I was farming for the staff for the ‘arcane’ version of this look, I finally got the Swift White Hawkstrider from Magister’s Terrace!  It’s the first rare mount in my collection, and I’m glad I went all the way to Kael’ everytime, even though the staff dropped off the second boss.

So, the idea I had going on here was using the same shoulder model in an outfit for all three mage specs.  I used the Arcanist Mantle, from the Mage Tier 1 set, and the red and blue recolors.  I’ll start with the ‘Arcane Mage’ version, using the original Arcanist Mantle.  I was a runner up in the last Proudmore WoW Factor show in this look.  It’s my favorite of the three, although I switched to the ‘Fire Mage’ set for the Midsummer Fire Festival.


Arcane Mage:

Shoulders – Arcanist Mantle

Chest – Alanna’s Embrace

Hands – Jumanza Grips

Waist – Ruthless Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy

Staff – Warpstaff of Arcanum

fire action

Fire Mage:

Head – Cowl of the Grand Engineer

Shoulders – Mindrage Pauldrons

Chest – Simple Robe

Hands – Red Mageweave Gloves

Waist – Voidweave Cilice

Staff – Rod of the Blazing Light

fire mogit

I would prefer not to have a belt with this version. The dress already has the empire waist, so it’s like she’s wearing two belts! Perhaps Blizzard will take cue from the Acherus Knight’s Girdle, and make invisible belts for all armor classes! I’m going to cross my fingers for that, because the version below could use it too.


Frost Mage:

Head – Augural Shroud

Shoulders – Frozen Shadoweave Shoulders

Chest – Robes of the Exalted

Wrists – Wristguards of Subterranean Moss

Hands – Safegaurd Gloves

Waist – Replica Virtuous Belt

Staff (not shown) – Staff of Divine Infusion

-- Draynee
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Little Red Riding Hood

Taelz – photo courtesy of WoW Factor

At the recent Proudmoore WoW Factor Show this Worgen gentleman garnered quite a conversation.  The judges loved his transmog, although we were all quite confused when he pulled out his off-hand weapon.  He ended up winning 2.5k, but the best part was what he reminded one of the judges of.  I believe it was Ironyca who said he looked like the Big Bad Wolf!  She said she would love for someone to show up as Red Riding Hood and pose with him.  Well, that got my gears spinning!  I wasn’t able to quickly acquire the pieces for a Red Riding look, but I decided to put some looks together in Mog-It for fun.

Unfortunately, cloaks look pretty silly on Draenei, so it kind of looks better on a human.  My baby warlock, Zzyzx was kind enough to guest-pose for a comparison.


Little Red Drayney


Little Red Zzyzx’s cloak
looks much better.


Head – Cowl of the Grand Engineer
Shoulders – Mantle of Tirisfal
Cloak – any red cloak will do, Draynee is wearing Phoenix-Wing Cloak, and Zzyzx, Vibrant Silk Cape
Chest – Airfeild Defender’s Garb
Gloves – Imperial Red Gloves
Waist – Beach Party Thong

The Basket is the Egg Basket from Noblegarden. While it can’t be used for transmog, it’s fun to run around with!

I also put together some alternative looks for variety:

drayney 2

Fancy Red Riding Hood

Head – Cowl of the Grand Engineer

Shoulders – Mantle of Tirisfal

Cloak – Ravager’s Cloak

Chest – Mooncloth Robe

Shirt – Sawbones Shirt

Gloves – Imperial Red Gloves

Waist – the belt here is kinda ‘meh’, I couldn’t find
one I really like with the dress, Historian’s Sash


Simple Red Riding Hood

Head – Embalmed Shroud

Shoulders – Consortium Mantle

Cloak – Sergeant’s Cape

Chest – Imperial Red Tunic

Gloves – Replica Virtuous Gloves

Waist – Belt of Dark Schemes

Legs – Duskwoven Pants

Feet – Maleki’s Footwraps

drayney 3

A topic for another day – cloth belts stink and are hard to coordinate…

-- Draynee
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