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Pretty Fly Gifts!

I posted earlier about the Fly Draenei gals heading to Shattrath to celebrate Winter Veil this year.  Let’s see what they got each other!

Drayney’s gift, Ancient Tome of Portal: Dalaran really makes her giggle.  It looks
just like a regular portal to Dalaran, but it sends victims friends to the old Dalaran
crater, after she casts slow fall on them, of course 😉
All three sisters also got a Cinder Kitten!
Draynee was super excited to receive The Hammer of Destiny!
She had been wanting one since seeing the super fly Hammer Toss
outfit from the Mogolympics.  Looks like her new year will be
full of PVP so she can complete the look!
Drainee was so happy about her gift, she put it on right
there in the middle of the city!  The chest, gloves and legs
from the Warmonger’s set have her head spinning with
new transmog ideas!
I hope everyone had an awesome Winter Veil/Christmas and New Years!  Did you get just what you wanted, or any surprises from Old Father Winter? 🙂
-- Draynee
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Have a Super Fly Christmas!!

Draynee and her sisters have travelled back home to Shattrath City to celebrate Christmas this year.  I can’t wait to see what they got each other 😉
 Have a safe & happy Christmas everyone!!
-- Draynee
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Fly Furtive Father Winter

I received my Blog Azeroth Furtive Father Winter gift today, how exciting!!  My gift is from Tyledres at Frost and Claws.  I’ll update here once my gift to my secret blogger pal is done 😉

It was the feast of Winter Veil and like so many other members of the Alliance, Draynee headed to Ironforge to celebrate. It looked like Great Father Winter was being especially generous this year.

Under the tree there was a human death knight. The death knight was holding a rather shabbily wrapped gift and was stopping all the Draenei and asking, “Excuse me, but are you Draynee? Or do you know where I can find her?”

Stepping forward Draynee said, “I’m Draynee! Who are you and why are you looking for me?”
“I’m Tyledres, and I was told to give this gift to you,” the death knight said. She started to hand it forward when a mage blinked between the two.

“Wait a minute!” cried the mage. Staring at Tyledres she said, “You’re not supposed to be here! You’re not a Draenei and you don’t transmog your gear!”

Tyledres glance at her gear. It looked good to her. She especially like the skulls. Staring at the mage’s outfit she couldn’t help but remark, “But at least I don’t look like a color-blind space gypsy!”

“I’m festive not color-blind!” screamed the mage as she cast polymorph polar bear on Tyledres.
The mage couldn’t help grinning at the polar bear. “She’s definitely looking more festive now.” The mage than turned her gaze to Draynee. “Sorry about that,” she said, “I’m Azilem the mage.”

Azilem stared expectantly at Draynee and made a quick adjustment to her hat. Clearly Azilem was waiting for Draynee to say something. “Um hi Azilem,” began Draynee. Remembering how the mage reacted when her outfit was disparaged she decided to compliment it instead. “That’s an interesting outfit you put together.”

“It’s pretty amazing isn’t it?” gushed Azilem. If you want to recreate I made it from these pieces:

Head: Red Pointy Hat

Shoulder: Hibernal Mantle

Chest: Red Linen Vest

Shirt: Scarlet Filigreed Doublet

Hands: Windwool Gloves

Waist: Captain Sander’s Sash

Legs: Greenblood Pantaloons

Feet: Fire Striders


Whistling happily Azilem than thrust the gift the death knight Tyledres had been holding into Draynee’s hands and began to cast a portal. Once finished she grabbed the polar bear death knight, tossed it though the portal and then followed herself.

Feeling a bit bemused Draynee than looked at the gift that had been thrust into her hands. It looked like a three-year-old had wrapped it and it smelled a little funny. Wondering if the smell came from having been in the death knight’s possession or if it was from the gift itself Draynee carefully unwrapped the gift.

Inside she found this drawing –

Happy Holidays Draynee and to everyone else as well!
Thanks Tyledres!  I love the post, and especially the drawing 😀  It’s the first drawing I’ve ever gotten of any of my characters!  It’s super fly!!  Thanks Akabeko and Blog Azeroth for hosting this event!


-- Draynee
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