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WoW Factor Tichondrius

This week I had the honor of being asked to guest judge a WoW Factor Show!  I’ve been to a few of their shows, and even won at the two Proudmore shows, but this was my first time ‘behind the scenes’.  I was really nervous going into it, especially about talking in Skype with so many people listening.  Noelani, Ironyca and Elvine were great though, and it felt like I was just hanging out, talking about transmogs with three buddies.  I’ve always admired the work they put into doing these shows, but now even more so having been involved in the craziness.  There was a ton of contestants, a ton of whisper spam, but most importantly, a ton of fun!  A huge thank you to all the people who have ever sponsored these events and made them possible.

Judging was slightly intense.  There was so many people to look at, and you want to look at everyone, but you have to keep the show moving.  Sometimes I would spot someone and before I could give them a closer look, I would move back to where one of the other judges where to give their pick a good look.  There were a lot of awesome mogs we just didn’t have time for and I hope those people at least had fun at the show.  There was even 2 or 3 people I still wanted to win in round 1, but we ran out of money!

Round 2 was a top 5 for 10k each round. It was incredibly difficult to narrow it down.  We ended up having four 10k winners, and 4 runners-up who got 2.5k each.  The runners-up were all amazing and we just couldn’t decide who not to pick.

I didn’t end up with nearly as many screenshots as I thought I did.  I remember taking more, but when I went to edit them, a lot were duplicates of people 🙁  Luckily I did end up with some pretty fly Draenei shots, lol.  You can see them all in my Facebook Gallery, but here are a few of my favorites.

Sharpstorm – one of the 10k winners.  Her mog set is mostly made from the Protector Mail, but the pieces she added, and her weapons make it really amazing.  Her gloves and shoulders are from the Shaman tier 10 set, the headpiece is the Savage Gladiator’s Helm, the shield is the Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Shield Wall, and the mace is Mariel’s Sorrow.  All the pieces flow so wonderfully, she is definitely Super Fly!

These guys aren’t Draenei, but I still think they’re fly 🙂  Demonofblood and Ohmnomnomnom were both round 2 winners, and two of my top picks.  Demon mixed 3 different PVP tier pieces, tier 10 helm and boots, and a random green-quality pair of gloves, and ended up with an amazing warlock look. He was a 10k winner.  Ohmnon wins for the most unusual look of the night.  His mix of Demon Stalker pieces with the gloves Sharpstorm used, are accentuated by his crazy Murloc helm.  I thought the look was just so unique I wouldn’t let him go in round 2.  He was one of the four ‘runners-up’.  As Ironyca put it, he was quite brave to show up with that helmet on, lol.  I didn’t think that helm could ever look good, it even looked terrible with tier set, so thank you Ohmnom for making it work!

Arkainjel’s black and gold look is really striking.  He did a great job pairing the Exalted Plate with Helmet of the Steadfast Champion and Shattered Sun tabard. He was a round 1 winner.       Moonric was a round 1 winner for the excellent way she coordinated Stormrune Edge and Spaulders of Heroism with the Templar’s set.
Neshoba did a wonderful job of accessorizing the Ebonhold set. The Renegade boots and gloves, Upstanding Spaulders, and Headdress of Inner Rage all come together nicely.  Unfortunately, round 1 ran out before I had a chance to nominate her as I really like this look. Kiddø‘s blue and green look was coordinated amazingly well.  In round 1, she had brown gloves that didn’t look quite right, but she came back in round 2 with green gloves and won 10k.  The passive green and blue glows on her weapons really pulled the whole look together.

Thanks again WoW Factor team for inviting me along, it was awesome!

-- Draynee
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Fly Draenei Friday – Red Thunder

This week is a special FDF, we have a reader submitted Fly Draenei and some fly gals (and guy) from the WoW Factor Show on Fizzcrank.  Tomorrow I’m the guest judge for the show on Tichondrius! I was thrilled to be asked, and I promised Ironyca I would try and pick out other races than Draenei 🙂

First up is our reader submit, Flame Warden Cristianna from on US Alleria.  Cristianna calls this her “Red Thunder” set.  I think she looks super fly with Hellfire Peninsula as her backdrop!


Belt – Ornate Girdle
Don’t forget, you can send your fly draenei shots to {prettyflydranei @} to be featured in FDF!
And now, Fizzcrank’s Fly Draeneis:

My favorite look of the night was Aesii.  Her brown and gold combo really stood out.  I was glad she was a round one winner.

Avaril in another great mail look.  Her Merciless Gladiator’s set is accessorized wonderfully with the Crown of Destruction and the Dawnforged Defender.

Lucïd is a fully ‘mogged level 26!  She did an awesome job putting together a coordinated set from only super low level gear.


Jukz is a little scary, in a totally bad-ass way.
He’s wearing the Gladiator’s Chain Helm and Spaulders, and dual-wielding Merciless Gladiator’s Cleavers.

To see more of the fabulous mogs from the Fizzcrank show, check out my Facebook gallery and The WoW Factor’s gallery.

-- Draynee
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Fly Draenei Friday

This week, FDF is featuring fly gals from the WoW Factor Show on Lothar (US).  As always, it was a great show, with a great turnout.  I’m glad I got to check it out.  You can see more pics in Draynee’s Facebook album, and WoW Factor’s album.

Clemmys, in Robes of Insight, with a
coordinating Emerald Whelping.

Khriya’s Arcane Robe looks great
with the Absolution Hood.

Rin, in a really unique Northrend look.

Syiduck, put these gold and red
mail pieces together beautifully.

Kookingmama mogged High Inquisitor
Whitemane from Scarlet Monestary

Proverbs looks striking in Ornate Mail.

-- Draynee
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Little Red Riding Hood

Taelz – photo courtesy of WoW Factor

At the recent Proudmoore WoW Factor Show this Worgen gentleman garnered quite a conversation.  The judges loved his transmog, although we were all quite confused when he pulled out his off-hand weapon.  He ended up winning 2.5k, but the best part was what he reminded one of the judges of.  I believe it was Ironyca who said he looked like the Big Bad Wolf!  She said she would love for someone to show up as Red Riding Hood and pose with him.  Well, that got my gears spinning!  I wasn’t able to quickly acquire the pieces for a Red Riding look, but I decided to put some looks together in Mog-It for fun.

Unfortunately, cloaks look pretty silly on Draenei, so it kind of looks better on a human.  My baby warlock, Zzyzx was kind enough to guest-pose for a comparison.


Little Red Drayney


Little Red Zzyzx’s cloak
looks much better.


Head – Cowl of the Grand Engineer
Shoulders – Mantle of Tirisfal
Cloak – any red cloak will do, Draynee is wearing Phoenix-Wing Cloak, and Zzyzx, Vibrant Silk Cape
Chest – Airfeild Defender’s Garb
Gloves – Imperial Red Gloves
Waist – Beach Party Thong

The Basket is the Egg Basket from Noblegarden. While it can’t be used for transmog, it’s fun to run around with!

I also put together some alternative looks for variety:

drayney 2

Fancy Red Riding Hood

Head – Cowl of the Grand Engineer

Shoulders – Mantle of Tirisfal

Cloak – Ravager’s Cloak

Chest – Mooncloth Robe

Shirt – Sawbones Shirt

Gloves – Imperial Red Gloves

Waist – the belt here is kinda ‘meh’, I couldn’t find
one I really like with the dress, Historian’s Sash


Simple Red Riding Hood

Head – Embalmed Shroud

Shoulders – Consortium Mantle

Cloak – Sergeant’s Cape

Chest – Imperial Red Tunic

Gloves – Replica Virtuous Gloves

Waist – Belt of Dark Schemes

Legs – Duskwoven Pants

Feet – Maleki’s Footwraps

drayney 3

A topic for another day – cloth belts stink and are hard to coordinate…

-- Draynee
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Another Great WoW Factor Show!

Last Saturday, the WoW Factor team came to Proudmore again for a special Proudmore Pride transmog show.  Proudmore Pride is an annual event hosted by the two mega-guilds on the server, and this year they invited WoW Factor to have a transmog fashion show.  Once again, it was an awesome time, with a great turnout.  Major thanks to the hosts and the guilds who sponsored the prize money.

I decided to bring my mage this time, since I recently (finally) completed an outfit for her.

Waiting for my turn.
I got picked for a round one prize towards the begining of the show, so I spent the next few hours hanging out and listening to the live stream (thanks Elvine).  The show went a little long because everytime they were almost out of round one money, someone else came and sponsored more prizes!  The server-wide support was great, and some late-comers, or others who may not have normally gotten a prize were able to be spotlighted.
Here are some of my Fly Draenei spots from the show:


Rinno and Lladnaea


Schwert, who was a 10k winner, and a
Worgen at the last show.

You can check out more of the participants in the WoW Factor Facebook album.

Once Round 2 was over and 112.5k gold was given out, there was a short break for outfit changing before round 2. Round 2 would be the final round at this event.  Like the last show, the judges picked two 10k winners, and 3 finalists for the last spot.  This time, though, they decided the final 10k winner through an audience vote.  However, much like last time, the finalists were me, a dwarf, and a Draenei hunter.  It turned out the dwarf mage (Krystalis) is the same player who was in the finals with me as a dwarf shaman from the first show, strange that we both switched to mages for this show.  We had a great time talking about our outfits and wishing each other luck during the last round.

Audience voting
This time, the hunter blew us both out of the water.  She had the most audience members lined up behind her, Krystalis was 2nd, and I came in 3rd. I got a pretty cool dagger I might use in a future outfit.  Props to all the winners, and especially the hunter who beat us, Kiarmshi for keeping it super fly!
-- Draynee
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The WoW Factor Show

I got up a little earlier than usual this past Saturday to catch the second WoW Factor show on my home server, Proudmoore.  I am so glad I was able to make it, not only was it a lot of fun, there were some amazing transmogs, and I walked away with 15k!  The WoW Factor shows were started by Keelhaul, who hails from Proudmoore, and they have grown into a fantastic community event, held on different servers every few weeks.  Info on the shows, and a complete write up of this one can be found at WoW Roleplay Gear.  They are an amazing resource for transmog outfits.  I really want to thank all the people who hosted the show, and the live-stream, along with the judges, especially Tmaralee who really rallied for me to win in Round 3.  I’ve never been involved with server-wide events, and for the people who worked so hard to put this together, I appreciate the opportunity.

I started the morning in my pally’s blue templar mash-up set.  I found a spot in the circle and waited patiently, hoping to be noticed.  Listening in to the live stream, I was amazed by the judges attention to detail, and knowledge of gear.  Some of the outfits they really liked were just off by one or two pieces, which ended up happening with mine.  They liked the look, but felt the shield was off.  The ensuing conversation about how maybe I should have used the Royal Crest of Lordaeron, but no, that’s too orange… was pretty entertaining given that’s how I started this post.  In the end, they passed on me for round 1.  I thought about bringing in Drainee in her Ice Ice Baby set, but as I was talking to a friend about it, the judges were looking at another person in frost resist gear.  One of the judges said she liked the use of fr gear, but because it stood out so much, it gave her a feeling of ‘I’ve seen it already’.  I decided since I had finally gotten Despair to drop from Kara a few weeks ago, I needed to just go with my very first transmog outfit.

The winning look.  Photo from The WoW Factor.

I ran off to Stormwind to finish mogging my dps gear, and to buy a sword to mog into Despair.  I made it back to Ironforge while round 1 was still going on.  I caught the judge’s eye again, but found out I could only be judged once per round, per outfit.  “Don’t worry though Draynee,” one of the judges said, “we’ll be back.”  And come back, they did.  I think I was like the second or third person they picked for Round 2.  It was really awesome to hear them say such nice things about my outfit.  One even said that I lived up to the guild name, Pretty Fly For a Draenei!  Of course, as they were giving me my winnings, it had to be pointed how ‘so wrong, so wrong’ my guild tabard really is.  It was a good laugh.  The guild tabard is meant to be ridiculous, I mean, why in the world would they make that a tabard graphic?!  Someone later commented on the live stream that “the boob tabard won,” lol.

The judges had a heck of a time picking the rest of the round 2 winners.  There was a lot of debate between them and a lot of great looks.  I was glad that Wondergirl won in round 2, because they really liked her take on the judgement recolor/revenant set before I showed up in mine.  In round 1 they didn’t like her shield either, but she took their suggestion and bought the Titansteel Shield Wall, so she got a win for the second round.  One of my favorites was Domungus, a dwarf hunter who I guess was mogged to look like a mine guard.  Throughout the show they were back on forth on that poor guy.  He also had a piece off in round 1, his boots, which he switched for round 2 and scored a win.

The ‘final four’ Draynee Electracute Maraki and Eldani

Round 3 was the final round, a total of 3 winners. They started off the round by immediately picking out Schwert as a 10k winner.  Her outfit is really an incredible mash of pieces from different sets pulled together beautifully.  I kept hearing my name but I wasn’t quite sure what was going on.  All the judges seemed zeroed in on Ryoukø, but Tmaralee said she’d only agree if the last spot went to Draynee. (!)  I honestly think some of the male judges worried about looking sexist if they picked me.  I don’t think my outfit was anymore sexist then Ry’s, but Mara’s wanting to pick me turned into a long diatribe about always picking ‘pretty races’ from one judge, and then a defense of picking them because they are the majority that show up from another.  In the end, each judge picked their favorite for the last spot and defended that pick.  Tmaralee was awesome and said she couldn’t pick out anything she would change about my look.  She later sent me a tell saying she doesn’t even tend to like pink!  After the plugs, each judge picked the two it was between, and it ended up being 3 for me, and 2 for Electracute.  I was so excited to win, but I was also pulling for Electracute.  Her outfit was really well put together, and the creativity to mog a dwarf isn’t seen too often.   All-in-all, it was incredibly fun, and I am thankful to be a winner.  I might have to roll a level 1 on the next server they visit to check everyone out!

A few of the winners who were left at the end.
-- Draynee
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