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Fly Draenei in Stormwind pt. 2

More of my fellow Draenei enthusiasts from Proudmoore.

Soddos, a holy paladin in a nice subdued
gold set, including the Shattered Hand Breastplate,
Bloodfist Legplates, and a mix of Dragon Sould drops.

Luuli, shaman in Battleforge Shouldergaurds,
Masterwork Breastplate, and some other really well
coordinated gold pieces.


Me and Wowzersbaby. I had taken her screenie in the AH a few days earlier,
but she was blinking, so I was glad to catch her again outside by the training
dummies. We traded buffs that day, lol. Scarlet Sin’dorei Robes,
Mantle of Prophecy, Circlet of Prophecy, and Gauntlets of the Sun King.

Greede, another Draenei male in a shaman tier set, Tier 6.


Xessia’s outfit is really nice, but I was really thrilled to see her use the Mazothoril Honor Shield, since
 I’ve mentioned it’s awesomeness before.

Part 1

-- Draynee
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Fly Draenei in Stormwind, pt. 1

I was browsing around random transmog-related blogs the other day, when I came across a post by Ironyca, who is the co-founder of WoW Roleplay Gear and one of the organizers and judges of the WoW Factor show.  Her post was about going mog-spotting on a realm where the WoW Factor was going to be held, and included some nice candid shots of moggers in Stormwind.  I loved this idea, so I’ve gathered my candid shots of stranger draenei in SW from the past few nights.

Nimmer, Draynee’s almost twin. Judgement recolor shoulder, chest and gloves, Revenant legs and boots, and the Crimson Beholder Eye for the helm.

Auzurra, a hot ret pally in Hyperion Plate.

Pride, one of the few male Draenei mogs I’ve seen,
shaman Tier 11.

Zevinnus, in a really well put-together black and red set. My best guess at the items is here.

Chicahanabi, another great shaman tier look, Tier 2 re-color.

Léxie, in a mix of Wrathful and Ruthless Gladiator’s gear. I love how her headband matches the look.

Click here for Part 2

-- Draynee
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