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Paladin Week – Draynee Love


It’s Paladin Week over at Lae’s Alt Appreciation!  I don’t really have any alts or mains, I sorta play whoever strikes me when I log in, but I definitely didn’t want to miss this opportunity to gush over my paladin.  Draynee was my first alliance character, as I was a Hordie when I first started.  The story behind her making her is a little funny.  I had a falling out with a good friend I used to twink PVP with (back before twinks had their own battlegrounds).  I was pretty upset about it, and decided to make an alliance character on our battlegroup in hopes of running into him in the lowbie bg’s.  I chose draenei because I thought the noises they made when they get hit were kind of ridiculous.  I picked Draynee as her name, based on how I originally thought ‘draenei’ was pronounced (I was informed it was ‘dray-nigh’).  So, that’s how my love affair with space goats started.  I never did run into that person in the bg’s, as he quit playing before I got to level 39.  The good news is we are friends again, although he still doesn’t play WoW.  I ended up ditching the original Draynee to re-roll on Proudmoore after discussing possible future Alliance play with my husband, we wanted to pick a pretty high-pop server.  I’m glad I did, since dabbling in the blue side turned into a full-time affair, and Proudmoore’s a great server 😀

So, before I get to the mog goodness, I thought I’d update you guys on why I haven’t posted a whole heck of a lot lately.  If you don’t already, you should follow me on Twitter!  I post updates over there all the time.  Even if you don’t use Twitter, you can click on the link over to the left and see what I’m up to, without an account 🙂  Anyhow, I mentioned it before, but I’ve been working pretty much every day on my Draynee cosplay for Blizzcon!  I’m going in her purple Judgement/Revenant set.  This is my first cosplay, and pretty much first time ‘building’ anything, so there has been some challenges.  It’s coming together though, and I’m getting pretty excited about it!  I’ll probably post some tutorials later, after I get all the pieces finished, but here’s some sneak peeks!


Here’s my almost-finished Judgement shoulder.  I still need to add some details, but I think it’s pretty cool!  At first I attempted to carve this out of expanding foam like the amazingly talented Kamui, but I am not an sculpture artist.  So plan #2 that my husband found for me was to use the Pepakura program to print out the parts for a 3d model, which I made out of posterboard.  Then I added a few layers of glue and brown paper, and sprayed the inside with the expanding foam for structure.


This is Despair, all ready for priming and painting.  The sword is a mix of Pepakura parts, floral foam pieces, and some expanding foam.  The handle is a paper towel roll filled with expanding foam and a wood dowel for strength!  The weeks until Blizzcon are getting shorter, so I expect to be working even more on this, but fear not draenei enthusiasts, I’m still around and the blog’s not going anywhere!  Just might be on a crafting hiatus until after November 😉


Now, on to some mogs!  Draynee only has a few mogs in her collection.  It’s pretty much the reason I started the blog.  I was coming up with some great looks, but only wanted to really wear a couple.  She went wild and wore the Golden Valorous mog for a few months, but she’s back to purple judgement now as inspiration to get this cosplay done!



The cloak in the header picture is Silky Velvet Cloak

This mog is probably the second one I put together.  I’ve heard it referred to as an Alliance soldier mog, but the tabard is just there because I liked how the colors go together, and it covers up the corset.  I use it sometimes for a tanking set, when I get the wild urge to actually tank, lol!
I originally put this last mog together for my death knight, but it was just too bright for her, it didn’t feel right.  It works much better as a holy pally mog!  It’s a pretty popular look, but I still love it 🙂
Whew, well that was a long post, I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at my favorite paladin, Draynee!
-- Draynee
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Draynee’s Still Fly

Ah, the year 2000.  Long before the World of Warcraft there was some pretty good rap music.  Still Fly by Big Tymers was one of my favorites to blast driving around in my big green van.  Yeah, I drove one of those in high school… It had a TV in the turtle top and rope lights in the back!  Luckily Draynee is way cooler than I was and totally rocks this Judgement recolor outfit.

My first WoW experience with the plate bustier was the Murkblood Avenger’s Chestplate.  I was leveling my first solo character, a blood elf DK and was pretty enamored by that goofy chestpiece, and the matching pants, Murkblood Avenger’s Legplates.  Both pieces come from quests in Nagrand. Since this was long before transmog (2009), I ended up selling those pieces and moving onto full-coverage Wrath gear.  When I leveled Draynee through Nagrand, I held onto that skimpy gear just for the nostalgia of it all.  As soon as transmog was announced, I knew what she’d be wearing!  Unfortunately, no shoulder pieces look right on Draenei’s alone, so I threw a tabard over my beloved bustier (or corset as you may).  Luckily, my guild is purely for the advancement of Draenei flyness, so the guild tabard matches the outfit.
If you, too, regtretably vendored you Murkblood pieces, the chest and legs are the same model as the Revenant Plate set, which are BOE greens.  The other pieces in the outfit are part of the Tier 2 purple recolor, found in various Burning Crusade dungeons.

Head – none
Shoulders – Justice Bearer’s Pauldrons
Chest – Murkblood Avenger’s Chestplate or Revenant Chestplate
Hands – Life Bearer’s Gauntlets
Waist – Girdle of Many Blessings
Legs – Murkblood Avenger’s Legplates or Revenant Leggings
Feet – Boots of the Watchful Heart
Tabard – Illustrious Guild Tabard
Mace – Revitalizing Hammer
Sheild – Lord’s Crest

I would love to have this for my ret set using the 2-handed sword Despair out of Karazhan, but drops have not been kind, either in Kara or appropriate level weapons, and I am stuck with a mace atm.

-- Draynee
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