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That Face!

An interesting new feature popped up on the PTR this week, well, besides the fact that the PTR is for patch 6.0!  The barber shop has a new addition, a face selector.  I know many of us (including me) have been concerned about not liking the new faces and being able to change them without paying for it.  Well, fear not! Just a quick trip to the barber and about 30g and you can change your face as often as you like!  I did a mega-comparison of all the draenei faces to celebrate.  Over at World of Lae, she’s done a great post comparing the faces, skin color, hair styles and horns between the live and beta character creation screens, so be sure to check that out also!

facesClicky to Enlarge!

PS – The haircolor isn’t changing, I just used the wrong one when I took my live shots!

-- Draynee
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