All of my entries for the Mogolympics, in one convenient place!  Each entry includes links to the official results post.

 Flag Bearer / Opening Ceremonies
Opening Ceremonies            wowhead
Cycling – Gold Medal Winner
Cycling Event             wowhead
Fencing – Gold Medal Winner
Fencing Event               wowhead
Wrestling – Bronze Medal Winner
Wrestling Event           wowhead
Archery Event           wowhead
Discus Event           wowhead
Equestrian Event           wowhead
Freestyle – Stormwind Sheep Farmer
Freestyle Event          wowhead
Hammer Throw
Hammer Throw Event           wowhead
Javelin Event          wowhead
Closing Ceremonies at Amateur Azerothian:

My recaps: Part 1, Part 2, Wrap-up
JD’s Page on all thing Mogolympics: Amateur Azerothian
Official Transmogolympics Site: Transmogolympics – includes outfits from all the competitors

Thanks again to Amateur Azerothian for hosting and judging the whole Mogolympics,  and to Tome (Tome of the Ancient), Matty (Sugar & Blood), and Khizzara (Blog of the Treant) for judging.  You guys did an amazing amount of work, thanks for making it all possible 🙂

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