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Jade Monk Take 2 – Leather Transmog

jade_monk2Last year I posted a Jade Monk Transmog with intentions to level my monk and dress her up in it.  Well, I never really got into playing my monk.  Most classes aren’t that fun at low levels, and I really wasn’t feeling it.  Then one day I was visiting the Black Market Auction House and came across these amazeballs shoulders.  I ported my little level 20-something monk to Pandaria, hitched a ride over to the BMAH and transferred the 10k gold over to her, placed my bid and waited. Then waited some more. I’d never gotten anything off of this ah, and I really didn’t want to get in a bidding war on an item I couldn’t even use yet!  Luckily, no one else bid on the shoulders, and they were mine! Suddenly I had an incentive to level, and got to it.  These shoulders didn’t really go with the original jade transmog, so after finding this helmet that coordinates perfectly, I put this set together in Mog-It.  This was about 6-months ago…


I was able to get all of the pieces together fairly quickly, but the damn pants.  They drop from the last boss in Heroic Blood Furnace. Draeya leveled from 70-72 just from daily runs through BF. When my husband came back to WoW and I couldn’t use his characters to drag her through, I went and leveled her the old-fashioned way for a bit, but the fire kinda burned out.  After my recent two-month hiatus from the game, I decided to give her another try. With rested and monk buffs, 77-80 took about 5 minutes, and I was knocking on Keli’dan the Breaker’s door again. I was beginning to think the pants weren’t actually on his loot table, when RNG smilled on me, and they dropped! Woooo! I must say the fire to play and hunt mog pieces has been re-kindled!



Helm: The Night Watchman

Shoulders: Bonescythe Pauldrons

Chest: Chestguard of No Remorse

Gloves: Replica Darkmantle Gloves

Waist: Brown Belt of Precarious Balance

Legs: Leggings of the Unrepentant

Feet: Clefthoof Wanderboots

Staff: Fleshling Simulation Staff


-- Draynee
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Valorous Golden Paladin Transmog


After weeks and weeks and weeks of making Lightning Steel Ingots, I finally got my Lionheart Executioner, Reborn made!  With gearing being so tedious this expansion, I haven’t really focused on any of my characters’ iLevel in months.  This weapon is actually the highest level item I have on any of my 5 90’s, lol!  So, I thought it only fitting that I make a mog for such an epic sword.  This mog is not that mog, but something else I put together while browsing MogIt 😀  I liked it so much, I actually went farming for the gear.  Draynee hasn’t really had a new mog since I set her up with that fantastic pink and purple look right after mogging came out!

I was looking through chest-pieces and something about the Phantom Armor was speaking to me.  After staring at for awhile, I noticed the small aqua accents on the back.  They reminded me of the Paladin tier 7 set, and an outfit was born!

Here’s the look with an awesome mace I’d love to have, but I don’t think I can 2-man heroic 25 ICC yet 😉

Shoulder – Valorous Redmption Spaulders

Chest – Phantom Armor

Hands – Valorous Redemption Gloves

Waist – Girdle of Unity

Legs – Inscribed Legplates of the Aldor

Feet – Poignant Sabatons

Mace – Cryptmaker

One of these days I’ll have to slug it out in PVP long enough to get this belt!  I know paladins have been asking to carry around their Librams on their waist forever, so this belt being a nod to that is awesome.
-- Draynee
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My Ultimate Mog – Field Marshal’s Raiment

priestMy level 60-something priest, forgoing heirlooms to wear the game’s most beautiful gear 😉

When transmog was first announced, way back in Sept. 2011, I immediately started planning what I wanted my characters to wear.  I didn’t know much about mixing and matching, and mostly had sets planned for my mogs.  Purple Judgement for my pally, Marshcreeper mail for the hunter, and this gorgeous set for my mage:

Field Marshal’s Regalia

Imaging my disappointment on that bright Tuesday morning transmog was released, and I was greated by this:

Pretty much crushing.  I picked up the Brutal Gladiator’s Regalia, mogged her into that, and resigned myself to being bummed about it.  Turns out the level 60 pvp gear you can buy in Stormwind can’t be used for trasnmog.  They actually have replica gear available in Area 52, but only if you attained those PvP titles back in classic WoW.  Well gee, if I had only known the future, I would have started playing 4 years earlier than I did! >.>  On the one hand, I understand those titles were quite difficult to attain, and this gear is sort of the last status symbol left.  I’ve only seen about 5 or 6 people even mogged into any of the Replica PvP gear.  On the other hand, though, I want my purple spiky shiny shoulders!!!  I’ve heard that these titles can be attained through Rated Battlegrounds these days.  There isn’t a whole lot of information I’ve been able to find, cause who really is going to devote their life to RBG’s just for transmog? (Uh, LF RBG group that just needs one more person to queue and doesn’t care that I’m not pro, I’ll try not to die too much?)

I’ve been leveling my priest up lately, and the other day I was messing around in MogIt when I realized this may be my one chance to wear beautiful Field Marshal’s gear!  Luckily I had done some bg’s earlier in my leveling and had enough honor to buy the pieces.  20% xp bonus be damned, I’d much rather look good 😀  I also realized I may actually like the priest set better than the mage set, and that I’d finally recovered from my initial disapointment only to have it come creeping back in the form of white spiky shiny shoulders.  So, while I can’t actually mog this stuff for the time being, I do want to share my ultimate dream mog:


Another variation on the set:

Shoulders – Field Marshal’s Satin Mantle

Chest – Robes of the Exalted

Waist – Fermenting Belt

Gloves – Marshal’s Satin Gloves

Back view of the full set
Well, that’s my dream mog, how about you?  Do you have a dream mog set you may or may not ever get to use, be it rng nightmares or just too damn hard to get?
-- Draynee
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Jade Monk – Leather Transmog

Well, I was sooo excited to finally get to transmog Draenei into leather gear, I can’t believe I haven’t posted one yet!  I’ve been seeing a lot of monks mogging the Rogue Tier 2 recolor, and the Replica Darkmantle Armor.  I love the colors in these sets, so I though I’d post my on take on it 🙂  If you’re looking for more monk mogs, check out Lae’s Draenei Monk blog!

The belt I used is the quest reward for the level 30 monk quest on the Peak of Serenity.

Shoulders – Daggercap Spaulders

Chest – Trickster’s Vest

Hands – Trickster’s Handwraps

Waist – Biting Yellow Belt

Legs – Clefthoof Britches

Feet – Treads of the Icewalker


Another version with a coordinating staff.

Head – Windscale Cover

Shoulders – Daggercap Spaulders

Chest – Clefthoof Hidemantle

Shirt – Cerulean Filigreed Doublet 

Hands – Trickster’s Handwraps

Waist – Biting Yellow Belt

Legs – Clefthoof Britches

Feet – Treads of the Icewalker

Staff – Fleshling Simulation Staff


Ready for action!
-- Draynee
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Aqua and Gold Cloth Mog

Here’s a random mog from my ever-growing Mogit set-list! The shoulders in this outfit are sort of an oddity.  They are a recolor of the Classic-Wow Dungeon Set shoulders. The dungeon sets were all recolored and added in BC, but the odd things about these shoulders is they were added in Wrath. There are no other pieces to the set, just this random model from a quest in Halls of Lightning.  Even the other rewards for the quest are strictly Wrath models.  I think they should add more little gems like this.  Whole sets recolored are cool and all, but little hidden transmog pieces are definitely more fun.

Feathered headdresses are also fun.  I’m not sure it really has the same feel as the other pieces, but I really liked the way the little feathers coordinate.  I used plainer gloves to pull it all together.

aqua cloth

Head – Nimar’s Tribal Headdress
Shoulders – Lightning Infused Mantle
Chest – Robes of the Guardian Saint
Gloves – Arachnidian Gloves
Belt – Belt of Arcane Storms
Legs – Black Mageweave Leggings

Wowhead Item Viewer. You can also copy the link and import it into Mogit to see the look on your character. More info on that process can be found here – Slashwho.

-- Draynee
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My Mage Mog: A Shoulder for All Specs

Wow, it’s been forever since I posted an outfit I’m actually wearing in game!  I feel like I’ve been trying to make these mage outfits work for just as long.  I get frustrated by the selection of cloth belts, and then just don’t post about them.  I’ve decided to just make the post, and then I can move on with my Mage’s life! Lol.  For a long time, Drayney was mogged into the Brutal Gladiator’s Regalia.  It was a quick and easy mog that I used in place of what I wished she was wearing: The Field Marshal’s Regalia.  That is such an awesome set, and I was pretty heartbroken the first day of transmog to find out I couldn’t use any of the pieces.  I truly hope they lift that restriction on day, because I have honestly never seen anyone, not even a level 60, in any of that pinky-purpley goodness.

Anyhow, enough of that sad story!  Here’s a spirit lifter: When I was farming for the staff for the ‘arcane’ version of this look, I finally got the Swift White Hawkstrider from Magister’s Terrace!  It’s the first rare mount in my collection, and I’m glad I went all the way to Kael’ everytime, even though the staff dropped off the second boss.

So, the idea I had going on here was using the same shoulder model in an outfit for all three mage specs.  I used the Arcanist Mantle, from the Mage Tier 1 set, and the red and blue recolors.  I’ll start with the ‘Arcane Mage’ version, using the original Arcanist Mantle.  I was a runner up in the last Proudmore WoW Factor show in this look.  It’s my favorite of the three, although I switched to the ‘Fire Mage’ set for the Midsummer Fire Festival.


Arcane Mage:

Shoulders – Arcanist Mantle

Chest – Alanna’s Embrace

Hands – Jumanza Grips

Waist – Ruthless Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy

Staff – Warpstaff of Arcanum

fire action

Fire Mage:

Head – Cowl of the Grand Engineer

Shoulders – Mindrage Pauldrons

Chest – Simple Robe

Hands – Red Mageweave Gloves

Waist – Voidweave Cilice

Staff – Rod of the Blazing Light

fire mogit

I would prefer not to have a belt with this version. The dress already has the empire waist, so it’s like she’s wearing two belts! Perhaps Blizzard will take cue from the Acherus Knight’s Girdle, and make invisible belts for all armor classes! I’m going to cross my fingers for that, because the version below could use it too.


Frost Mage:

Head – Augural Shroud

Shoulders – Frozen Shadoweave Shoulders

Chest – Robes of the Exalted

Wrists – Wristguards of Subterranean Moss

Hands – Safegaurd Gloves

Waist – Replica Virtuous Belt

Staff (not shown) – Staff of Divine Infusion

-- Draynee
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