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Badass Hunter Mog

Last week Kamalia posted a great round-up of her Noblegarden brightly colored transmogs.  My favorite was ‘Dressed to Kill II’, and looking at it reminded me how much I love the Double Link Tunic.  I never had much luck finding one on the AH, or getting its look-alike Avenger’s Armor to drop out of RFK.  But, after Kam’s post I was inspired again, and imagine my luck, there was one for sale!  I quickly snapped it up and got to work on a mog.  I recently discovered these awesome black gloves from Ulduar, and the look grew from there.  It’s not something I expected to like so much, but I LOVE it, and since I can’t come up with another name, it’s just going to be the ‘Badass Hunter’ Mog 😀  I mean that gun, is just so, so, badass!  I’m especially excited because I’ve been trying to come up with something else for my hunter to wear for ages, and always ended up mogging back in to my red outfit.


So, here it is!  Ulduar was very good to me last night, dropping the shoulders and gloves in one run.  When I headed to Karazhan for the gun, I though there was no way it would drop.  I made my way to the opera, the curtain drew and it was actually the Big Bad Wolf.  Not getting my hopes up, I ran around as a little gnome while my pet killed him, then… omg… he dropped the gun!  I guess sometimes a mog is meant to be!  The boots in this shot are ‘temporary’ until the ones I want drop, or I give up, lol, but I’ve included the other boots in the pic below.


Shoulders – Mantle of Fiery Vengeance

Chest – Double Link Tunic

Hands – Gloves of Taut Grip

Waist – Verek’s Leash

Legs – Savage Gladiator Leggings

Feet – Tempered Mercury Greaves

Gun – Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle

Feet (above) – Savage Gladiator Greaves



My favorite thing about this mog though, is that it looks good from the back, lol!  I came to realize that I spend most of the time looking at the back of my characters, and that’s where a lot of other mogs I tried for my hunter didn’t work out.  I really thought Drainee would stay in the red/orange mog forever, but I think this is a keeper 😉

Now, I’m off to try and install the mute annoying sounds “addon”, cause there is nothing worse than those damn gun sounds!

Oh, and here’s my pet I always use, Knucklehead. He’s a good guy, and coordinates with both my favorite mogs 😛

-- Draynee
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NPC Transmog – Maiev Shadowsong


I had so much fun with my mog of Sylvanas, I thought I’d try my hand at some other NPCs!  This time I took at shot at Maiev Shadowsong.  It’s another mail mog, but I seem to know my mail pieces the best 😉  I find a lot of the cloth wearing NPCs are in sets or what not.  How to mog Jaina is all over the place, but I may post it anyways, lol.  If anyone has any specific character they’d like me to try and make a mog for, let me know in the comments!

Most of the pieces I used are from the Beaststalker set, as it seems to have been modeled after Maiev.  I wanted something more silver for the chest and legs than the set pieces, so this is what I came up with!  I even included a picture of a night elf at the bottom, since I know it’s kind of weird to be sticking Draenei in all these costumes 😀

maiev mog

Head – Bonelink Helmet

Shoulders – Replica Beaststalker’s Mantle

Cloak – Tracker’s Cloak

Chest – Pillager’s Chestguard

Hands – Replica Beaststalker’s Gloves

Waist – Replica Beaststalker’s Belt

Legs – Pillager’s Leggings

Feet – Replica Beaststalker’s Boots

Fist Weapon – Grip of Mannoroth



Here’s a side view of the fist weapon I picked out.  It’s not quite the same as the wardens’ circular weapon, but I felt it went nicely with the outfit.  You could also use The Perforator if you were looking for something smaller, and it comes in a few different colors.

maiev 2

Take #2

Head – Bonelink Helmet

Shoulders – Replica Beaststalker’s Mantle

Cloak – Hide of the Wild

Chest – Steel Breastplate

Hands – Captain’s Gauntlets

Waist – Replica Beaststalker’s Belt

Legs – Tristam Legguards

Feet – Ornate Greaves


Just for fun, here’s the night elf shot I promised, ready for action! Her boots are Replica Marshal’s Chain Boots.

-- Draynee
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NPC Transmog – Sylvanas Windrunner


First, I want to thank everyone for the get-well wishes!  I’m finally feeling a little normal, and less like an undead.  Since I was feeling only sorta-alive the past week, I thought it would be a great time to post my transmog-take on the Dark Lady!  I’ve had my little belf hunter in a version of this mog forever, and I was originally going to post it around Hallow’s End, but it’s here now, lol!

I don’t usually RP, or have stories for my characters, but when I made my elf hunter after Cataclysm, I knew I wanted to level her in the new Foresaken zones.  She grew up hearing the stories of Sylvanas Windrunner, and wanted to be just like her.  When transmog came out, it was only natural she would want to dress like her too 😀

The hood and shoulders aren’t exactly the right color, but I think they go well with each other.  I chose the shoulders for the skulls on the sides, as Sylvanas’ are mostly made of skulls.

-- Draynee
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Looking Fly with Euphy(ley)


Last week’s Laid Back Raid with JD and crew was a dragon killing party.  We started the night in Obsidium Sanctum, where I got to meet up with the super duper fly Euphyley of WoW Rare Spawns!  Her transmog is so awesome, and it goes fantastically with the Tabard of the Acheiver she is wearing.  Drainee also stepped out in her new look.  Since she recently turned 90 and is running a lot of heroics, I threw together a look that went with the dungeon set.  I was going for an outfit that I could mix and match without running to the mogger everytime I got an upgrade.  So shhhh, don’t tell that not all of my pieces are actually mogged!!

The great part about Euphyley’s mog is that she used some of the Scarlet Crusade pieces that used to drop out of Scarlet Monastery.  The Scarlet Belt is a BOE, so you may still be able to find one on your AH along with the Scarlet Chestpiece, but unfortunately, the bosses that dropped the Hands and Legs were replaced in the Mists’ revamp of the SM dungeons.


Shoulders – Harlan’s Shoulders

Chest – Ornate Breastplate

Gloves – Pillager’s Gloves

Waist – Bindburner Belt

Legs – Legguards of the Crimson Magus

Feet – Ornate Greaves


Head – Stylin’ Crimson Hat

Shoulders – Stormcaller’s Pauldrons

Chest – Stormcaller’s Hauberk

Hands – Gauntlets of Divinity

Waist – Scarlet Belt

Legs – Scarlet Leggings

Feet – Mercurial Greaves

I asked Euphyley about how to say her name, just so I could be sure it rhymed with ‘Fly’. I’ve always said it like Yoo-fee-lee, but just my rhyming luck, she pronounces it You-Fie-Lee! So glad that worked out 😛

Here’s another shot of Eupyley and Drainee, from our Ulduar LBR a few weeks ago!  Make sure and check out her blog for all the info you could ever want on rare spawn stuff 🙂
-- Draynee
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Theramore Tabard Transmog – Mail

More transmog ideas for your lovely Theramore Tabard.

The gloves in this set aren’t techincally available yet, but the 25th is coming fast!  They drop from one of the first dungeons in Mists, and are wearable by level 85’s.

Shoulders – Crusader’s Pauldrons

Chest – Jazeraint Armor (not shown)

Theramore Tabard

Gloves – Hopecrusher Gauntlets

Waist – Telaari Hunting Girdle

Legs – Pillager’s Leggings

Feet – Tsunami Boots (not shown)

View this set on wowhead

tab mail
tab mail2

I really like the way the tabard’s gold trim transitions from light to dark, so I tried to play up the different hues in this set.

Shoulders – Giantstalker’s Epaulets

Chest – Jazeraint Armor (not shown)

Theramore Tabard

Hands – Netherdrake Gloves

Waist – Sentry’s Sash

Legs – Tristam Legguards

Feet – Ornate Greaves

View this set on wowhead

-- Draynee
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Bloodmail Set – Hunter Mog

In the weeks leading up to patch 5.0.4, I had grand intentions of running Scholomance for some of the gear that was possibly being removed with the updates to it, and Scarlet Monestary.  Two pieces I was really interested in were the Bloodmail legs and boots.  It started well, I nabbed the boots on my second run.  By my fourth run, however, I started to loose interest.  I have to admit I was a little burned out on the place after farming for Alanna’s Embrace, and generally from years of running through it.

Unfortunately, the dungeon updates did remove all of the old gear from the loot tables.  Drainee is slightly bummed she will never have the perfect pair of black pants.  It would be awesome if Blizzard introduces more cosmetic gear in the future, as with the old tier pieces you can buy from the Darkmoon Faire.  I’ve decided to post my Bloodmail transmog that was not to be, hopefully some lucky soul with the pants can take inspiration from it 🙂

Bloodmail 2
-- Draynee
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Hunter’s Furious Gladiator Remix

aqua hunter

After coming across the Aucheni Tracker’s Hauberk, I really wanted to make a mog to go with it.  Most of this set is the Furious Gladiator’s Chain set, but with a few aqua accessories to make it pop.  I was lucky that the purple gems on the bow go with the ones in shoulder and helmet.

Head – Furious Gladiator’s Chain Helm

Shoulders – Furious Gladiator’s Chain Spaulders

Chest – Auchenai Tracker’s Hauberk

Gloves – Furious Gladiator’s Chain Gauntlets

Belt – Corded Viper Belt

Legs – Furious Gladiator’s Chain Leggings

Boots – Tsunami Boots

Bow – Starbolt Longbow

-- Draynee
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Red and Purple Hunter Mog

This transmog was inspired by a worgen hunter I saw standing around Stormwind.  You really couldn’t miss him, as this look is pretty bright.  It is definitely a stand out!
pnk prpl hunter
The Skettis Kaliri from Terokkar
Forest is a nice pet for this look.
-- Draynee
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Random Mogness – Hunter Mogs

Between coming up with ideas for Mogolympics and pretty crappy RNG, I’ve been collecting quite a few outfits in my Mogit lists.  Since I can’t reveal my Mogolympics looks, and none of Drainee’s outfits are coming together, I though I’d just share some Mogit shots.

When I first made Drainee, long before transmog, I went with a white-on-white look.  She even traveled all the way to Dun Morogh at a very low level to tame a white pet, a Young Snow Leopard.  I was trying to put together this white look for her for a few weeks.  The pants drop off the Princess in Maraudon, and after a week or so of killing her without luck, I gave up.  I saw the BOE version of the pants on the AH once, but 1500g seemed like too much at the time, lol.


This second outfit is based around one of my favorite bows in the game, the Vengeful Gladiator’s Longbow.  I’ve got most of the pieces except the boots.  They drop from Kraator, a rare spawn in Shadowmoon Valley.  I’ve been camping him for almost as long as the Princess :/  I literally sit on my drake for hours, while tabbed out doing other stuff, in one of his spawn spots.  Then, I fly around a little looking for him, and check the AH for the boots.  I really admire Cymre and Euphyley for the time they spend on rare spawns.  I did see him once, but he dropped the cloth version of the boots… of course.


Shoulders – Heavy Scorpid Shoulders

Chest – Renegade Chestguard

Gloves – Nethersteel Gauntlets

Belt – Silver Defias Belt

Legs – Bloodbinder’s Links

Boots – Abyssal Mail Greaves

I’ve had this green and gold outfit in my Mogit list for a while now. I put it together based on the polearm after it dropped in a Black Temple Run.

Head – Knight’s Headguard

Shoulders – Exotic Spiked Shoulders

Chest – Captain’s Breastplate

Gloves – Green Iron Gauntlets

Belt – Ornate Girdle

Legs – Captain’s Leggings

Boots – Captain’s BootsHalberd of Desolation

This last outfit I put together recently.  It was originally for the Mogolympics Archery entry, but it looked too good on Drainee.  I’d already used a Draenei Female for another entry, and any other race just didn’t look as fly!
Shoulders – Flickering ShouldersEngraved Breastplate

Gloves – Engraved Gauntlets

Belt – Radiant Belt

Legs – Radiant Leggings

Boots – Masterwork Boots

Bow – Heartstriker

If you’re visitng from WoW Hunter’s Hall, thanks for stopping by!  Be sure and check out some other hunter mogs while you’re here 😉
-- Draynee
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Ice, Ice Baby


A few days ago, Keelhaul of Disenchanting Azeroth posted a new Differentiation Analysis of Polearms.  It is, at it’s most basic, a breakdown of all the polearm models in the game.  He has it sorted very elegantly and it’s a great resource.  He has also done shields, bows and some assorted melee weapons.  Keelhaul is also the guy responsible for some epic transmog contests that have been going on.  The WoW Factor is having a transmog show on Lightbringer for Alliance this Saturday.  That is my very first home server, so I might have to dust off an old toon and go check it out.  Judging from the pictures of the shows from Arthas, Tichondrius and Earthen Ring, it should be epic.

But, back to the polearms!  I had been looking for something different than the Hellreaver for my PVP gear.  The Sonic Spear stood out to me right away, and reminded me that I’d been wanting to do an outfit to go with my blue demon dog, Dave.  I found out quickly, however, that blue mail is hard to come by!  I then found out that most of the best blue mail isn’t even in the game anymore.  I started with the Icy Scale Gauntlets, why they are in the MogIt database doesn’t really make sense, but I really wanted those gloves.

Classic WoW Icy Scale Mail Set

After spending a few hours farming the Crypt Fiend Slayer, I went to wowhead to find out what I needed to farm to make the gloves.  Turns out, I wouldn’t be farming anything for them, as the only pieces from the vanilla frost resist set that were rehashed for Wrath were the chest, belt, and boots.  The next piece of disappointment was the Blue Dragonscale Shoulders.  While they are still technically available, the pattern no longer drops.  I have all the mats, I just haven’t been able to find an old-school Leather worker who can make them.  The last piece that eludes me is the Boots of Persistance.  They drop from Anub in 10-man Naxx.  I was able to kill him with just one other person, so I have no doubt they are aptly-named and will drop eventually.  Luckily, it only took one full run and a few mob kills the second time to get the Outrunner’s Slippers to drop from Wailing Caverns.  I look at that as almost making up for all the rest since they have about a 0.2% chance to drop from mobs in there.

So after all that,  I have this outfit.  Part Icy Scale mail, part Outrunner’s Mail.  I think it coordinates with Dave fairly well, but I had to take Drainee out for some hot chocolate after making her do a photo shoot in Northrend wearing those “pants”.

Shoulders – Azure Shoulderguards
Chest –  Icy Scale Chestpiece
Hands – Outrunner’s Gloves
Waist – Icy Scale Belt
Legs –  Outrunner’s Legguards
Feet – Outrunner’s Slippers
Polearm – Sonic Spear
Bow – Crypt Fiend Slayer

I was also thinking of using the Frozen Forest Kilt for this look, as it goes well with the chestpiece, but I just can’t do a Hunter in a skirt.  Too much like a shaman!

Kilt with Blue Dragonscale Shoulders -and- Hunter Shaman mash up.

Complete Outrunner’s Mail Set with Black Ice for the Polearm.

-- Draynee
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