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A few days ago, Keelhaul of Disenchanting Azeroth posted a new Differentiation Analysis of Polearms.  It is, at it’s most basic, a breakdown of all the polearm models in the game.  He has it sorted very elegantly and it’s a great resource.  He has also done shields, bows and some assorted melee weapons.  Keelhaul is also the guy responsible for some epic transmog contests that have been going on.  The WoW Factor is having a transmog show on Lightbringer for Alliance this Saturday.  That is my very first home server, so I might have to dust off an old toon and go check it out.  Judging from the pictures of the shows from Arthas, Tichondrius and Earthen Ring, it should be epic.

But, back to the polearms!  I had been looking for something different than the Hellreaver for my PVP gear.  The Sonic Spear stood out to me right away, and reminded me that I’d been wanting to do an outfit to go with my blue demon dog, Dave.  I found out quickly, however, that blue mail is hard to come by!  I then found out that most of the best blue mail isn’t even in the game anymore.  I started with the Icy Scale Gauntlets, why they are in the MogIt database doesn’t really make sense, but I really wanted those gloves.

Classic WoW Icy Scale Mail Set

After spending a few hours farming the Crypt Fiend Slayer, I went to wowhead to find out what I needed to farm to make the gloves.  Turns out, I wouldn’t be farming anything for them, as the only pieces from the vanilla frost resist set that were rehashed for Wrath were the chest, belt, and boots.  The next piece of disappointment was the Blue Dragonscale Shoulders.  While they are still technically available, the pattern no longer drops.  I have all the mats, I just haven’t been able to find an old-school Leather worker who can make them.  The last piece that eludes me is the Boots of Persistance.  They drop from Anub in 10-man Naxx.  I was able to kill him with just one other person, so I have no doubt they are aptly-named and will drop eventually.  Luckily, it only took one full run and a few mob kills the second time to get the Outrunner’s Slippers to drop from Wailing Caverns.  I look at that as almost making up for all the rest since they have about a 0.2% chance to drop from mobs in there.

So after all that,  I have this outfit.  Part Icy Scale mail, part Outrunner’s Mail.  I think it coordinates with Dave fairly well, but I had to take Drainee out for some hot chocolate after making her do a photo shoot in Northrend wearing those “pants”.

Shoulders – Azure Shoulderguards
Chest –  Icy Scale Chestpiece
Hands – Outrunner’s Gloves
Waist – Icy Scale Belt
Legs –  Outrunner’s Legguards
Feet – Outrunner’s Slippers
Polearm – Sonic Spear
Bow – Crypt Fiend Slayer

I was also thinking of using the Frozen Forest Kilt for this look, as it goes well with the chestpiece, but I just can’t do a Hunter in a skirt.  Too much like a shaman!

Kilt with Blue Dragonscale Shoulders -and- Hunter Shaman mash up.

Complete Outrunner’s Mail Set with Black Ice for the Polearm.

-- Draynee
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