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Fly Draenei Friday – Satsuri’s Picks

Hey guys!  I’m still on vacation, so my fly pal Satsuri put together an awesome FDF for us!  Make sure and check out her blog for some awesome mog stuff.  You can also read about when we spotted each other in Stormwind in this Fly Draenei Friday 🙂 Thanks so much Satsuri!!
It wouldn’t be Friday without a Fly Draenei Friday post! I’m Satsuri from over at Satsuri’s Style where I mainly post about transmogrification. Draynee was kind enough to let me post on FDF!
I see a lot of different transmogs on my server and can’t seem to keep my finger off my screenshot key ;). Here are a few fly draenei that have caught my eye:

Asperations has a really pretty plate set that reminds me of a sunset. She used the Avenger’s Battlegear Set from AQ (sorry, Paladin only) paired with a sweet axe, Gladiator’s Decapitator, and a guild tabard.

Gemíní is another pretty fly paladin in the Valorous Redemption set and the rare Tabard of the Lightbringer.

Nazzryth has done one of my favorite things: he transmogged the Replica Shado-Pan Helm! And how cool is it that he put it together with the Vengeful Gladiator’s priest set? I never thought of doing that. Now, go get exalted with the Shado-Pan and get your helm today!

Rainÿ’s transmog reminds me of the sweet set Draynee made for her hunter recently. Rainÿ makes black mail look pretty cool on a shaman! She mogged the gloves, belt, pants, and boots from the Slayer’s Mail set seen here. The Skeletal Shoulders and Double Link Tunic complete the look.

Last but not least, a leather set! I am excited to see draenei running around in leather now. Jubilee looks good in the recolored Tier 1 rogue set, Tabard of the Shattered Sun, and the Orca-Hunter’s Harpoon.

-- Draynee
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Legolene’s Fashion Dilemma

Hey fly peeps!  I’m on vacation this week, so please enjoy this guest post from Legolene! 

Hey everyone this is Legolene from WoW Adventurer and I need some advice with my latest transmog.  As a Draenei who is relatively new to the whole transmogrification game, I find myself at a crossroads as to what do do with my fire mages latest outfit.  I currently have this red and gold theme going on, solely inspired by the shoulders Mantle of False Virtue which was a drop from Archbishop Benedictus in Hour of Twilight.  Since I decided I really liked the shoulders, and the red theme was somehow fitting with my mage’s main spec which is fire, I’ve been sporting the Red Linen Robe as my main outfit.

But it’s time for a change, and this is where I need the readers of Pretty Fly for a Draenei to help me out.

Do I switch to the Replica Magisters Robes and leave it at that? I really love this robe, with the gold accents, but isn’t it a little, I dunno, two seasons ago?

Or do I go with this fab new blue and gold theme, and either keep the red and gold shoulders, or start looking for some new blue and gold ones?

Can anyone suggest cloth shoulders that would go well with this robe, the Mistscape Robe? I could really use some advice here.

Thanks Pretty Fly Draenei for allowing me to ask your readers for help with my fashion dilemma.

-- Draynee
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Badass Hunter Mog

Last week Kamalia posted a great round-up of her Noblegarden brightly colored transmogs.  My favorite was ‘Dressed to Kill II’, and looking at it reminded me how much I love the Double Link Tunic.  I never had much luck finding one on the AH, or getting its look-alike Avenger’s Armor to drop out of RFK.  But, after Kam’s post I was inspired again, and imagine my luck, there was one for sale!  I quickly snapped it up and got to work on a mog.  I recently discovered these awesome black gloves from Ulduar, and the look grew from there.  It’s not something I expected to like so much, but I LOVE it, and since I can’t come up with another name, it’s just going to be the ‘Badass Hunter’ Mog 😀  I mean that gun, is just so, so, badass!  I’m especially excited because I’ve been trying to come up with something else for my hunter to wear for ages, and always ended up mogging back in to my red outfit.


So, here it is!  Ulduar was very good to me last night, dropping the shoulders and gloves in one run.  When I headed to Karazhan for the gun, I though there was no way it would drop.  I made my way to the opera, the curtain drew and it was actually the Big Bad Wolf.  Not getting my hopes up, I ran around as a little gnome while my pet killed him, then… omg… he dropped the gun!  I guess sometimes a mog is meant to be!  The boots in this shot are ‘temporary’ until the ones I want drop, or I give up, lol, but I’ve included the other boots in the pic below.


Shoulders – Mantle of Fiery Vengeance

Chest – Double Link Tunic

Hands – Gloves of Taut Grip

Waist – Verek’s Leash

Legs – Savage Gladiator Leggings

Feet – Tempered Mercury Greaves

Gun – Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle

Feet (above) – Savage Gladiator Greaves



My favorite thing about this mog though, is that it looks good from the back, lol!  I came to realize that I spend most of the time looking at the back of my characters, and that’s where a lot of other mogs I tried for my hunter didn’t work out.  I really thought Drainee would stay in the red/orange mog forever, but I think this is a keeper 😉

Now, I’m off to try and install the mute annoying sounds “addon”, cause there is nothing worse than those damn gun sounds!

Oh, and here’s my pet I always use, Knucklehead. He’s a good guy, and coordinates with both my favorite mogs 😛

-- Draynee
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LFM – Fly Draenei Guest Posts!


Hey everyone! I’m going to be on a little vacation away from Azeroth for the next few weeks, and I am looking for a few super fly guest posts to put up while I’m gone! If your interested, send me an e-mail and I’ll give you the deets. It would be awesome if anyone wants to do an FDF from their realm, btw 😀


The Steam Pools Resort (image via Warcraft Less Traveled)
-- Draynee
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Fly Draenei Friday – Fly GUY Friday

Hanging out on Twitter can be a lot of fun, you get to talk to other wow-players, keep up with blogs, and sometimes even see awesome mog pictures!  This was posted a few days ago by @Khalior, and it is just too damn cool!  I asked him if I could use the pic here, and he said go for it, so I decided to do a fly guy themed FDF!  They are few and far between, and for some reason, most male draenei aren’t mogged.  I managed to find enough for a whole post though, way to go to these players for being so super fly 😀


This is Khalior‘s Brawler transmog, I love the hashtags he included with it too: #saurokstyle #scaley #punchyouindaface. Lol!  This looks perfect for the Brawlers Guild, and yeah, if you’re going to be punching someone in the face, why not do it with giant spikey fists of doom!

Head – Gaze of Gara’jal

Shoulders – Sarjun Spaulders

Chest – Sarjun Chestguard

Hands – Sarjun Handwraps

Waist – Sarjun Belt

Legs – Sarjun Leggings

Feet – Sarjun Boots

Fists Weapons – Theldurin’s Fist


So cool!  Thanks for letting me share!  Now, here are some rare-spawns – fly draenei guys from Proudmoore 😉

I’ve seen quite a few females in these pieces, but never such a fly guy, Astræos is really rockin’ this look! Circle of Flame, Mantle of Three Terrors, Cindercloth Vest, Gloves and Pants, and Angelista’s Grasp. Gorubeza has a great mix of BC pally items here, even though he’s uh.. a death knight 😀 Brighthelm of JusticePauldrons of the Argent Sentinel, Breastplate and  Legplates of the Righteous, Glorious Gauntlets of Crestfall and Blue’s Greaves of the Righteous Guardian.
Caspirne looks ready for some serious hunting in his Gronnstalker’s set with a coordinating Guild Tabard. Here’s a two-fer! Faruq and Veno seem to be having some sort of important conversation here.  It’s probably about how great they look 😉
-- Draynee
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Lightning-Forged Reborn Weapons

Much like the re-released troll gear I posted about a little while ago, the weapons I’m going to feature here were taken out of the game with good old patch 4.0, the pre-Cataclysm patch.  These weapons were formerly made with a specialization of blacksmithing, Weaponsmithing.  Back in the day, both leatherworking and blacksmithing had 3 specializations you could train into, sort of like Gnomish vs. Goblin Engineering.  I’m not sure why they took out lw & bs but left engineering in, but I suppose they just weren’t as “fun”.  But, these weapons are back now with patch 5.2.  I’m really excited about it because I saw the Blazeguard used in someone’s Mogolympics set, and have wanted it ever since!

You can learn the recipes by visiting the Isle of Thunder and killing Itoka. Your server needs to have unlocked stage 4 of the Isle to access him.  He’s a little tricky to kill, but there is usually other people killing him for the daily.  He will drop a quest item, Strange Metal Ingot, that you turn in at the actual Thunderforge.  You will get the recipes for the ‘first stage’ of each weapon, a level 463 version.  After you make a 463 version, you will learn the recipe for an upgraded version which is level 476, followed by a level 502 weapon that you learn upon making the 476.  So, these weapons aren’t too bad to get either for transmog or upgrades.  All you need is a level 90 with 600 blacksmithing!  No special requirements for unlocking the island, although, you will need a lot of Ghost Iron bars to make your Lightning Steel Ingot every day 😉

Lionheart, Reborn


Lionheart Champion with a custom set.

This weapon is a two-handed strength sword.

Lionheart Blade, Reborn

Lionheart Champion, Reborn

Lionheart Executioner, Reborn

Blazefury, Reborn

This is a one-handed agility sword.

Fireguard, Reborn

Blazeguard, Reborn

Blazefury, Reborn


Blazeguard with Bard’s set and
Shoulderguards of Assimilation.

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-- Draynee
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