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Fly Draenei Friday

I had so much fun running around Stormwind and ninja-taking Draeneis’ screenshots, I’ve decided to make it a Friday thing!  This week I even got a shot of someone in Dalaran, I’m glad I’m not the only one with my hearth still set there.

Tetramein, with another take on the Shaman Tier 2 recolor, but with the Sundered Chestpiece and Gauntlets.

Andrenidae, hanging out in Dal with Anathema,
the ‘dark side’ of the staff Benediction

Callet, in a nice grey and gold set. The invisible
Archerus Knight’s Girdle coordinates great, lol!

Chuchurocket, in Robes of Faltered Light and
Duskshallow Mantle. I love the unique model
of these shoulders.

and that invisible death knight girdle. I especially love the creepy weapons, Treachery’s Bite,
which have a sort of wiggly animation, they’re alive!
-- Draynee
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Little Red Riding Hood

Taelz – photo courtesy of WoW Factor

At the recent Proudmoore WoW Factor Show this Worgen gentleman garnered quite a conversation.  The judges loved his transmog, although we were all quite confused when he pulled out his off-hand weapon.  He ended up winning 2.5k, but the best part was what he reminded one of the judges of.  I believe it was Ironyca who said he looked like the Big Bad Wolf!  She said she would love for someone to show up as Red Riding Hood and pose with him.  Well, that got my gears spinning!  I wasn’t able to quickly acquire the pieces for a Red Riding look, but I decided to put some looks together in Mog-It for fun.

Unfortunately, cloaks look pretty silly on Draenei, so it kind of looks better on a human.  My baby warlock, Zzyzx was kind enough to guest-pose for a comparison.


Little Red Drayney


Little Red Zzyzx’s cloak
looks much better.


Head – Cowl of the Grand Engineer
Shoulders – Mantle of Tirisfal
Cloak – any red cloak will do, Draynee is wearing Phoenix-Wing Cloak, and Zzyzx, Vibrant Silk Cape
Chest – Airfeild Defender’s Garb
Gloves – Imperial Red Gloves
Waist – Beach Party Thong

The Basket is the Egg Basket from Noblegarden. While it can’t be used for transmog, it’s fun to run around with!

I also put together some alternative looks for variety:

drayney 2

Fancy Red Riding Hood

Head – Cowl of the Grand Engineer

Shoulders – Mantle of Tirisfal

Cloak – Ravager’s Cloak

Chest – Mooncloth Robe

Shirt – Sawbones Shirt

Gloves – Imperial Red Gloves

Waist – the belt here is kinda ‘meh’, I couldn’t find
one I really like with the dress, Historian’s Sash


Simple Red Riding Hood

Head – Embalmed Shroud

Shoulders – Consortium Mantle

Cloak – Sergeant’s Cape

Chest – Imperial Red Tunic

Gloves – Replica Virtuous Gloves

Waist – Belt of Dark Schemes

Legs – Duskwoven Pants

Feet – Maleki’s Footwraps

drayney 3

A topic for another day – cloth belts stink and are hard to coordinate…

-- Draynee
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Another Great WoW Factor Show!

Last Saturday, the WoW Factor team came to Proudmore again for a special Proudmore Pride transmog show.  Proudmore Pride is an annual event hosted by the two mega-guilds on the server, and this year they invited WoW Factor to have a transmog fashion show.  Once again, it was an awesome time, with a great turnout.  Major thanks to the hosts and the guilds who sponsored the prize money.

I decided to bring my mage this time, since I recently (finally) completed an outfit for her.

Waiting for my turn.
I got picked for a round one prize towards the begining of the show, so I spent the next few hours hanging out and listening to the live stream (thanks Elvine).  The show went a little long because everytime they were almost out of round one money, someone else came and sponsored more prizes!  The server-wide support was great, and some late-comers, or others who may not have normally gotten a prize were able to be spotlighted.
Here are some of my Fly Draenei spots from the show:


Rinno and Lladnaea


Schwert, who was a 10k winner, and a
Worgen at the last show.

You can check out more of the participants in the WoW Factor Facebook album.

Once Round 2 was over and 112.5k gold was given out, there was a short break for outfit changing before round 2. Round 2 would be the final round at this event.  Like the last show, the judges picked two 10k winners, and 3 finalists for the last spot.  This time, though, they decided the final 10k winner through an audience vote.  However, much like last time, the finalists were me, a dwarf, and a Draenei hunter.  It turned out the dwarf mage (Krystalis) is the same player who was in the finals with me as a dwarf shaman from the first show, strange that we both switched to mages for this show.  We had a great time talking about our outfits and wishing each other luck during the last round.

Audience voting
This time, the hunter blew us both out of the water.  She had the most audience members lined up behind her, Krystalis was 2nd, and I came in 3rd. I got a pretty cool dagger I might use in a future outfit.  Props to all the winners, and especially the hunter who beat us, Kiarmshi for keeping it super fly!
-- Draynee
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Fly Draenei in Stormwind pt. 2

More of my fellow Draenei enthusiasts from Proudmoore.

Soddos, a holy paladin in a nice subdued
gold set, including the Shattered Hand Breastplate,
Bloodfist Legplates, and a mix of Dragon Sould drops.

Luuli, shaman in Battleforge Shouldergaurds,
Masterwork Breastplate, and some other really well
coordinated gold pieces.


Me and Wowzersbaby. I had taken her screenie in the AH a few days earlier,
but she was blinking, so I was glad to catch her again outside by the training
dummies. We traded buffs that day, lol. Scarlet Sin’dorei Robes,
Mantle of Prophecy, Circlet of Prophecy, and Gauntlets of the Sun King.

Greede, another Draenei male in a shaman tier set, Tier 6.


Xessia’s outfit is really nice, but I was really thrilled to see her use the Mazothoril Honor Shield, since
 I’ve mentioned it’s awesomeness before.

Part 1

-- Draynee
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Fly Draenei in Stormwind, pt. 1

I was browsing around random transmog-related blogs the other day, when I came across a post by Ironyca, who is the co-founder of WoW Roleplay Gear and one of the organizers and judges of the WoW Factor show.  Her post was about going mog-spotting on a realm where the WoW Factor was going to be held, and included some nice candid shots of moggers in Stormwind.  I loved this idea, so I’ve gathered my candid shots of stranger draenei in SW from the past few nights.

Nimmer, Draynee’s almost twin. Judgement recolor shoulder, chest and gloves, Revenant legs and boots, and the Crimson Beholder Eye for the helm.

Auzurra, a hot ret pally in Hyperion Plate.

Pride, one of the few male Draenei mogs I’ve seen,
shaman Tier 11.

Zevinnus, in a really well put-together black and red set. My best guess at the items is here.

Chicahanabi, another great shaman tier look, Tier 2 re-color.

Léxie, in a mix of Wrathful and Ruthless Gladiator’s gear. I love how her headband matches the look.

Click here for Part 2

-- Draynee
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