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Fly Draenei Friday – Saz is so Fly

Hey hey it’s Fri-daaayyy 😀 This week we have a super fun mail mog.  Is it a shaman? A hunter?  It’s Saz!  I featured Saz’s priest a few months ago on FDF.  This time it’s her hunter Metres and her pet April.  Maybe next time she’ll send me her Shaman, since that is her specialty 😉

metres mog front
“Being the shaman fanatic that I am, I wanted my hunter’s mog to kind of have that shaman feel. What I ended up with was an odd shaman/steampunk sort of blend. Needless to say, I’m absolutely in love!”

metres mog back

I’m in love too!  The chestpiece, one of my favorite Cata items, looks awesome with the Shaman Tier 6 recolor pieces, and the gun and goggles are perfection!

Head – Truesight Ice Blinders

Shoulders – The Wavemender’s Mantle

Chest – Chestguard of Rapid Promotion

Hands – Corpse Scarab Handguards

Waist – Belt of the Stargazer

Legs – Infection Resistant Legguards

Gun – Rifle of the Platinum Guard

The kilt is a look-alike of the tier 6 dress, but is just the legs, and are from Wrath, pretty cool!  Thanks again Saz, love having your fly draenei here 😀


Here’s some fly gals from around Proudmoore!

Blacksucubus‘ outfit is super fly with her Mists accent pieces! Earthslag Shoulders, Saltstone Surcoat, Deathbone Gauntlets, Patroller’s Girdle of Endless Spring, Sentinel’s Plate Legguards and Stompers of Vigorus Stomping. Damalia looks so pretty in her green mog! Hibernal Robe, Feralfen Amice, Councillor’s Sash, Black Mageweave Gloves and Waterfall Wristwraps.  Reminds me of my mage’s green mog 😉
Aielwyn is rocking the Gianstalker Armor. Whoo, those shorts look hot on a draenei! I didn’t catch this shammy’s name, but this black and red outfit is awesome! Ironhide Pauldrons, Breastplate and Legguards, with Ebonhold Gaunlets, Girdle, and Boots.
-- Draynee
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Mini Mog Post – Blood DK Set


While going through the plate chestpieces for the Mog Companion site, I was introduced to the beauty of the Sunwell plate items.  I’d never really noticed how neat they look, and this piece instantly made me think of the death knight Heroic Tier 10 set.  Since all the pieces are available as look-alike pieces, any plate class could wear this look, but it seems like the perfect Blood DK outfit to me 🙂

The pieces from this outfit are a little more difficult to get than what I normally like to feature.  The shoulders, waist and boots are from heroic 25-man ICC, and the legs are from Firelands.  If your guild’s not into running old raids, you can always look for a cross-realm group on OpenRaid, or through Twitterland Raiding.


Shoulders – Boneguard Commander’s Pauldrons

Chest – Warharness of Reckless Fury

Hands – Borderland Paingrips

Waist – Coldwraith Links

Legs – Lavaworm Legplates

Feet – Grinning Skull Greatboots

Sword – Apolyon, the Soul-Render


-- Draynee
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Valorous Golden Paladin Transmog


After weeks and weeks and weeks of making Lightning Steel Ingots, I finally got my Lionheart Executioner, Reborn made!  With gearing being so tedious this expansion, I haven’t really focused on any of my characters’ iLevel in months.  This weapon is actually the highest level item I have on any of my 5 90’s, lol!  So, I thought it only fitting that I make a mog for such an epic sword.  This mog is not that mog, but something else I put together while browsing MogIt 😀  I liked it so much, I actually went farming for the gear.  Draynee hasn’t really had a new mog since I set her up with that fantastic pink and purple look right after mogging came out!

I was looking through chest-pieces and something about the Phantom Armor was speaking to me.  After staring at for awhile, I noticed the small aqua accents on the back.  They reminded me of the Paladin tier 7 set, and an outfit was born!

Here’s the look with an awesome mace I’d love to have, but I don’t think I can 2-man heroic 25 ICC yet 😉

Shoulder – Valorous Redmption Spaulders

Chest – Phantom Armor

Hands – Valorous Redemption Gloves

Waist – Girdle of Unity

Legs – Inscribed Legplates of the Aldor

Feet – Poignant Sabatons

Mace – Cryptmaker

One of these days I’ll have to slug it out in PVP long enough to get this belt!  I know paladins have been asking to carry around their Librams on their waist forever, so this belt being a nod to that is awesome.
-- Draynee
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Fly Draenei Friday – All you!

Happy happy joy joy, it’s Friday! Hey, this is my 100th post!  Can you believe it, 100 posts about fly draenei?!  How awesome is that? LOL! I’ve gotten quite a few fabulous mogs from you guys lately, and got a little behind on posting, so this week’s FDF is all reader mogs! Thanks so much for sending them in, you guys rock 😀


First up is reader Dan, whose fly draenei is rocking some invisiboots with her mog.  Dan said he was pretty excited when he found these ‘boots’, because so many of them make hooves look weird.  I agree!  I really hate those stumpy short boots there seems to be a million of.  If you’re looking for some invisiboots for you next mog, check out my Mog Companion, you’ll find a category for them under each armor type!

Head – Steamworker’s Goggles
Shoulders – Crusader’s Pauldrons
Chest – Phantom Armor 
Wrist – N/A (something small)
Hands – Protector Gauntlets
Waist – Lambent Scale Girdle 
Legs – Mail Combat Leggings
Feet – Tsunami Boots


Nicole sent me two awesome mogs to share!  This is her mage Tely in a pretty unique take on the Cindercloth set. She paired the Cindercloth Vest and Pants with the Mantle of False Virtue and Archivist’s Gloves from the HoT instances, and Kavan’s Foresaken Treads.


She also sent her hunter Felinora in some of my favorite mail pieces, the Ebonhold set with a perfectly coordinate pet!


Next up is Cherokee, who left this fantastic picture in the comments of the Submit Your Fly Draenei page.  She is fierce in the chest, legs and gloves from the Ornate set, Burnished Girdle and the Theramore Tabard.


Rounding out today’s awesome FDF is Nora, who also left her super fly draenei Barlafumble on that page (hint, hint, it’s a great way to send me your pics!).  This mog is one of those cool shaman/hunter mashups, some hunter tier 7 pieces with those badass shaman Tier 5 recolor shoulders!  Also, another Invisiboots sighting 😉

Shoulders: Coral-Barbed Shoulderpads
Chest: Vest of Mounting Assault 
Gloves: Valorous Cryptstalker Handguards
Belt: Cinch of the World Shaman
Legs: Valorous Cryptstalker Legguards
Boots: Tsunami Boots
Bow: Golden Bow of Quel’Thalas

Thanks again everyone for sending in your pics, and for reading Pretty Fly for a Draenei!  I’ve been working a lot on my mog companion site lately, but I hope to get some new mogs posted soon!

-- Draynee
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Fly Draenei Friday – T-T-T-Transmoggg!!

Whew, it feels like I haven’t put together a FDF in FOR-EVER!! It’s good to be back 😉


This week I have a T-T-T-Transmoggg from Daniel.  That was the subject of his e-mail, I just had to use it as the title!  His death knight Athenastraza is rocking a few of my favorite DK pieces, the Tier 10 25-man shoulders and legs, along with a few DK ‘starting zone’ pieces and a fantastic pair of blue boots.

Shoulders – Sanctified Scourgelord Shoulderplates
Chest – Saronite War Plate
Hands – Bloodbane’s Gauntlets of Command
Waist – The Plaguebringer’s Girdle
Legs – Sanctified Scourgelord Legplates
Feet – Rock Furrow Boots
Axe – Vicious Gladiator’s Decapitator

The Tier 10 death knight set has always been my favorite.  It was pretty epic for me at the time to be raiding Icecrown Citadel and be building a set that looked just like Arthas’ gear.  My DK, Lideyviah, has the shoulders and legs mogged also.  A sad moment for me was losing out on what I will always swear were matching blue boots for the set.  I can’t remember if they dropped from the heroic loot-ship, or heroic Sindragosa, but both of those loot drops now match the purple set.  The night they dropped I had to pass them to the other DK since the boots I had were better.  When trying to convince my guild leader to do the heroic fight again so I could have a shot at the boots he said “I’m not doing that damn fight on heroic again just so you can stand around Dal and look pretty!”  Well, this was before transmog so….  I can’t find any record of the boots ever being blue, so I’m just hoping my hopes were wrong, but that sad story still sticks with me :/

ANYWAY!  Thanks Daniel for sending in your awesome mog and sending us all down memory lane XD  Remember, if you’d like to be featured in a FDF of your own, send me some pics!

And now for some super fly peeps from Proudmoore!

Keelien made me do a double-take, she looks just like Samaramon!  It’s an awesome mog, be sure and check out Sam’s post. Olyne looks fierce in her Dragonstalker Armer with Terror Pit Girdle. The Gladiator’s Heavy Crossbow is a great weapon choice!
Lenalee‘s mog is a nice mix of old and new gear.  Peerless Armor and Ceremonial Leather Loincloth with Swamp Shoulders and Grower’s Gloves. Aashiyana is hot in her fiery plate mog. Conqueror’s Epaulets, Girdle and Greaves, Glorious Breastplate, Hyperion Gauntlets,  and Legplates of Blazing Light.
-- Draynee
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I’m Back + Mog Companion!


Hey everyone!  It’s been awhile, but I’m finally back from vacation!  Sorry I didn’t have more stuff to post while I was gone, I was hoping for some more guest posts.  I loved having Legolene and Satsuri’s posts featured here, and it would be super awesome to have guest posts in the future just for funsies 😀  If any of you would ever like to write one, just let me know!  Any draenei-related subject matter accepted, not just transmog.

While I was gone, I was able to log into WoW occasionally with my dinky little laptop.  I had the graphics slider set all the way to Low and it was still overheating!  I can’t believe I ever raided 25’s on that thing :O  The up-side was that when I got home and logged in I was in love all over again with how beautiful the game looks on a halfway decent computer!

So, I don’t have a mog post today, but I want to let you all know about another little project I’ve been working on for like, ever.  I’ve been messing around with it for almost a year, and I keep shying away from talking about it because it’s just not “done”.  But here, I’m gonna do it!!!!  Introducing…

I got the idea for this site one day while wondering what all the colors of hoods were in game.  I started keeping pictures on my computer, and thought I’d grow it into a visual database for transmog.  It’s sort of like MogIt, but without the dressing room.  I actually used MogIt to take all my pictures, so thanks to those folks 😉

The basic concept is a quick way to find all of the models of a certain piece of gear quickly.  Say you want to see all of the plate dresses, they’re all there together!  It’s also great if you’re wearing a flared-sleeve top and want to see what color gloves come in a short model, to keep the sleeve showing.

So, that’s the gist of it!  I’m still working on some of the categories, including adding sets, but I think it’s time for my Mog Companion to start companion-ing… or something like that, lol!  Check it out and let me know what you think, I’d really appreciate any feedback 😀

-- Draynee
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