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Jade Monk Take 2 – Leather Transmog

jade_monk2Last year I posted a Jade Monk Transmog with intentions to level my monk and dress her up in it.  Well, I never really got into playing my monk.  Most classes aren’t that fun at low levels, and I really wasn’t feeling it.  Then one day I was visiting the Black Market Auction House and came across these amazeballs shoulders.  I ported my little level 20-something monk to Pandaria, hitched a ride over to the BMAH and transferred the 10k gold over to her, placed my bid and waited. Then waited some more. I’d never gotten anything off of this ah, and I really didn’t want to get in a bidding war on an item I couldn’t even use yet!  Luckily, no one else bid on the shoulders, and they were mine! Suddenly I had an incentive to level, and got to it.  These shoulders didn’t really go with the original jade transmog, so after finding this helmet that coordinates perfectly, I put this set together in Mog-It.  This was about 6-months ago…


I was able to get all of the pieces together fairly quickly, but the damn pants.  They drop from the last boss in Heroic Blood Furnace. Draeya leveled from 70-72 just from daily runs through BF. When my husband came back to WoW and I couldn’t use his characters to drag her through, I went and leveled her the old-fashioned way for a bit, but the fire kinda burned out.  After my recent two-month hiatus from the game, I decided to give her another try. With rested and monk buffs, 77-80 took about 5 minutes, and I was knocking on Keli’dan the Breaker’s door again. I was beginning to think the pants weren’t actually on his loot table, when RNG smilled on me, and they dropped! Woooo! I must say the fire to play and hunt mog pieces has been re-kindled!



Helm: The Night Watchman

Shoulders: Bonescythe Pauldrons

Chest: Chestguard of No Remorse

Gloves: Replica Darkmantle Gloves

Waist: Brown Belt of Precarious Balance

Legs: Leggings of the Unrepentant

Feet: Clefthoof Wanderboots

Staff: Fleshling Simulation Staff


-- Draynee
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Black Ninja Monk Transmog


For some reason, I tend to try and stay away from using rogue-ish pieces in my monk mogs.  It’s a silly self-imposed rule, especially because Draenei look amazing in rogue gear!  So, I’ve decided to stop being silly and make some ninja inspired monk mogs!

monk mog

Head (above) – SI:7 Special Issue Facemask
(Update – Rogue-only headpiece, *sadface* )

Shoulder – Shoulderpads of the Silvermoon Retainer

Chest – Fizzle’s Vest

Hands – Bard’s Gloves

Waist – Feral Cord

Legs – Ceremonial Leather Loincloth

Feet – Bard’s Boot

Swords (above) – Rune Sword


black monk
Another version with a few more modest pieces.

Head (above) – SI:7 Scout’s Hood

Shoulder – Shoulderpads of the Silvermoon Retainer

Chest – Fizzle’s Vest

Shirt – Stylish Black Shirt

Hands – Bard’s Gloves

Waist – Feral Cord

Legs – Nice Shorts

Feet – Bard’s Boot

Staff – Braxxis’ Staff of Slumber


-- Draynee
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Jade Monk – Leather Transmog

Well, I was sooo excited to finally get to transmog Draenei into leather gear, I can’t believe I haven’t posted one yet!  I’ve been seeing a lot of monks mogging the Rogue Tier 2 recolor, and the Replica Darkmantle Armor.  I love the colors in these sets, so I though I’d post my on take on it 🙂  If you’re looking for more monk mogs, check out Lae’s Draenei Monk blog!

The belt I used is the quest reward for the level 30 monk quest on the Peak of Serenity.

Shoulders – Daggercap Spaulders

Chest – Trickster’s Vest

Hands – Trickster’s Handwraps

Waist – Biting Yellow Belt

Legs – Clefthoof Britches

Feet – Treads of the Icewalker


Another version with a coordinating staff.

Head – Windscale Cover

Shoulders – Daggercap Spaulders

Chest – Clefthoof Hidemantle

Shirt – Cerulean Filigreed Doublet 

Hands – Trickster’s Handwraps

Waist – Biting Yellow Belt

Legs – Clefthoof Britches

Feet – Treads of the Icewalker

Staff – Fleshling Simulation Staff


Ready for action!
-- Draynee
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