Fly Draenei Friday – Old and New!

Greetings Draenei Enthusiasts!!  I hope you all are enjoying Warlords 😀  I had an excellent time leveling. The stories, the scenery, getting back to my draenei “roots”, it’s all wonderful!  The cut-scenes especially have been fantastic. I won’t spoil the alliance-side story, but there were some tears shed by me (if you haven’t done at least Shadowmoon Valley, stop reading and go do it).  It has been so long since I posted a FDF, I have shots of old and new models to share!  Thanks everyone who sent these in, I really appreciate them and the kind words you send with them 🙂  This is kind of a big post, but I wanted to get them all in!



First up is Akasiya. Her mix of Lofty Plate with pieces from the LFR version of pally Tier 16 is stunning!  Got to love the proc on the legendary cloak setting it all off! Chest & Legs: Lofty Plate; Shoulders, Gloves, Belt: Winged Triumph Plate (Raid Finder); Quel’Delar, Might of the Faithful.






Cori took the helm, shoulders and chest from the Grievous Gladiator’s shaman set and jazzed them up with some chunky gloves, a thin belt, and Earthfury Legguards. Nice job on picking the pants, took me awhile to figure which ones they even were 😉





This is Griffon’s warrior, who they mogged around the title “Light of the Dawn”.  They said it looked like someone with a high ranking, who still got out there and fought! I agree! Shoulders, chest, gloves, legs and boots – Wrynn’s Battlegear; Grizzlemaw Belt; Crown of Empowered Fate; and two Blades of Wizardry.




Jádzia’s fiery mage is a surprise post from Rinzlers, who sent the pictures in a few months ago. A little late, but SURPRISE! Circle of Flame, Mantle of Closed Doors,
Cindercloth Vest, Emberflame Bracers, Cindercloth Gloves,
Gossamer Belt, Cindercloth Pants, Cindercloth Boots, and Spire of Scarlet Pain.





Here’s is Kynni’s monk in a fun ninja-ish look! Bonechewer Skincloak and Shoulderguards, Burnt Leather Vest, Bard’s Gloves and Boots, Ceremonial Leather Loincloth, Red Belt of Gentle Persuasion and Terokk’s Quill.







This is Namiko’s “dangerous yet sensual look”, taking advantage of the death knight invisi-belt to show off her pants’ cool waistline. Ghost Forge Helm; Lofty Shoulders, Breastplate and Armguards; Exalted Gauntlets; Acherus Knight’s Girdle; Inkling’s Leggings; and Invisiboots with Headstriker Sword.







This is a fiery paladin mog from Shieldmaiden. Jewel of the Firelord, Avenger’s Pauldrons, Hyperion Plate, Orange Mageweave shirt, Blazing Rapier and Dawnforged Defender.









Syliana is full-time wearer of sexy armours and wielder of Shadowmourne in her spare-time. For now she’s ready for combat with the Elementium Poleaxe. Valorous Darkruned Pauldrons, Enchanted Thorium Breastplate, Saltstone Armsplints, Diemetradon Plate Gloves, Acherus Knight’s Girdle, Cenarion Thicket Legplates and Faded Forest Burnished Greaves.






ZanaraFinally, we have Zanara who wanted a mog that is “quintessentially draenei and also take elements from the new xpac”. A great mix of new and old! Amice of the Stoic Watch, Rangari Initiate Vest, Ku’targ’s Merciless Grips, Belt of the Blood Nova, Blademoon Chain Leggings, Rangari Initiate Sabatons, Hammer of Atonement and Aldori Legacy Defender.


Thanks again for the submissions! I have some posts in the works, hopefully I’ll have them up soon 😉

-- Draynee
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UBRS and Razorfen Transmog Guides

Draenei enthusiasts!  Patch 6.0.2’s date has been officially announced, and it’s THIS Tuesday, Oct. 14th.  Are you excited about the new models yet?!  I always get pretty melancholy about the pre-expansion patches. Out with the old, many things I didn’t finish, etc… Except the Mists pre-patch, I was SO DONE with Cata, lol!  Wowhead, as always, has great guides on what is being removed and what is being added in the patch.

One of the changes coming in this patch is the dungeon revamps. In 6.0.2, and until the Warlords release, Upper Blackrock Spire is becoming a level 90 dungeon with a few bosses and special level 90 versions of some of the loot.  Not all of the items will be in this release, so check my guide below for what you may want to farm up this weekend!  After release, it will be a level 100 dungeon.  I’m not very clear on what gear will be dropping from that version.

Razorfen Downs, Razorfen Kraul and Blackfathom Depths are all getting graphical overhauls with some new bosses or storylines.  I’ve ran them a few times and they seem to drop the same loot.  I have had the Carapace of Tuten’kash drop from the renamed spider boss.  I just want to add a warning here though, the gear that dropped in Scarlet Halls during the Mists pre-patch completely changed appearance when the expansion launched.  Some of you may remember the Robes of Koegler changing from a pretty Mists-themed dress to a standard level 30-ish robe.  That being said, if there’s any pieces you absolutely want for transmog, you should try and farm them up at least before Nov. 13th.

To help you out with your ‘to farm or not farm’ dilemma, I’ve put together some guides on the unique pieces that drop from each dungeon.  Here, I will highlight some of my must-haves, but clicky on the dungeon title to visit the full guide over on Mog Companion!  I’ve added custom transmog set ideas to some of the items too, so click on the names in the guides to check that out.

Upper Blackrock Spire


Polychromatic Visionwrap

On of the more interesting pieces in this dungeon is the Polychromatic Visionwrap.  It shares it’s design with several dresses, but this is the only chestpiece of this model.  A level 90 version will drop in the pre-expansion dungeon, but after that is not clear.  If you have a character who wants to wear this, but is not 90, you have a few days left to grab it!

Another cloth item that I recommend going in for are the Spiritshroud Leggings.  These leggings are a similar model to what the draenei at the right is wearing, but a cream color.  They drop from the Beast, which is unfortunately after all the ‘event’ type bosses, making for a sloggy farm.  There is no updated version of these leggings, and they are not on the special level 90 loot table.

For plate, the only item I’d suggest maybe farming are the Warmaster Legguards.  They share a model with the Brutish Legguards, which are a random green drop, but depending on your server economy, or farming dedication, could be hard to come by.

Arcanite Champion

Arcanite Champion

For Blacksmiths out there, or anyone looking for a good investment, the plans for the Arcanite Champion drop from Goraluk Anvilcrack.  The plans are BOE, so they may be worth picking up to sell at some time in the future.

Most of the unique models of weapons will drop from the level 90 version, but there are three weapons from the quest to kill General Drakkisath that are unique. The Sword of Nefarian’s Hand is especially cool and might be a good weapon for a warlock with green fire’s felguard!


Razorfen Downs/Razorfen Kraul



As I mentioned earlier, the loot in these dungeons may stay the same.  I do want to highlight a few pieces from RFD that I think are worth farming, before, or after the patch.  For leather-wearers, Bonefingers are a great pair of black gloves that have a sort-of skeleton look to them.  If you’re looking to create badass hunter style mog of your own, the chest Avenger’s Armor is a BOE trash drop.  It shares models with a random world drop, but this one may be easier to farm. To be honest, I just bought mine off the AH, but it took a few weeks for it to show up.  Finally, for plate-wearers, the Carapace of Tuten’kash is a sleeveless version of the Tyrant’s Chestpiece, which can be pretty pricey on the AH.


Good luck with any farming you may undertake, and I’ll see everyone on the other side of patch day!

-- Draynee
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That Face!

An interesting new feature popped up on the PTR this week, well, besides the fact that the PTR is for patch 6.0!  The barber shop has a new addition, a face selector.  I know many of us (including me) have been concerned about not liking the new faces and being able to change them without paying for it.  Well, fear not! Just a quick trip to the barber and about 30g and you can change your face as often as you like!  I did a mega-comparison of all the draenei faces to celebrate.  Over at World of Lae, she’s done a great post comparing the faces, skin color, hair styles and horns between the live and beta character creation screens, so be sure to check that out also!

facesClicky to Enlarge!

PS – The haircolor isn’t changing, I just used the wrong one when I took my live shots!

-- Draynee
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Tyria’s Grasp

OMG I had a whole FDF written out and Blogger ATE IT 🙁  I miss you guys, this is what I’ve been up to the past month:

Tomorrow will be Fly Draenei Saturday when I’m not so pissed at web browsers and blogging apps 😛

-- Draynee
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Happy New Year!

What better way to ring in a new year than with Draenei in sequin dresses?! 😀
Hope everyone had a great 2013, here’s to an awesome 2014!
-- Draynee
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Fly Draenei Around the Web

Why hello there Draenei enthusiasts!  I hope you’ve been enjoying the steady stream of Fly Draenei Fridays 🙂  I’ve been working on a few mogs of my own, but I really want to wear them, and haven’t completed any of them yet!  One outfit I’m putting together for my mage includes gloves from a Molten Front vendor.  Kids these days think the Golden Lotus are a sucky grind, they have nothing on these Hyjal peeps from the last expansion, lol!  At 13 tokens a day, I needed 150 tokens to unlock the first stage of these dailies, and at 30 tokens a day, 150 more to I think unlock the vendor guy.  That second stage is really only 5 days, but ya know when you can’t bring yourself to do the dailies every day, it kinda drags out…

So, I’ve been seeing some super fly mogs on other blogs and thought I’d share them in case you haven’t seen them!

From Soco at Vault of Light’s post Just the Two of Us.  Korla’s green and red combo is superb, and even thought she’s a night elf, Telnari is looking pretty fly too!
Mataoka at Sugar & Blood’s For the Alliance! mog. So hawt 😀
Amerisia, Champion of Freezing Her Buns Off from Umlaut Paradots at Mog’s Addiction.  Loving this mog, the Vanguard chest with Tier 9 shoulders is something I’ve thought about, but didn’t want to spend the gold on at the AH 😉
Ireenia’s Harmony Set from Efffy at Awaiting the Muse.  I love hoods on draenei monks, and this one is fantastic!
Luxypie at Sunshine, Luxypie and Rainbows started blogging a few months ago.  This is her priest Veluxia, and OMG!, if you remember my Ultimate Dream Mog, you know why I am gaga-bonkers in love with hers!

So many super fly and inspiring draenei around the web!  If you’ve seen any fly bloggers I should be checking out, let me know!


-- Draynee
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Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I started this blog!  When I first started blogging, I really had no plan in mind, I just wanted to write about my transmog stuff.  I must say I am very happy with the direction it’s gone in, and transmog is still as fun as it was back then!  I was looking over my very first post, and I got a good chuckle out of the last line:

“I couldn’t be happier to be back, well maybe if they allowed 2-handed maces to be transmogged into 2-handed swords, but I’ll take my gun-to-bow feature and just be quiet about it!”

Hehe, pretty much exactly one year later, I finally can 😀  Back then I really didn’t have a whole lot to blog about, and after I had posted the few mogs I had done, I wasn’t sure I had much else to say.  It wasn’t until after the WoW Factor show came to Proudmoore for a second time that I really took off. Inspired by the awesome Ironyca, I started a series of ‘mog-spotting’ posts that turned into Fly Draenei Friday.  FDF is my favorite part of my blog!  Being a finalist in that show also gave me the confidence to start posting more mogs I had in my MogIt wishlist.

I am super thankful to all the people who read the blog.  Who would have thought my draenei obsession would be interesting?  Just for some blogversary fun, I thought I’d highlight my most-read posts!

#3 – Jade Monk / Black Ninja Monk


I had thought that monk transmogs might be a popular topic, but holy cow do people love some draenei monks!  These two posts are pretty close in views, so I’m calling it a tie.  I love these two mogs, and I’m super happy other people do too!


#2 – How to Scale Shoulders in WoW Model Viewer


Holy giant shoulders!!  I first heard about WoW Model Viewer when I asked wonderful Kamalia how she got those lovely white backgrounds in her transmog pics.  I messed around with it a little, but the giant shoulder size bugged me.  When I started making my entries for the Mogolympics, I really wanted to do fun ‘themed’ pictures, so I decided to give WMV another shot.  I couldn’t find very good information on adjusting the shoulder sizes, so once I figured it out I wanted to help others make it work too 🙂


#1 – Random Mogness – Hunter Mogs


I joined Twitter last summer as a way to meet new bloggers and other Draenei Enthusiasts, and I have met awesome people who are both!  One of them is Laeleiweyn.  At some point after I did this post on hunter mogs, she recommended it to WoW Hunter’s Hall to add to their transmog guide, and they did!!  I’m still surprised at how many views this has gotten as a result, thanks Lae!


Well, there you have it!  Thanks again everyone and here’s to another year of staying fly! 😉

-- Draynee
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Pretty Fly Gifts!

I posted earlier about the Fly Draenei gals heading to Shattrath to celebrate Winter Veil this year.  Let’s see what they got each other!

Drayney’s gift, Ancient Tome of Portal: Dalaran really makes her giggle.  It looks
just like a regular portal to Dalaran, but it sends victims friends to the old Dalaran
crater, after she casts slow fall on them, of course 😉
All three sisters also got a Cinder Kitten!
Draynee was super excited to receive The Hammer of Destiny!
She had been wanting one since seeing the super fly Hammer Toss
outfit from the Mogolympics.  Looks like her new year will be
full of PVP so she can complete the look!
Drainee was so happy about her gift, she put it on right
there in the middle of the city!  The chest, gloves and legs
from the Warmonger’s set have her head spinning with
new transmog ideas!
I hope everyone had an awesome Winter Veil/Christmas and New Years!  Did you get just what you wanted, or any surprises from Old Father Winter? 🙂
-- Draynee
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Have a Super Fly Christmas!!

Draynee and her sisters have travelled back home to Shattrath City to celebrate Christmas this year.  I can’t wait to see what they got each other 😉
 Have a safe & happy Christmas everyone!!
-- Draynee
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Giving Thanks

Drayney had never heard of Thanksgiving before crash-landing into Azeroth.  She figured it was just some strange human holiday she didn’t need to concern herself with.  It wasn’t until a friendly commoner around Stormwind mentioned they were looking for help cooking just outside of the gates that she decided to see what it was about.  She couldn’t believe the tables of feasts set up, and that anyone, Horde or Alliance could come and share in the bounty.

She spotted a man standing on a bale of hay, looking very in-charge, so she asked him what was going on.  He told her more about the holiday, and asked since, being a mage, she specialized in traveling to the various capital cities, if she would help deliver Stormwind’s bounty to the other gatherings.  As Drayney traveled and gained the Spirit of Sharing, she began to realize how special this time was.  She had a lot to be thankful for, and a lot of special people to thank.  She called up her sister Draynee and tell her all about it.  They decided together to make a new family tradition and let all the fly people in their lives know how greatful they are!

The tables are so big!

I’ve lurked around the Blog Azeroth forums for a while now, and contemplated doing a Shared Topic post, but this is my first actual one.  I am really thankful for all my blog readers, and the fellow bloggers I’ve gotten know, so the Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event is the perfect first shared topic!

I want to start by thanking Effy and Kamalia.  Before I started blogging, I didn’t know much about the WoW blogging community.  I’ve always read WoW Insider, but I didn’t really know about the individuals out there blogging.  I came across Effy’s old blog I think by searching for Draenei blog, or something similar on google.  I was pretty excited to find another Draenei enthusiast out there!  I’m not sure how I came across Kamalia’s blog, but her love of the also-hooven Tauren was wonderful to read about.  So, Effy was the first person to comment on my blog, and Kam was the first person to Blogroll me.  It was so wonderful and it really gave me confidence to move forward.

Next, a huge ‘thank you’ to Ironyca and Noelani of Wow Roleplay Gear.  Along with Elvine, they host the fantastic WoW Factor transmog shows.  After winning my second Proudmoore Wow Factor show, I wanted to email them and thank for their hard work in doing the shows.  I was really nervous about it just coming across as a ‘self-promotion’ letter, but they were sooo nice!  They really helped get my blog out there by putting it on their blogroll.  I even got to guest-judge one of the shows!

JD from Amateur Azerothian deserves a /cheer along with his thanks.  From putting on the Mogolympics to just generally being an awesome guy, I am very thankful to know him.  I have so much fun running Laid Back Raids with him and his crew.

Finally, thanks to all the other bloggers for just being awesome and creative, and adding giggles, inspiration, and knowledge to my WoW life!  Also, thanks again to my readers and fellow Draenei Enthusiasts, you guys rock!

Food Fight!  JD totally started it!


-- Draynee
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