Super Fly for a Pink-Wearing Guy

Liouxpold and Draynee

I’ve always thought JD over at Amateur Azerothian is a pretty fly guy.  He is the mastermind behind the Transmogolympics and Mog Madness.  He is also a bit of a crazy person, which is just the kind of person I like 😀  However, this month JD has stepped-up the fly factor in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  All month long, his hunter Liouxpold (seen above) will be sporting this super fly pink transmog!

Several other bloggers have answered the call, and are showing their support via transmogs as well.

The members of Pretty Fly for a Draenei believe anytime is a good time for pink, so here are a few of my pink mogs!

Drayney’s Arcane spec mog
Pinkish, redish, purple huter mog
Lowbie Pandaren rogue mog
Purplish monk mog
-- Draynee
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A Tiny Blog Milestone

Just a short post to say thank you to all the wonderful Draenei Enthusiasts out there!  The blog hit 10k views the other day, and I’m so amazed!  I never would have thought so many people would be reading about my silly Fly Draenei adventures 🙂  Thanks everyone who stops by, and follows along, you all are SUPER FLY!!!

I was looking through my really old screenshots the other day, and ran across this gem:

This was taken way back in 2009 while Draynee was leveling through Blade’s Edge Mountains.  I knew she had always loved that set, lol!  The Talongaurd Epaulets look pretty good with it too 😉

-- Draynee
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Theramore Tabard Transmog – Pally Plate

To finish up the white and gold extravaganza of Theramore reward transmogs, here are 2 gleaming Paladin mogs to go with the Theramore Tabard.

tab plate gold

First up, a radiant golden set.

Head – Replica Helm of Valor

Shoulders – Swiftsteel Shoulders (requires Blacksmithing)

Theramore Tabard

Hands – Lawbringer Gauntlets (Paladin only)

Waist – Glorious Belt

Legs – Conqueror’s Legplates

Feet – Lawbringer Boots (Paladin only)

View this set in wowhead

And finally, a whitish Paladin mog, that accentuates the darker gold trim at the bottom of the tabard.
tab plate white
Shoulders – Justicar Pauldrons (Paladin only

Theramore Tabard

Hands – Reinforced Sapphirium Gauntlets
(Paladin only)

Waist – Girdle of Truth

Legs – Handcrafted Mastersmith Leggings

Feet – Vortex Walking Boots

Sword – Deanship Claymore

View this set in wowhead


I hope you enjoyed my little Theramore series! Blizzard has stated these rewards won’t be available in the level 90 version of the scenario, so I wish everyone luck in getting the pieces they want!

-- Draynee
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Mog Update and MoP Preperation

I can’t believe in less than two weeks we’ll all be headed to Vacation Panda Island!  Well, maybe not all of us…  Being able to make Pandaren without having to buy the x-pac is pretty cool on Blizzard’s part.  Anyhow, with such a short time left, I thought I’d post an update on how my characters are wrapping up Cataclysm, and the little things left I want to do.

Draynee is spending her time up at the Argent Tournament these days.  Doing those dailies on a regular basis has been a plague to me since it was introduced.  I’ve never gotten a single pet, and the only mount I managed to save enough for was the Dragonhawk for the Horde.  My goal is to either get the Argent Charger or the Quel’dorei Steed, I haven’t decided which yet.  I need 73 more tokens, so hopefully I can keep jousting everyday!  Otherwise, I’m sure it will be another 2 years before I make it up there again.

Her other goal is to finish farming honor for the Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Gear.  I’m not sure when she’ll wear it, but it is such a cool set.  I’d also really like to get her in a real Dragon Soul (only ever been in LFR), but that probably wont actually happen.

Perhaps a little over the top?

In mog news, nothing much has changed for Draynee.  She did stop by the Tabard Designer in Stormwind and make the guild tabard even pinker than it was before.  It goes great with her new super pink cloak.  Cloaks are a little funny looking on Draenei, but she needed some sort of update, so why not go with more pink?!  I know the outfit is totally obnoxious, and I think it was getting me targetted in PVP.  I’ve had to resort to non-mogged PVP gear for that honor farming!

Drainee can be found hanging around Tol Barad, killing every fox in sight.  91 more tokens and that darn pet will be mine, regardless!  Since she no longer has to mog around a polearm, Drainee decided to switch her look up for the Furious Gladiator’s mog I posted awhile ago.  She likes to have a semi-coordinated pet, and this aqua & purple warp stalker seems to fit the bill ok.  Warp Stalkers used to have an awesome ability where they would teleport to behind a target.  I had a white and blue one for a long time on my first hunter.  I’m not sure when they took it away, but their new ability just isn’t as cool.  Blink Strike is a pretty decent replacement, so I just use it to start combat with mobs and it’s almost like the old days.

OMG!  A Blood Elf!

Earlier today I finished collecting enough Tol Barad tokens for the Spectral Wolf.  He’s no Spectral Steed, but he looks pretty good with Lideyviah’s outfit.  I don’t talk about her much, but she’s my original “main”.  She was my achievement hunter, mount collector and raider.  She’s fallen by the wayside in favor of fly Draenei, but I visit her often and will probably level her in Mists when my Horde-side friends are around.

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?
Drayney doesn’t really have much going on, she just wanted to show off… darn mages >_>  The Watcher’s Tunic is such a great piece, maybe her goal can be finding some decent pants to go with it.
My last goal before the 25th is to finish buying the leather heirloom pieces for my new pandaland characters.  A Draenei monk, and an oh-so-adorable Pandaren rogue.  I was really hoping they would have worked out truly account-bound heirlooms before the launch, as I have the whole set on my horde server.  I have one dagger for the rogue, and I don’t think I need very many JP for the chest and shoulders.  I just have to decide if I want to really grind out all the points to buy the agi staff for the monk.  I might see how healing is on the monk, as I do have the leather int heirlooms and staff from a failed attempt to level a druid.
The idea of a Pandaren rogue is kind of funny to me.  She just seems too cute for backstabs and kidney shots.  I tried to level a Worgen rogue, but I couldn’t take the hunched-over running and constant sniffing.  I like playing a rogue, as I have a lvl 85 belf one, so hopefully the stabby fun won’t be too weird on such a darling creature.
-- Draynee
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Fly Draenei Friday – The Video

I totally slacked off on FDF this week.  There’s so much to do with the new patch, and AOE looting!  The biggest change for me was the change to gaining guild experience (xp).  has been a level 5 guild for ever.  It was a little hard to solo level a guild with a few friends only popping in every once in a while.  When I first heard about the change, which is all level appropriate quest turn-ins grant 60,000 guild xp no matter what level the character, I started running dailies like a mad woman.  It wasn’t until my second day back with those Sons of Hodir that I realized rep item turn-ins grant the same xp.  After trying different things and looking over my roster for level-appropriateness, I settled on turning Aldor rep items as the fastest way to go.  The best part about their turn-ins is that you can turn in single Marks of Sargeras, and each one grants you the 60,000!  My hubby loaned me his level 72 death knight for the turning-in.  I depleted the inventory on the auction house and got up to guild level 6.  A quick run through Shadow Labs netted me about 60 marks, so I settled into farming that dungeon.  About 700 (!) marks later, I reached my short-term goal of guild level 8.  Sweet Hasty Hearth, you are mine!

Since I was running two screens of WoW, after finishing the turn-ins I went over to my account and left the area to check something out.  When I tabbed back over to hub’s account, this is what I found:

I had an inkling it was that Blood Elf you see in the first picture, but his armory shows him Honored with the Aldor.  So, I guess maybe poor Adyen just passed out from the exhaustion of accepting all my turn ins!


Anyhow, since this is still Fly Dreanei Friday, how about the video that inspired it all for me?  I present Nyhm’s Pretty Fly (For a Draenei):

-- Draynee
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Patch 5.0.4 Thoughts

Here’s my first though on patch 5.0.4: YOU BROKE MOGIT!!!  I’m having a hard time with that one.  The super amazing Mogit authors have posted that an update in nearly ready, so I’m going to try and keep the panicking to a minimum.

Upon logging in, I wondered who turned on the disco lighting?!  The Draenei character screen was like this in beta, but I thought maybe it was a bug.  Guess it’s more of a feature…  I noticed a lot of weird shading in game.  Someone referred to it as ‘dynamic lighting’, yeah, gonna have to see if I can turn that off.  At least it compliments Draynee’s outfit here, but my other peeps, not so much.

An upside is the game definetly looked better that first login.  I don’t know if it was a few days of playing Guild Wars 2, or if they actually sharpened all the graphics.  Things just looked prettier.  Maybe it was excitement over the fact that Draynee can finally ride that pink proto-drake without having to do any more holiday acheivments!  Thank you account-bound mounts!

Hooray for coordinating mounts!

As far as the talent changes go, I think they’re pretty good.  The classes I play the most haven’t really changed.  Ret paladin-ing is a whole lot better since everything gives you holy power now.  The only bummer is I can’t decide which of these two talents to take.

Always fast, or sometimes even faster?

I used to have them both in Ret, so every time I settle on one, I miss the other!  I’ll just have to keep a stack of the dusts on me so I can switch them out.  I am enjoying all the empty action bar buttons I have now.  I used to have so many abilities on my bar, I could never find my bubbles.


The BEST part of the patch was the addition of AE looting, finally!  I ran into Kara and pulled as much as I could before I started loosing too much health.  It took me about 10 minutes as Prot to kill all the crap that was on me, but only one click to loot it!

In hunter news, Drainee retired her beloved Hellreaver.  It was a little bittersweet.  There are quite a few mog outfits I’ve been planning for her that I could never find a polearm to coordinate, so that’s an upside.  I’m not really sure I care for my bow on my back, though.  Lastly, thanks to a tip from the Godmother, I ran out and tamed this guy, sooo cool…

-- Draynee
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Happy Independence Day!

draineeClick here for the July 4th set in wowhead
Happy Independence Day fellow US players!  Drainee is all set for the fireworks in Stormwind tonight.  She’s even started lighting sparklers!  Any excuse to pull out the Starfaller, one of my favorite items in the game.
-- Draynee
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Fly Draenei in Stormwind pt. 2

More of my fellow Draenei enthusiasts from Proudmoore.

Soddos, a holy paladin in a nice subdued
gold set, including the Shattered Hand Breastplate,
Bloodfist Legplates, and a mix of Dragon Sould drops.

Luuli, shaman in Battleforge Shouldergaurds,
Masterwork Breastplate, and some other really well
coordinated gold pieces.


Me and Wowzersbaby. I had taken her screenie in the AH a few days earlier,
but she was blinking, so I was glad to catch her again outside by the training
dummies. We traded buffs that day, lol. Scarlet Sin’dorei Robes,
Mantle of Prophecy, Circlet of Prophecy, and Gauntlets of the Sun King.

Greede, another Draenei male in a shaman tier set, Tier 6.


Xessia’s outfit is really nice, but I was really thrilled to see her use the Mazothoril Honor Shield, since
 I’ve mentioned it’s awesomeness before.

Part 1

-- Draynee
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Fly Draenei in Stormwind, pt. 1

I was browsing around random transmog-related blogs the other day, when I came across a post by Ironyca, who is the co-founder of WoW Roleplay Gear and one of the organizers and judges of the WoW Factor show.  Her post was about going mog-spotting on a realm where the WoW Factor was going to be held, and included some nice candid shots of moggers in Stormwind.  I loved this idea, so I’ve gathered my candid shots of stranger draenei in SW from the past few nights.

Nimmer, Draynee’s almost twin. Judgement recolor shoulder, chest and gloves, Revenant legs and boots, and the Crimson Beholder Eye for the helm.

Auzurra, a hot ret pally in Hyperion Plate.

Pride, one of the few male Draenei mogs I’ve seen,
shaman Tier 11.

Zevinnus, in a really well put-together black and red set. My best guess at the items is here.

Chicahanabi, another great shaman tier look, Tier 2 re-color.

Léxie, in a mix of Wrathful and Ruthless Gladiator’s gear. I love how her headband matches the look.

Click here for Part 2

-- Draynee
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The Vacation Panda Island, I mean, Mists of Pandaria Beta is live, and without an NDA!  This means all sorts of juicy data-mining and screenshots are popping up all over the internet.  My favorite new information is the release of the female Pandaren model.  I am crossing all my fingers and toes they don’t pull a fast one on us and switch it out, like they did the Worgen models before release.  These little panda ladies are so cute!

I must admit, I was completely skeptical about Mist of Pandaria.  I was sure the pre-Blizzcon hype and “leaks” were just to throw everyone off the trail.  Thanks to an amazing friend, I got a last-minute ticket to the first day of Blizzcon.  Luckily, I only live about 10 minutes from the Anaheim Convention Center, so even though I found out I was going about an hour before it started, I was able to make it out for the opening ceremony.  I sat there, completely dumbfounded, as they announced the next expansion, and previewed Pandaria and all things Pandaria-ey.  Blizzard had spent the past however-many years telling us that Pandaren wouldn’t be in game, and that they were some sort of un-funny joke, that it was surreal to me that it was actually happening.  Well, also being at Blizzcon was sort of surreal.  I tried to keep an open mind the rest of the day, through even more ridiculous announcements like the talent-tree overhaul, Pet Battles, and removing hunter minimum range.  It wasn’t until later that day, during a dev Q&A, when I got to see Chris Metzen get really fired up that I started to accept the panda-ness.  Some goob in the audience questioned the motives behind Pandaria and mentioned to Metzen about the Pandaren being a joke.  Metzen was P-I-S-S-E-D.   The guy’s got a lot of passion for the game, and seeing as he could have wrote it off as a cash cow long ago, I guess you can’t fault him for it. So, cool, Pandaren, that rocks Mr. Metzen, and so do you!

‘Female’ Pandaren at Blizzcon

I was lucky enough to play the Pandaren starting zone they had a Blizzcon twice, and it was really cool.  I liked the “female” model they had in that alpha, though I am glad they developed a real one.  Monks seem like they are going to be a really fun class to play.  I am glad they added auto-attack to the class, since it was not there at Blizzcon.  It felt so weird, to walk up to a mob, right click on it, and not do anything.  SW:TOR doesn’t have auto-attack, and it’s strange there too.  I fully plan on rolling a Draenei monk with my new, 11th character slot.

So, why is such a Draenei enthusiast so excited about female Pandaren?  Well, three reasons: 1. new things are shiny and fun;  2. Draenei can’t be rogues, but panda can; 3. Pandaren females are so darn cute!  I know, I may have said that already.  I just think Blizzard really hit a home run here.  There’s probably a lot of people out there that aren’t fans, but they always seem like the type that aren’t happy about anything.  WoW players have been asking for area looting since Rift came out last year, but a friend informed me that there is actually a thread on mmo-champion.com full of people complaining about Blizzard adding area looting.  I can’t be bothered to read why these negative Nancies think it’s wrong, but it just goes to show, some people will complain about anything.  Please don’t take me as a fan-girl either, I try and temper my excitement with the knowledge that not everything Blizzard does is A+.  See my earlier comment about female Worgen.  That said, why play a game like WoW if I’m not going to get excited, or get grumpy at changes, or lack of changes.  I just try and enjoy the World of Warcraft for what it is, and secretly hope they fix the things it isn’t without changing it too much.

P.S. The red female Pandaren get to have tails, even cuter!!

-- Draynee
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