Mog Update and MoP Preperation

I can’t believe in less than two weeks we’ll all be headed to Vacation Panda Island!  Well, maybe not all of us…  Being able to make Pandaren without having to buy the x-pac is pretty cool on Blizzard’s part.  Anyhow, with such a short time left, I thought I’d post an update on how my characters are wrapping up Cataclysm, and the little things left I want to do.

Draynee is spending her time up at the Argent Tournament these days.  Doing those dailies on a regular basis has been a plague to me since it was introduced.  I’ve never gotten a single pet, and the only mount I managed to save enough for was the Dragonhawk for the Horde.  My goal is to either get the Argent Charger or the Quel’dorei Steed, I haven’t decided which yet.  I need 73 more tokens, so hopefully I can keep jousting everyday!  Otherwise, I’m sure it will be another 2 years before I make it up there again.

Her other goal is to finish farming honor for the Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Gear.  I’m not sure when she’ll wear it, but it is such a cool set.  I’d also really like to get her in a real Dragon Soul (only ever been in LFR), but that probably wont actually happen.

Perhaps a little over the top?

In mog news, nothing much has changed for Draynee.  She did stop by the Tabard Designer in Stormwind and make the guild tabard even pinker than it was before.  It goes great with her new super pink cloak.  Cloaks are a little funny looking on Draenei, but she needed some sort of update, so why not go with more pink?!  I know the outfit is totally obnoxious, and I think it was getting me targetted in PVP.  I’ve had to resort to non-mogged PVP gear for that honor farming!

Drainee can be found hanging around Tol Barad, killing every fox in sight.  91 more tokens and that darn pet will be mine, regardless!  Since she no longer has to mog around a polearm, Drainee decided to switch her look up for the Furious Gladiator’s mog I posted awhile ago.  She likes to have a semi-coordinated pet, and this aqua & purple warp stalker seems to fit the bill ok.  Warp Stalkers used to have an awesome ability where they would teleport to behind a target.  I had a white and blue one for a long time on my first hunter.  I’m not sure when they took it away, but their new ability just isn’t as cool.  Blink Strike is a pretty decent replacement, so I just use it to start combat with mobs and it’s almost like the old days.

OMG!  A Blood Elf!

Earlier today I finished collecting enough Tol Barad tokens for the Spectral Wolf.  He’s no Spectral Steed, but he looks pretty good with Lideyviah’s outfit.  I don’t talk about her much, but she’s my original “main”.  She was my achievement hunter, mount collector and raider.  She’s fallen by the wayside in favor of fly Draenei, but I visit her often and will probably level her in Mists when my Horde-side friends are around.

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?
Drayney doesn’t really have much going on, she just wanted to show off… darn mages >_>  The Watcher’s Tunic is such a great piece, maybe her goal can be finding some decent pants to go with it.
My last goal before the 25th is to finish buying the leather heirloom pieces for my new pandaland characters.  A Draenei monk, and an oh-so-adorable Pandaren rogue.  I was really hoping they would have worked out truly account-bound heirlooms before the launch, as I have the whole set on my horde server.  I have one dagger for the rogue, and I don’t think I need very many JP for the chest and shoulders.  I just have to decide if I want to really grind out all the points to buy the agi staff for the monk.  I might see how healing is on the monk, as I do have the leather int heirlooms and staff from a failed attempt to level a druid.
The idea of a Pandaren rogue is kind of funny to me.  She just seems too cute for backstabs and kidney shots.  I tried to level a Worgen rogue, but I couldn’t take the hunched-over running and constant sniffing.  I like playing a rogue, as I have a lvl 85 belf one, so hopefully the stabby fun won’t be too weird on such a darling creature.
-- Draynee
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6 thoughts on “Mog Update and MoP Preperation

  1. *blinkblink*
    That outfit is *very* pink. But it goes well with Despair!

    YOU have Belves? /gasp! 😛

    I like that outfit you’ve put together for your Pandaren Rogue. It’s cute how it matches her hair. I can’t wait to roll a Pandaren myself and explore all of their hairstyles!

    • Hehe, thanks Kam! I had to change characters a couple of times before the MogIt preview pulled up that panda, lol.

      And yes, I have several Belves, 3 at max level :O

  2. Swear to Illidan that you had “ALL” in blue when talking about non-Pandaria folk and I immediately thought it was going to link to one of my posts. LOL

  3. Your blog is cute! I’ve lurked here a couple times but haven’t commented yet. And I’m on Proudmoore, too!

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