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This Post is Bananas!

My  friend Ultros calls these the ‘Paladin Banana Shoulders’! wowhead

I had never used twitter before having my blog, and I thought joining it would be a great way to connect with other bloggers  I was right about that!  I love chatting with other WoW bloggers, you-tubers and podcasters over there.  I’ve made a few ‘twitter pals’, and one of those is the amazing Joe (@wowmartiean).  He does awesome videos, and recently launched his own site  We were talking one day about him blogging on his site when this happened:

I can’t get the thought about a banana post out of my head!  Joe’s going through some RL stuff, so now seems like a great time for bananas and to give my bud a shout-out!  Head over to his site and check out his vids, and if you love them like I do, he’s got a donate button there too 🙂

Now, about those bananas!  I was really surprised at how many banana-related things there are in game!

From wowhead

One of my favorites is The Golden Banana, which is a quest reward from Krasarang Wilds.  You can use it to throw a banana on the ground!  It’s one of those great useless, yet fun items introduced in Mists.


Another super-fun Mists item is the Magic Banana.  It drops from a rare in Valley of the Four Winds names Bonobos .  What an awesome title.  You can use this item to toss a banana that will make another player slip and fall on their bootay.  Here’s a video of it – hilarious!

From wowhead

If you’re bananas over battle pets, this cute little guy’s name is Bananas.  He is a companion pet from the Trading Card game.  One of his pet battle abilities is Banana Barrage, which is cool, but I wonder where he keeps all those bananas to hurl…

From wowhead

Finally, if you’re a little hungry after looking at all those ‘nana picutres, you can always pick up some Soft Banana Bread and wash it down with a Banana Cocktail.  If those don’t satisfy, you can pick up some Tel’Abim Bananas and make Banana Infused Rum with the leftovers!  The Banana Infused Rum is made with a Way of the Brew recipie and requires 600 skill in that Way, but it sounds way worth all of the crazy ingredients, as it turns you into a Hozen Pirate for 30 seconds!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my silly look at banana things, and I hope you can check out Joe’s vids.  I know he appreciates everyone who does 🙂

-- Draynee
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