This Post is Bananas!

My  friend Ultros calls these the ‘Paladin Banana Shoulders’! wowhead

I had never used twitter before having my blog, and I thought joining it would be a great way to connect with other bloggers  I was right about that!  I love chatting with other WoW bloggers, you-tubers and podcasters over there.  I’ve made a few ‘twitter pals’, and one of those is the amazing Joe (@wowmartiean).  He does awesome videos, and recently launched his own site  We were talking one day about him blogging on his site when this happened:

I can’t get the thought about a banana post out of my head!  Joe’s going through some RL stuff, so now seems like a great time for bananas and to give my bud a shout-out!  Head over to his site and check out his vids, and if you love them like I do, he’s got a donate button there too 🙂

Now, about those bananas!  I was really surprised at how many banana-related things there are in game!

From wowhead

One of my favorites is The Golden Banana, which is a quest reward from Krasarang Wilds.  You can use it to throw a banana on the ground!  It’s one of those great useless, yet fun items introduced in Mists.


Another super-fun Mists item is the Magic Banana.  It drops from a rare in Valley of the Four Winds names Bonobos .  What an awesome title.  You can use this item to toss a banana that will make another player slip and fall on their bootay.  Here’s a video of it – hilarious!

From wowhead

If you’re bananas over battle pets, this cute little guy’s name is Bananas.  He is a companion pet from the Trading Card game.  One of his pet battle abilities is Banana Barrage, which is cool, but I wonder where he keeps all those bananas to hurl…

From wowhead

Finally, if you’re a little hungry after looking at all those ‘nana picutres, you can always pick up some Soft Banana Bread and wash it down with a Banana Cocktail.  If those don’t satisfy, you can pick up some Tel’Abim Bananas and make Banana Infused Rum with the leftovers!  The Banana Infused Rum is made with a Way of the Brew recipie and requires 600 skill in that Way, but it sounds way worth all of the crazy ingredients, as it turns you into a Hozen Pirate for 30 seconds!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my silly look at banana things, and I hope you can check out Joe’s vids.  I know he appreciates everyone who does 🙂

-- Draynee
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7 thoughts on “This Post is Bananas!

  1. Wow, Dray! I am not a big fun of yellow, or the Pally T1 set, but I absolutely LOVE that outfit!!

    I may not like banana flavored things, but thumbs up on this banana themed post! 🙂

    ~ Effy

    • Thanks Effy!! Sometimes I agonize over mogs for days, and sometimes I throw one together quick for a post header. This would be the latter and I’m glad people like it 😀

  2. I didn’t think it was possible, but you know what, you pulled off those shoulders. Good on you.

  3. Ook ook ook! You sure found a lot of ways to go bananas in WoW!

    You are *rocking* those banana shoulders! I think I see the Black Temple helm and some Glorious items… what else is in that set? (Oh, wowhead link, duh :P)

    • Teehee, I’m usually just bananas crazy anyways 😉 I think the pose helps, was trying to find one where the tops didn’t bisect my head!

  4. Hey, nice banana post and a cute mog too.

    The only thing I don’t like about the Banana brew is that it forces you to sit down for the duration as part of the illusion and unless you’ve taken off the drunken haze, you won’t see too much.

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