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A few weeks ago I got a DM on Twitter from Aelo, the fabulously talented co-creator of MogIt!  After attempting to help them out, I poked a little as to what was going on.  Turns out they were working on a new plugin for MogIt – MogIt Armory!  With this plugin, you can see what over 11,000 different players are wearing, pulled straight from their Armory profiles.  In addition to random players, Aelo has featured what we Mog bloggers are wearing!  Mog bloggers’ pics have a ‘Featured’ banner in the corner, and when you click on it, it gives you a link to our blogs.


There’s Draynee 😀  To see the bloggers, you simply load up the plugin, pick an armor class, and then choose a race.  A lot of peeps are under female Blood Elves, but if you poke around, say male Dwarves, you can catch Zidux, and Zazzy is under female Goblin!


If you pick ‘All’, it will show you all the transmogs on your character’s race.

Seeing what a sampling of people are wearing is pretty neat!  I’ve only really poked around the plate, and there sure is a lot of purple judgement and revenant sets 😛  The only downside is that if the person has a guild tabard on, it shows your guild tabard, but since mine is super fly, that is ok, lol!
*Update – Under Catalogue – Show Filters there is an option to show or hide tabards and shirts.  Also, you can filter by class there!

This is a really great look, love the sword!
 Like this one too!
You can download MogIt_Armory from Curse, and if you’re on Twitter, make sure and give Aelo some love for the best add-on ever 😉
-- Draynee
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