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Red Cloth Mog – Twisted Visage

New expansions in WoW are really great.  New levels, new content to explore, new stories to hear and more!  My favorite thing about new expansions, though, is how powerful my characters are once they finish leveling.  I’m not one of those super-soloers like this rogue who soloed Patchwerk 25 at level 80.  The only raid I could solo at level 80 was Strathome (when it first came out you could technically take a raid in there, so that counts, right?).  So, when I hit 85 and got a little gear, I was quite excited to be able to spend time obliterating Karazhan and Molten Core etc. by myself.  Now that I’m 90, I’ve been pushing into more BC raids alone.  Thanks to this awesome video, I was able to do Tempest Keep the other night.  Yes, I know he did it at 85, but like I said…


What’s even better than all this anti-social behavior is stomping out old raids with a few close friends!  My horde-side guildies and I decided to give Ulduar 25 a shot the other night.  It started out as just 4 of us, and we were having a hell of a time trying to figure out Flame Leviathan Four Towers.  Luckily our other 2 guildies logged in as we were going to give it our last shot.  After one more wipe, we got him down and proceeded to merrilly frolic our way through the rest of the acheivements for the Ironbound Proto Drake.  We didn’t finish as it got late, but we made it all the way to Vezax.  Along the way, this awesome staff dropped.  The two druids and I all gave it our “ooh’s” and “aah’s”.  I felt a tiny bit bad that I won the roll, but I knew I was going to run out right away and make a mog for it 😀  My little belf mage has been running around in this mog, but as always, it looks much better on Drayney, lol.


naxx_shouldersWith Mantle of the Corrupted and Muddied Crimson Gloves

LiddeyLiddy with Mantle of Tirisfal and Fire Striders
-- Draynee
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Hallow’s End Masks

Now I’m Fly too!  Right?

As I mentioned in the original post about the Hallow’s End Transmog Contest, the Hallow’s End masks in game would make a great addition to any Draenei’s costume!  Below I’ve added all of the masks’ “visual” item numbers.  In MogIt, you can use the Add Item option under the Preview menu to enter one of the item numbers there.  The numbers also work in the head slot on WoW Model Viewer.  If you have a hairdo that has any hair in front of your face, it will unfortunately show in front of the mask.  Nothing a quick trip to the barber shop can’t fix 😉

Blood Elf Female Mask – 69030
Blood Elf Male Mask – 69033
Draenei Female Mask – 69036
Draenei Male Mask -69037
Dwarf Female Mask – 69038
Dwarf Male Mask -69039
Gnome Female Mask – 69041
Gnome Male Mask -69042
Goblin Female Mask – 69043
Goblin Male Mask -69044
Human Female Mask – 69045
Human Male Mask – 69055
Murloc Female Mask – 69015
Murloc Male Mask – 69016
Naga Female Mask – 69011
Naga Male Mask – 69012
Night Elf Female Mask – 69058
Night Elf Male Mask – 69059
Ogre Female Mask – 69013
Ogre Male Mask – 69014
Orc Female Mask – 69096
Orc Male Mask – 69097
Tauren Female Mask – 69099
Tauren Male Mask – 69100
Troll Female Mask – 69102
Troll Male Mask – 69104
Undead Female Mask – 69105
Undead Male Mask – 69106
Vrykul Female Mask – 69009
Vrykul Male Mask -69010
Worgen Female Mask – 69107
Worgen Male Mask – 69108

I can’t wait to see everyone’s entries!

-- Draynee
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Fly Draenei Hallow’s End Transmog Contest

Beware the crazy pumpkin lady, children.

Fall is here, and with it comes a Transmogger’s favorite Azerothian Holiday – Hallow’s End!  For moggers every day is dress-up day, but Hallow’s End gives us a chance to dress a little different than usual.  As you can see above, Drayney is getting into the spirit with her crazy pumpkin mog.  I would love to see what other awesome mog costumes you guys come up with, so I decided to have a little mog contest!

Between now and October 31st, send me your costume mogs for one of these three catagories:

Azerothian NPC – Anyone from Azeroth or Outlands is game here.  Thrall, Brann Bronzebeard, an Innkeeper, etc…

Fictional Character – This is for anyone from outside Azeroth.  Superheroes, characters from other games, stories, or movies are some examples.

MiscellaneousAnything else you can come up with!  Pumpkins, miners, lions, whatever goes!

The winner from each category will be awarded a mini-pet!
Azerothian NPC – Sand Scarab
Fictional Character – Purple Puffer
Miscellaneous – Eye of the Legion

The Fine Print
Since this is a Fly Draenei party, your entry must be a Draenei!  If you do wish to dress up like Thrall, one of these masks would be an awesome addition to your costume.  I will post item numbers for them in a follow-up post for use in MogIt or Model Viewer. *Update – Item numbers here.

Your costume must be a valid transmog, although weapons are not required.  This means shoulders, belts and gloves must be included, and the costume has to be all the same armor class.

Your entry can be an in-game screenshot, or taken from MogIt or WoW Model Viewer.

You can enter as many costumes as you like, the more the merrier!

Entries must be in by October 31st, 11:59pm (US PST).

Entries can be e-mailed to:

That’s it, now get to moggin’!!  If you have any questions, leave a comment, e-mail me, or tweet @FlyDraenei.

-- Draynee
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Super Fly for a Pink-Wearing Guy

Liouxpold and Draynee

I’ve always thought JD over at Amateur Azerothian is a pretty fly guy.  He is the mastermind behind the Transmogolympics and Mog Madness.  He is also a bit of a crazy person, which is just the kind of person I like 😀  However, this month JD has stepped-up the fly factor in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  All month long, his hunter Liouxpold (seen above) will be sporting this super fly pink transmog!

Several other bloggers have answered the call, and are showing their support via transmogs as well.

The members of Pretty Fly for a Draenei believe anytime is a good time for pink, so here are a few of my pink mogs!

Drayney’s Arcane spec mog
Pinkish, redish, purple huter mog
Lowbie Pandaren rogue mog
Purplish monk mog
-- Draynee
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Farmer Drayney

farmerDrayney’s new BFF, Farmer Yoon

Before I started playing WoW, I would hear my husband talking to his guildmates about farming for stuff all the time.  I figured they had actual farms where they did this farming.  I eventually asked him about this and he explained what farming in Azeroth really meant.  I however, must have been using my amazing psychic powers and knew way back in WoTLK that there was going to be farming with actual farms!  Of course, I also thought ‘mats’ were like scrolls or placemats that you rolled out on a table and it told you how to put things together…

Tilling the day away

I wasn’t really all that interested in the whole farming thing when it was first announced as a Pandaria feature, but I have to admit it’s kinda cool.  I’ve really only been dinking around with it on my 90, planting whatever Yoon is feeling that day, or maybe Juicycrunch Carrots because they sell like hotcakes.  The Godmother’s post about starting her farm on her alts that are still 85 did inspire me to take some of my alts out there however.  Basically, you just need to arrive on Pandaria via the starting quests, and you can run out to Halfhill and start tilling!  So, that’s what Drayney is doing while she patiently awaits her leveling turn.  Since that’s all she’s got going on, why not mog for it?!  She decided to go with the classic farmer overalls just like Farmer Yoon.  She’s added a hat and long sleeve shirt to keep her delicate blue skin from getting a sunburn 🙂

-- Draynee
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Fly Draenei Friday – Pandaria Break

Drainee’s finally made it Pandaria, but not before outfitting herself in a fly new mog. It might only last a few quests, but her gear is pretty decent, so hopefully she won’t look silly too soon.


She decided to go with a remix of her trusty red outfit.  Marshcreeper chest, belt and boots, Engraved legs and gloves, pulled together with the Gronnstalker’s Spaulders.  I used to think the shoulders were creepy and ugly, but I think they look pretty nice with her outfit 🙂

Everyone I see around town is pretty much in a mix of gear, which is understandable at this point. So, Fly Draenei Friday might be taking a “panda break” for the next few weeks.  I can’t wait to start seeing mogs using the new Pandaria gear mixed with old stuff.  If you put anything fly together, or see anyone around who has, send those screenshots in!!


This week we have a fabulous outfit from the always-stylish Helke!  I’ve ran a couple of Laid Back Raids with her.  First was her fly death knight, and then I got to run ICC with her fabulously mogged Tauren Priest, also Helke.  Tauren Helke is the cutest pirate I have ever seen!  I missed the LBR with Draenei Helke, but I spotted her in JD’s teenee tiny screenshot.  I asked him who it was, and she suprised me by sending in this pic!

Shoulders – Mindrage Pauldrons
Chest – Watcher’s Tunic
Belt –  Mage-Fury Girdle
Legs – Astralaan Pants
Boots – Embroidered Spellpyre Boots
Staff – Bloodfire Greatstaff


Here’s a few fly gals from Proudmoore:

I spotted Cephyria while questing the Jade Forest.  She looks great with the mix of Barbaric pieces with the Bloodmage Leggings and Shadow Council Mantle. Amarinthe looks so pretty in pink!  With the Bloodscale chest and hands, Commander’s Pauldrons, Crimson Beholder Eye, and Chromatic Boots.
Here’s two lovely priests crafting in Dalaran.  On the right is my super fly
guildie (and husband!) Alorin in the Vengeful Gladiator’s set with the
-- Draynee
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