Fly Draenei Friday – Pandaria Break

Drainee’s finally made it Pandaria, but not before outfitting herself in a fly new mog. It might only last a few quests, but her gear is pretty decent, so hopefully she won’t look silly too soon.


She decided to go with a remix of her trusty red outfit.  Marshcreeper chest, belt and boots, Engraved legs and gloves, pulled together with the Gronnstalker’s Spaulders.  I used to think the shoulders were creepy and ugly, but I think they look pretty nice with her outfit :)

Everyone I see around town is pretty much in a mix of gear, which is understandable at this point. So, Fly Draenei Friday might be taking a “panda break” for the next few weeks.  I can’t wait to start seeing mogs using the new Pandaria gear mixed with old stuff.  If you put anything fly together, or see anyone around who has, send those screenshots in!!


This week we have a fabulous outfit from the always-stylish Helke!  I’ve ran a couple of Laid Back Raids with her.  First was her fly death knight, and then I got to run ICC with her fabulously mogged Tauren Priest, also Helke.  Tauren Helke is the cutest pirate I have ever seen!  I missed the LBR with Draenei Helke, but I spotted her in JD’s teenee tiny screenshot.  I asked him who it was, and she suprised me by sending in this pic!

Shoulders – Mindrage Pauldrons
Chest – Watcher’s Tunic
Belt –  Mage-Fury Girdle
Legs – Astralaan Pants
Boots - Embroidered Spellpyre Boots
Staff – Bloodfire Greatstaff


Here’s a few fly gals from Proudmoore:

I spotted Cephyria while questing the Jade Forest.  She looks great with the mix of Barbaric pieces with the Bloodmage Leggings and Shadow Council Mantle. Amarinthe looks so pretty in pink!  With the Bloodscale chest and hands, Commander’s Pauldrons, Crimson Beholder Eye, and Chromatic Boots.
Here’s two lovely priests crafting in Dalaran.  On the right is my super fly
guildie (and husband!) Alorin in the Vengeful Gladiator’s set with the
-- Draynee
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One thought on “Fly Draenei Friday – Pandaria Break

  1. Awww, Liouxpold didn’t make Fly Friday with his pink hawtness?

    Btw, love Alorin’s colours.

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