Farmer Drayney

farmerDrayney’s new BFF, Farmer Yoon

Before I started playing WoW, I would hear my husband talking to his guildmates about farming for stuff all the time.  I figured they had actual farms where they did this farming.  I eventually asked him about this and he explained what farming in Azeroth really meant.  I however, must have been using my amazing psychic powers and knew way back in WoTLK that there was going to be farming with actual farms!  Of course, I also thought ‘mats’ were like scrolls or placemats that you rolled out on a table and it told you how to put things together…

Tilling the day away

I wasn’t really all that interested in the whole farming thing when it was first announced as a Pandaria feature, but I have to admit it’s kinda cool.  I’ve really only been dinking around with it on my 90, planting whatever Yoon is feeling that day, or maybe Juicycrunch Carrots because they sell like hotcakes.  The Godmother’s post about starting her farm on her alts that are still 85 did inspire me to take some of my alts out there however.  Basically, you just need to arrive on Pandaria via the starting quests, and you can run out to Halfhill and start tilling!  So, that’s what Drayney is doing while she patiently awaits her leveling turn.  Since that’s all she’s got going on, why not mog for it?!  She decided to go with the classic farmer overalls just like Farmer Yoon.  She’s added a hat and long sleeve shirt to keep her delicate blue skin from getting a sunburn 🙂

-- Draynee
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4 thoughts on “Farmer Drayney

  1. I love this! I did that to one of my alts (park their lvl 85 butt out there and started farming) but maybe I should mog them! Farming is SO addicting >.>

    • Thanks Satsuri! I may have started her farming JUST so I could make a mog 😛 Maybe I’ll see you around Halfhill sometime, hehe.

  2. LoL! I seem to remember thinking the same things about “farming” and “mats” when my soon-to-be-husband would talk about WoW while we were dating. I wondered how you could craft stuff like armor and swords out of placemats and floormats and such. 😛

    I’m really enjoying the farming mini-game, too — though I haven’t bothered with bringing out all my level 85 alts or selling any of my produce — that’s too much work for my lazy tail.

    Anyhow, that’s a great outfit. I particularly like your choice of shoulders — that’s a really tricky item for a farming outfit, and the ones you’ve got here go great with that shirt!

    • Haha, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who thought those weird things! I thought the mats were like some kind of puzzle, put one piece of metal here and it unlocks the next spot… Something strange like that.

      Thanks for the comment about the shoulders, I actually had another pair picked out but couldn’t acquire. These seem to have turned out better anyhow 😀

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