Pretty Fly Gifts!

I posted earlier about the Fly Draenei gals heading to Shattrath to celebrate Winter Veil this year.  Let’s see what they got each other!

Drayney’s gift, Ancient Tome of Portal: Dalaran really makes her giggle.  It looks
just like a regular portal to Dalaran, but it sends victims friends to the old Dalaran
crater, after she casts slow fall on them, of course 😉
All three sisters also got a Cinder Kitten!
Draynee was super excited to receive The Hammer of Destiny!
She had been wanting one since seeing the super fly Hammer Toss
outfit from the Mogolympics.  Looks like her new year will be
full of PVP so she can complete the look!
Drainee was so happy about her gift, she put it on right
there in the middle of the city!  The chest, gloves and legs
from the Warmonger’s set have her head spinning with
new transmog ideas!
I hope everyone had an awesome Winter Veil/Christmas and New Years!  Did you get just what you wanted, or any surprises from Old Father Winter? 🙂
-- Draynee
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11 thoughts on “Pretty Fly Gifts!

  1. Merry Winter Veil and happy new year Draynee! Navimie got a whole heap of pets and that made here really happy… she wants to have the biggest collection on Dath’remar!

  2. Happy New Year. 🙂 Love the giggling mage. xD

  3. Happy New Year Draynee, that’s a good idea about slow fall 😛

    • Happy New Year! I’ve tried to trick a few people into using the portal, but I always feel bad and throw it on them, even if I have to jump through the portal behind them 😉

  4. The content and concept for this post is pretty awesome.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Those are some great gifts! Looks like it was a happy Winter Veil indeed!

  6. Happy (late) Winter Veil! Did you hear that Blizz is going to be more relaxed on transmog rules? You’ll be able to use your Hammer of Destiny, no matter if it be axe/mace/sword 😀

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