Legolene’s Fashion Dilemma

Hey fly peeps!  I’m on vacation this week, so please enjoy this guest post from Legolene! 

Hey everyone this is Legolene from WoW Adventurer and I need some advice with my latest transmog.  As a Draenei who is relatively new to the whole transmogrification game, I find myself at a crossroads as to what do do with my fire mages latest outfit.  I currently have this red and gold theme going on, solely inspired by the shoulders Mantle of False Virtue which was a drop from Archbishop Benedictus in Hour of Twilight.  Since I decided I really liked the shoulders, and the red theme was somehow fitting with my mage’s main spec which is fire, I’ve been sporting the Red Linen Robe as my main outfit.

But it’s time for a change, and this is where I need the readers of Pretty Fly for a Draenei to help me out.

Do I switch to the Replica Magisters Robes and leave it at that? I really love this robe, with the gold accents, but isn’t it a little, I dunno, two seasons ago?

Or do I go with this fab new blue and gold theme, and either keep the red and gold shoulders, or start looking for some new blue and gold ones?

Can anyone suggest cloth shoulders that would go well with this robe, the Mistscape Robe? I could really use some advice here.

Thanks Pretty Fly Draenei for allowing me to ask your readers for help with my fashion dilemma.

-- Draynee
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5 thoughts on “Legolene’s Fashion Dilemma

  1. The Mantle of False Virtue looks great with the Magister’s Robe — and that robe is timeless.

    I’ve got the blue & gold robe sitting in a couple of my characters’ banks, so this was a good chance for me to think about what shoulders might look good with it. Scanning in Mogit, I found several shoulders that I liked: Regal Silk Shoulderpads (crafted, Mists), Clan-Heart shoulders (quest, Twilight Highlands), Miasma Mantle (Naxx 10), Fel-Tinged Mantle (Heroic Magister’s Terrace), Pauldrons of the Aldor (T4), Windchanneler’s Mantle (drop, BC), Primal Mooncloth Shoulders (crafted, BC), Replica Virtuous Mantle, and Journeyman’s Epaulets (quest, Dustwallow Marsh). Most of these pieces are blue with gold trim, but I really liked the look of the yellow and white Replica Virtuous Mantle against the dark blue and gold of the robe.

  2. Oooh – so many pieces to go and look for/craft! Thanks for this *frantically makes notes*!

  3. I’ve just gone to look at all of those items on Wowhead, and my two absolute favourites are the Miasma Mantle, and the Windchannellers Mantle – both perfectly matched to the blue and gold Mistscape Robe! Thanks so much – I would never have found these by myself 🙂

  4. I’ve seen the Mistscape Robe transmogged on someone a while back! They were wearing Merciless Gladiator’s Silk Amice ( Because the shoulders have a touch of red you can also incorporate that into your set 🙂

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