Drainee, is that you?

While looking myself up in the armory the other day I ran across this Pretty Fly Stranger Draenei.  Now, I know I was not the first person to name my character after a bad pronunciation of a race, but most of the other Draynees or Drainees or Drayneys are either low-level, or not Draenei.  Draynee is also a Human mage, and Drainee is also a Gnome mage.  Maybe it’s a mage joke I don’t get.  But this Drainee, she’s the real deal!

While, she is not transmogged, she is fully outfitted in the best of the Tier 13 sets.  I started leveling a priest shortly after the art for priest Tier 13 was released, I thought it was so awesome.  Draenye is only level 52, but she’ll get there one day.  I think priest Tier 11 and Tier 12 got a little weird, but priests definetly have some of the better looking tier sets in the game.  Tier 5 Avatar and Tier 6 Absolution are real winners in my book.  Maybe my priest is only level 52 because there’s so much awesome out there for her I am not prepared!

Circle of Flame, modeled by Drayney


Kattie is another super fly Draenei in Vestments of Dying Light, who I ran into at the bank. She has her helm mogged into the Circle of Flame, which drops out of Blackrock Depths.

Kattie – Proudmore
Just because I like it so much, here’s the wowhead model viewer shot of the set.
-- Draynee
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