My Ultimate Mog – Field Marshal’s Raiment

priestMy level 60-something priest, forgoing heirlooms to wear the game’s most beautiful gear 😉

When transmog was first announced, way back in Sept. 2011, I immediately started planning what I wanted my characters to wear.  I didn’t know much about mixing and matching, and mostly had sets planned for my mogs.  Purple Judgement for my pally, Marshcreeper mail for the hunter, and this gorgeous set for my mage:

Field Marshal’s Regalia

Imaging my disappointment on that bright Tuesday morning transmog was released, and I was greated by this:

Pretty much crushing.  I picked up the Brutal Gladiator’s Regalia, mogged her into that, and resigned myself to being bummed about it.  Turns out the level 60 pvp gear you can buy in Stormwind can’t be used for trasnmog.  They actually have replica gear available in Area 52, but only if you attained those PvP titles back in classic WoW.  Well gee, if I had only known the future, I would have started playing 4 years earlier than I did! >.>  On the one hand, I understand those titles were quite difficult to attain, and this gear is sort of the last status symbol left.  I’ve only seen about 5 or 6 people even mogged into any of the Replica PvP gear.  On the other hand, though, I want my purple spiky shiny shoulders!!!  I’ve heard that these titles can be attained through Rated Battlegrounds these days.  There isn’t a whole lot of information I’ve been able to find, cause who really is going to devote their life to RBG’s just for transmog? (Uh, LF RBG group that just needs one more person to queue and doesn’t care that I’m not pro, I’ll try not to die too much?)

I’ve been leveling my priest up lately, and the other day I was messing around in MogIt when I realized this may be my one chance to wear beautiful Field Marshal’s gear!  Luckily I had done some bg’s earlier in my leveling and had enough honor to buy the pieces.  20% xp bonus be damned, I’d much rather look good 😀  I also realized I may actually like the priest set better than the mage set, and that I’d finally recovered from my initial disapointment only to have it come creeping back in the form of white spiky shiny shoulders.  So, while I can’t actually mog this stuff for the time being, I do want to share my ultimate dream mog:


Another variation on the set:

Shoulders – Field Marshal’s Satin Mantle

Chest – Robes of the Exalted

Waist – Fermenting Belt

Gloves – Marshal’s Satin Gloves

Back view of the full set
Well, that’s my dream mog, how about you?  Do you have a dream mog set you may or may not ever get to use, be it rng nightmares or just too damn hard to get?
-- Draynee
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10 thoughts on “My Ultimate Mog – Field Marshal’s Raiment

  1. I was pretty excited when I realized that my Human Mage had gotten enough honor from running dungeons in Northrend while the Alliance held Wintergrasp to buy the Knight-Commander and Field Marshal robes. And then I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t actually use them for Transmogrification. So my dream set would be a lot like yours, I think!

    I also absolutely adore the priest’s Field Marshal robe. It tempts me to level my Human Priest, just so I can have a character who can wear that robe. Hmm… perhaps my impossible dream set would be to use that first stunningly gorgeous ensemble you show here for my Tauren Priestess! 😛

    • Aww, thank you Kam. I’m sure your priestess would look absolutely lovely in the set! Sorry you went through the same thing as me finding out you couldn’t mog the pieces. Maybe we should start doing rated bg’s together. We could make a team called “Just Here for the X-mog Gear” 😀 Hehe!

  2. Wow – the Field Marshal’s Regalia is gorgeous! This week I’ve ‘designed’ my first transmog sets so I don’t really have an ultimate transmog yet. But I certainly intend to make some more transmog sets 🙂

  3. I have to admit I’m annoyed by this restriction too. I was playing back then and I actually reached rank 12 on one Priest as well rank 8 on another three characters, including another Priest. However both those two eligible Priests are Horde and I don’t particularly like the Horde versions. Sprout on the other hand, my brand newish Gnome would love to wear the gear but can’t because despite me the player achieving those ranks, on the same class… I can’t.

    Instead my old Lock is hanging out transmogged into her set and my Druid uses the vanilla war staff but still, it annoys me no end. Whatever happened to things reflecting the player not an individual character.

    • That’s awesome that you got those ranks back then! I’ve read a lot of forum posts by people with the same problem as you. It makes me feel a little bad for even being bummed myself, when it’s like right there for you, but not :/ I hope for your sake they can fix that one day! It only took them a year to lift the meelee weapon restriction…

  4. Nice job on the sets. I was really proud of getting my Lieutenant Commander rank just before they removed the ranking system. But when transmog first came out I went to mog my set and found out that I couldn’t – just like you did. Just as well I had a happy ending.

  5. Nice combinations of the set items with other pieces.

    I know a few ppl who use the old pvp sets as transmogs. Personally I only got to rank 7 back in vanilla so no pvp transmogs for me.

    • Thanks Lorelei! That stinks you were so close too! I didn’t play back then, but my husband did. Unfortunately he only made “Private” so I can’t make his priest wear the set either, lol 🙂

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