The Amazing Transmog Survivor Contest…

…that I did not survive! LOL

The equally amazing JD over at Amateur Azerothian is up to his craziness again.  This time he is running the “Amazing Transmog Survivor Contest“.  That guy and his wild ideas, I love them!!  This contest is a tad more simple than his previous contest.  Each round mogs must be submitted per his guidelines.  He’ll then pick one person to grant immunity too, and the rest of the entrants are subject to a randomly chosen axing.  He says it’s based on the rules of the show Survivor, and I’m going to believe him since I’ve never watched it 😉

As you can guess, I got the RNG boot in the first round. *sad face*  I love the challenge of coming up with a mog based on a prompt.  Oh well, I can still play by myself on my blog, teehee!  I don’t envy JD with trying to pick an immunity winner, as the first round entrants where all pretty awesome.  You can see them all here.

The first round challenge was to create a Disciple of Har’koa, as in someone who would perhaps worship or follow Har’koa.

I love the colors of the cat, the frosty white accented by an almost-aqua blue.  It actually inspired my previous post about my Ultimate Mog, since I kept hitting those pieces in MogIt while putting my entry together.  So, here she is, the Disciple that didn’t make it, lol:


Head – Titan-Forged Hood of Salvation

Shoulders – Titan-Forged Shoulderpads of Domination

Chest – Mooncloth Robe

Hands – Sanctified Crimson Acolyte Handwraps

Waist – Lingering Illness


Good luck to the remaining survivors!  Watch your back for that RNG, she’s a real bitch 😀

-- Draynee
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6 thoughts on “The Amazing Transmog Survivor Contest…

  1. I know how you feel – I didn’t make it through either 🙁 I’m still going to play along though

  2. The Survivor aspect was the immunity and then everyone else picking the winner.

    Yes, I was certainly disappointed to see the folks go in the first round. 🙁

    Thanks for the kind words 😉

    • Oh, I see now 😉

      Thanks as always for having such great events, and if you ever need a judge, you know where to find me 😀

  3. I’m just thrilled to see this mog posted here, as I finally acquired this robe on my all-white draenei priest, and immediately realized I had nothing to wear it with.

    IN A RELATED STORY, it occurs to me that I don’t really know what your policy is with people using this blog as inspiration: Do you prefer that we let your pieces stand alone or at least as inspiration at most, or do you mind people attempting to replicate your mogs?

    • Grats on your robe! I don’t really have a policy, replicate away! I am always happy to inspire others, whether they want to wear whatever I came up with, or make it their own 🙂 All I ask is that you let people know where you got the idea, so maybe I can inspire them too!

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