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This week I had the honor of being asked to guest judge a WoW Factor Show!  I’ve been to a few of their shows, and even won at the two Proudmore shows, but this was my first time ‘behind the scenes’.  I was really nervous going into it, especially about talking in Skype with so many people listening.  Noelani, Ironyca and Elvine were great though, and it felt like I was just hanging out, talking about transmogs with three buddies.  I’ve always admired the work they put into doing these shows, but now even more so having been involved in the craziness.  There was a ton of contestants, a ton of whisper spam, but most importantly, a ton of fun!  A huge thank you to all the people who have ever sponsored these events and made them possible.

Judging was slightly intense.  There was so many people to look at, and you want to look at everyone, but you have to keep the show moving.  Sometimes I would spot someone and before I could give them a closer look, I would move back to where one of the other judges where to give their pick a good look.  There were a lot of awesome mogs we just didn’t have time for and I hope those people at least had fun at the show.  There was even 2 or 3 people I still wanted to win in round 1, but we ran out of money!

Round 2 was a top 5 for 10k each round. It was incredibly difficult to narrow it down.  We ended up having four 10k winners, and 4 runners-up who got 2.5k each.  The runners-up were all amazing and we just couldn’t decide who not to pick.

I didn’t end up with nearly as many screenshots as I thought I did.  I remember taking more, but when I went to edit them, a lot were duplicates of people 🙁  Luckily I did end up with some pretty fly Draenei shots, lol.  You can see them all in my Facebook Gallery, but here are a few of my favorites.

Sharpstorm – one of the 10k winners.  Her mog set is mostly made from the Protector Mail, but the pieces she added, and her weapons make it really amazing.  Her gloves and shoulders are from the Shaman tier 10 set, the headpiece is the Savage Gladiator’s Helm, the shield is the Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Shield Wall, and the mace is Mariel’s Sorrow.  All the pieces flow so wonderfully, she is definitely Super Fly!

These guys aren’t Draenei, but I still think they’re fly 🙂  Demonofblood and Ohmnomnomnom were both round 2 winners, and two of my top picks.  Demon mixed 3 different PVP tier pieces, tier 10 helm and boots, and a random green-quality pair of gloves, and ended up with an amazing warlock look. He was a 10k winner.  Ohmnon wins for the most unusual look of the night.  His mix of Demon Stalker pieces with the gloves Sharpstorm used, are accentuated by his crazy Murloc helm.  I thought the look was just so unique I wouldn’t let him go in round 2.  He was one of the four ‘runners-up’.  As Ironyca put it, he was quite brave to show up with that helmet on, lol.  I didn’t think that helm could ever look good, it even looked terrible with tier set, so thank you Ohmnom for making it work!

Arkainjel’s black and gold look is really striking.  He did a great job pairing the Exalted Plate with Helmet of the Steadfast Champion and Shattered Sun tabard. He was a round 1 winner.       Moonric was a round 1 winner for the excellent way she coordinated Stormrune Edge and Spaulders of Heroism with the Templar’s set.
Neshoba did a wonderful job of accessorizing the Ebonhold set. The Renegade boots and gloves, Upstanding Spaulders, and Headdress of Inner Rage all come together nicely.  Unfortunately, round 1 ran out before I had a chance to nominate her as I really like this look. Kiddø‘s blue and green look was coordinated amazingly well.  In round 1, she had brown gloves that didn’t look quite right, but she came back in round 2 with green gloves and won 10k.  The passive green and blue glows on her weapons really pulled the whole look together.

Thanks again WoW Factor team for inviting me along, it was awesome!

-- Draynee
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5 thoughts on “WoW Factor Tichondrius

  1. Thanks for coming along as a guest judge, I think you did really well 😀
    I love that picture of Demon and Ohm at the altar, as if they are bowing before a duel. I hope Demon knows not to underestimate a murloc, they always run away at the end and bring back another murloc friend to fight for them.

  2. Thanks Ironyca! I hope I didn’t make Noelani’s life too hard with that darn 3.75 prize 🙂 I also love that picture. I’m not sure what they were doing up there, but I’m glad I caught it. I think they are guild mates. Ohmnom sent me a really nice tell afterwards thanking us for picking him and said he had fun 🙂

    You are right about murlocs, but I find human runners much worse… I’m talking to you Scarlet Monestary, lol!

  3. Wow, this is uncanny. We even posted on the same day. That must look weird for you, I bet! But truthfully, I’ve had it on my MogIt wishlist for ages, honest! *panics*

    • Lol! When I first saw it, I thought maybe you were the guy from the show. But hey, great transmog minds think alike 🙂

  4. Looked like a great show. Nice shots 🙂

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