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I spotted this mog awhile ago and just fell in love!  I took a screenie for Fly Draenei Friday, but it’s so great, it needed it’s own post 😀  The colors are so striking, and I thought pairing the Lightforge pieces with those legs and boots was awesome!  After doing some mogs with the Replica Soulforge set, I was excited to try a few with this set.

Bakaknight is wearing Drake Talon Pauldrons with Replica Lightforge Breastplate, Gauntlets and Belt, Legplates of Blazing Light and Magma Tempered Boots.  I believe the mace on her right hip is either Bloodskull Destroyer or Swiftsteel Bludgeon.  Looks great Baka, thanks for the inspiration!



Here’s a few variations I came up with!

lightforge shoulders

Shoulders – Replica Lightforge Spaulders

Chest – Replica Lightforge Breastplate

Hands – Replica Lightforge Gauntlets

Waist – Hyperion Girdl

Legs – Legplates of Blazing Light

Feet – Magma Tempered Boots

Boots of the Redeemed Prophecy might also look nice,
and pick up more of the red in the look.


judgement shoulders


-- Draynee
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3 thoughts on “Replica Lightforge Looks

  1. Those pants are very striking, and both looks — Bakaknight’s and yours — make excellent use of them! The other set with the Judgement shoulders and the Lightforge set is gorgeous, too. I love to see Judgement items used in clever combinations with other sets 😀

    • Thank you Kam! I have seen (and done) the legs/boots combo with the Conqueror’s Breastplate before, but this was so different, when I first saw it I was in awe 😉 I too love a Judgement mash-up, there was a great one on Fly Draenei Friday a few weeks ago.

  2. OMG these outfits our GORGEOUS!
    The red and gold look amazing together.
    I love them 🙂

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