Love is In the Air


I posted this mog the other day on Twitter as just a ‘hey, this is what my mage is wearing now’ thing.  Then today, I was thinking about something to post here as a Valentine’s Day outfit, and I thought this is actually the perfect mog!  The dress reminds me of exactly how I dress in RL for V-day – show a little cleavage and actually put on a necklace 😀  I’m not much of a jewelry wearer, but I like to look a little fancy for our V-day nights out.  My Mr. and I met a few weeks before Valentine’s 6 years ago, and our first date was the weekend after.  We also got engaged on V-day 5 years ago, so it’s kind of an anniversary for us.

Anyhow, back to the mog 😉  I love the way these shoulders are just barely blue, which is the same color shown throughout the dress.  They also glow red, so I think they’re perfect!  Unfortunately, they are horde-only Tier 9 shoulders, so it doesn’t quite work for a fly Draenei *sad face*.  Well, I can’t let my belf have all the boobilicious fun, so I came up with a couple alternatives that look just as nice!

Belf’s Staff (Above)- Matsuba’s Breadmaker



I left the headpiece out of the Draenei mage mog, because it looks a little silly just plopped on top of a plain hairstyle.  I think it looks best with the croissantwich ponytail hairdo that my elf has.  Here it is on my paladin, for illustration purposes.  You can also see here that she has on the Wound Dressing underneath the dress for a little modesty panel.

felcloth hood
Here’s another version, playing up more of the red.

Head – Felcloth Hood

Shoulders – Consortium Mantle

Chest – Imperial Ghostbinder’s Robes

Hands –Muddied Crimson Gloves

Waist – Orbital Belt

The crimson gloves require Frenzyheart Tribe rep to purchase, but the Replica Virtuous Gloves, which are off-white, would work also.


Well, I hope if you celebrate V-day, you had a lovely one! If you don’t, I hope you had a nice Thursday 😀

-- Draynee
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12 thoughts on “Love is In the Air

  1. Oh I love the Deadly Gladiator’s Shoulders and valour point hat with that robe (and the second hairstyle)! I didn’t even consider doing a V-Day transmog but yours is awesome. 😀

    • Why can I never remember to just say “oh btw this is Jaedia posting”? I suck. :p Gief name/url reply option please! 😀

    • Thank you! I hadn’t really thought about it either, but I was thinking about posting the mog, and it sorta clicked in my head about being similar to my RL V-day look!

      Hmm, I have no idea how to change my comment options, but, I knew who this was, you have Hannah on twitter silly 😀

    • I do but there are many Hannahs. 😉 And I’m not sure either, Blogspot baffles me. 😮

  2. Happy anniversary!
    These are all so lovely, I can’t decide which one I like best 🙂

  3. The outfit looks incredible. I’m in love with that dress!
    Gratz on your anniversary as well 🙂

  4. Wow, no way! My hubby and I got engaged on Valentine’s day too, 5 years ago 😀
    Also, I really like that cloth chestpiece. I love that it looks like she’s wearing a necklace.

  5. Sparkles

    What shoulders are those on the blood elf?

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