Dreams Do Come True!

Arcane Wand of Sylvanaar and Regal Star

One of my favorite item models in the game has always been the star wands.  Every caster alt I made, I would hit up the auction house around level 16 to get a Skycaller.  When I found out there was an off-hand model, I started collecting those too!  I was so excited when transmog was announced that I’d finally get to use my star wands.  Well, mogging my wand wasn’t really all that exciting since you never really saw it, but with the changes to wands being main-hand items, my dual-weilding star wand dreams have at last come true!  I’d been stuck with a staff on my mages forever, but I got a wand the other day, and spent a couple of days doing archeology for the umbrella offhand.  Hooray for star wands!! 😀

More info on this mog can be found here.

-- Draynee
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8 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True!

  1. Omg hooray indeed! You have no idea how much I LOVE that I can wield a wand+off hand now. It’s just the best thing in the universe.

  2. The only problem I have with using a wand is that I forget and right click everything. All I need is to oops and pull a boss..

    I love the star wands, but mogging over the umbrella? I know it’s kinda huge and clunky, but I love it!

    • Lol! Luckily I’ve been playing a hunter long enough to never ever right click anywhere!

      You’re right the umbrella is special and pretty, but I REALLY wanted to rock the wands. The umbrella deserves it’s very own mog 😉

  3. Grats on your shining stars! 😀

  4. Grats on your wands! You look so cool 🙂

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