Embersilk Robes Transmog

This lovely robe is the perfect cherry red.  It shares it’s model with the Felcloth Robe.  I have one on the auction house I just can’t unload, so I thought I’d make a mog for it instead!  I decided to go with a red and green look to actually play off the belt.  I sincerely hope they come out with more low profile cloth belt models like this one, maybe without the screaming green gem in the middle 🙂

Embersilk Robes

-- Draynee
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4 thoughts on “Embersilk Robes Transmog

  1. Oooh, pretty! I like how you’ve picked up the green gem in the belt with the green off-hand and the green flames in the shoulders. Those gloves are a great match for the robe… My Draenei Mage picked up the gloves the other week, perhaps I should see about getting her the robe 😀

    • Thanks Kam! If only you were on my horde server, I’d give you a good deal ;D The Felcloth Robe is pretty easy to make, just running through Dire Maul for the Demonic Runes is not all that fun.

  2. I also like the green touches throughout. Great Job! 🙂

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