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I’m working my way towards the Quintessential Quintet acheivement, but I’ve been finding it hard to choose which alt should be number 5.  I already have a Paladin, Hunter, Death Knight and Mage at 90.  The DK and Mage are my elf ladies, so I debated for a long time about leveling my fly draenei mage.  Do I need another mage?  Probably not.  The reason I leveled my elf mage though, is because I had so much fun playing Drayney at the end of Cata.  So, I’ve played around with my warrior, leveled all my almost-80 lanquishers, even started bringing up my 52 priest!  It all comes back to wanting to mage it up though!  She was already just shy of 87 from doing archeology, and still rocking her farmer mog.

The first step in leveling up any character is getting a nice mog set up 😀   I visited my bank and void storage for inspiration, and this dress was really speaking to me.  I had already purchased the dragon staff, and I thought they went together pretty well.  I don’t really think of green as a mage color, but I kinda love the look, so I thought I’d share it with you guys!


Shoulders – Frayed Abomination Stitching Shoulders

Chest – Brightcloth Robe

Waist – Councillor’s Sash

Hands – Windwool Gloves

Staff – Staff of Broken Hopes

For legs, I’m using the Cindercloth Pants, but any of that model, or the new model leggings would work to show the cut out.  If you’re feeling a little more modest, you could also go with a greenish-gold or brown pair or pants.

sideThe little red gem on the shoulder to match
the red strapping on the staff.

-- Draynee
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4 thoughts on “Mini Mog Post – Feeling Green

  1. Just be careful, because those achievements require different *classes*, not just different toons. My first two toons to cap were priests, and I was a bit bummed it didn’t some with the duo achieve.

  2. That is a sweet combination of robe and staff — and one I probably wouldn’t have thought of myself, which is my most favorite thing about seeing other WoW fashionistas’ ideas B)

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