If you or someone you know is a fly Draenei, I’m always looking for screenshots for Fly Draenei Friday! Show off your awesome mog to all the Draenei enthusiasts out there!

The only requirement for submissions is an in-game screenshot of a mogged Draenei.
Gear lists are helpful, but not required.
That’s it! I post submissions in the order I receive them.

I think all mogged Draeneis are super fly, so don’t be shy 😀

E-mail your screenies to the address above, or leave a comment here!

For tips on taking great screenshots, check out Umlaut’s Screenshot Strategies.


7 thoughts on “Submit

  1. Melissa

    Here’s my draenei hunter:


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  3. Sarah

    Hey Draynee, hope you are still playing! Just sent you an email with some screenshots. Wish I had read the tips first. Let me know if you would like any adjustments. Thanks for making this awesome site! =)

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