New Draenei Lady Preview

Super exciting news Draenei enthusiasts!!! The latest beta build for Warlords of Draenor has the new Draenei models in it!! The male model was added a few builds ago, and I’ll get some pictures of him soon. Here’s a few pics I grabbed tonight comparing my ‘live’ toons with their beta counterparts. Standard disclaimer applies – this is beta, things are subject to change. Also, the art department has been very much letting us know the models are still ‘in progress’. You’ll notice the eyes are (hopefully) missing their glow, and shoulders, weapons and helms don’t show at all!

drayneeOld Draynee, meet new Draynee

hearthHearthing face

draineeDrainee – one thing that’s really bugging me is the two tentacles on either side are sort of mushed into one.

dreynieDreynie – with new chest a bellybutton definition.

frontDraynee front – her hooves have changed slightly and her arms curve at her sides differently. You can see her palms face more inwards and her gloves aren’t as flared at the top.

sideSide – you can see the posture is mostly the same, though her knees and uh, backwards knee are more pronounced. As is her breast muscle, which is a little odd.

Wowhead has the new model available on their model viewer if you want to check out more of the new animations.  I will try and get some higher-rez comparison shots from it, my computer wasn’t all that happy running the beta client, live client and Photoshop at the same time!  I am still digesting the new face, but I do like the new hairdos.  Although, from the front her croissant roll is a little flatter 😉

-- Draynee
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2 thoughts on “New Draenei Lady Preview

  1. With her palms turned inward instead of outward, she looks like a ballerina!

  2. Sedaii

    Thanks for posting this! I’m bummed to see the ‘white’ color skin has turned more grey…but the hair having detailed strands in it makes me happy!

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