Pretty Fly for a New Draenei

Draenei enthusiasts!!! Unlike last Tuesday (which I’m not going to even go into), this Tuesday we got some awesome Draenei news out of the art department at Blizzard!
draenei2Yes, you’re looking at renderings for new, improved Draenei model! A disclaimer though – she’s still ‘in progress’.  She’s obviously not posed properly, and the hair looks like it could use some work.  That being said, she looks super fly!  It was so awesome for Blizzard to post a little ‘nugget’ for us, since she wasn’t quite ready, but they didn’t want us to think the joke model was all they had.

draeneiI must admit, my first thought was “phew, she looks the same, but better”.  I was nervous her face would get a complete revamp like the gnome and dwarf females, and I wouldn’t recognize my ladies anymore.  But, she has the same feel, just updated.  I had the same reaction to the male tauren that was posted on Monday. “Oh, he looks the same… but he has nostrils… and teeth!”  If you haven’t watched the animation videos on that post, they really bring the new model to life.  I am so excited to see new draenei all rigged up and moving around!  I also really can not wait to see gear on these models.  I’m curious to see if they’ll be able to set shoulder gear better on the new model.  You know how some of them look like they’re falling off behind her.  That was actually a major issue with my Draynee cosplay!  We attached the shoulders to my tabard, but they kept slipping off my shoulders.  Luckily, we had brought supplies into the convention, and during opening ceremonies, my husband was super-glueing a clear strap between the shoulders in the back.  They held up like magic after that 😉

undeadfem02My only bummer is that she doesn’t have amazing eyelashes like the undead female does, but at least she has some eyelash definition.  The nose has better definition as well, but it’s still dainty and not a major feature of her face.  I may also like the old hooves better.  I’m reserving judgment on the hooves until we see her standing properly, but I do hope they keep the little fringe of fur at the top of the hooves.  I’d hate to have to remake my draenei boots!

I am quite fond of her underoos, they are definitely more stylish then that cheapo bikini she was wearing.  I know ‘supportive’ and ‘strapless bra’ don’t really fit together in the real world, but it looks like there’s enough structure in that top to hold the gals up.  I mean, she’s an alien anyhow, maybe their ta-tas do defy gravity 😛

Check out the official Artcraft post here!

-- Draynee
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4 thoughts on “Pretty Fly for a New Draenei

  1. She does look great! I’m glad they didn’t keep us waiting for too long to see the real thing after that AFD farce.

  2. Well you know how I feel about it – I miss the shape of the legs, too – I don’t like how bent the hooves are, and prefer the “bell bottom” look of before. Oh well. Can’t make us all happy. I’ll get some boots on them and no one will see…

  3. Satsuri

    Haha, the AFD joke was pretty ridiculous. Seeing the (real) new models for Draenei sure made up for it! I’m super excited about the hair changes; it looks so much better! Maybe I’ll pick a different style for Satsuri than the usual ponytail 🙂

  4. I watched those posts/videos, paying close attention to taurens, and dwarf females. I was afraid they’d be too changed as well–I recently paid for a sex-change from female to male tauren for my druid because I liked the big hulking mass that the male tauren was. I was afraid they’d cartoonify him too much and take away all that virility. But I was impressed by how similar they would be, just be more alive. And the dwarf females look so soft and round, without loosing their strength. I’m looking forward to these models being playable! 🙂

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