Mogging with Loshan, Terror Incarnate


A long time ago, in a raid tier far, far away… Well, it wasn’t that long ago, but with as fast as the patches are coming in Pandaria, it sure feels that way!  Back when I was still playing my Horde mage, I received this amazing sword in LFR and knew I needed to mog around it.  In honor of Alt Apprecation Mage Week, I thought I’d finally post about this mog and the one I really wanted to put together.  I never did get that ideal mog made, as it required 25 man Ulduar and we just couldn’t duo Kologarn, but the picture above is how Liddey has been sitting all these months, and it’s not bad if I do say so myself 😉


Shoulders: Very Fashionable Shoulders

Chest: Arachnidian Robes

Waist: Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy

Feet: Arachnidian Footpads

Gloves: Cold Sweat Grips

Main hand: Loshan, Terror Incarnate

Off hand: Inscribed Jade Fan


This is another version of the mog above using the Spellbinder Robe.
This is the mog I really wanted, but I wasn’t able to get the robes on her.  Maybe one day I’ll have to get it on Draynee 😀
Shoulders – Illidari Shoulderpads
A horde-only version with Pauldrons of Catastrophic Emanation, Don Tayo’s Inferno Mittens and Cord of Reconstruction.  You can also see the Arachnidian Footpads here that are listed above.  Only the shoulders are restricted to Horde.
-- Draynee
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5 thoughts on “Mogging with Loshan, Terror Incarnate

  1. Oh man, I absolutely LOVE the Robes of the Umbral Brute mog on the Draenei. It’s so green! <3 I just might have to pick that one up once my brand new baby Draenei mage gets all leveled up.

  2. Both versions of the Loshan set are really pretty!

    The Umbral Brute robe is really cool. The colors of it always remind me of the scene at the end of the second (or was it beginning of the third?) LOTR movie where Frodo and Sam and Gollum are hiding up in the rocks watching the Witch King ride out of Angmar.

  3. I’m quite partial to the Arachnidian Robes set you made. It brings back fond memories of my early time with Honeypants and Prynne, well Aynslie and Prynne, technically.

    Lovely job on all of the sets! :p

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