Fly Draenei Friday – Level 25!


Well, it finally happened, Pretty Fly for a Draenei is all grown up!  With my husband getting a sudden case of altoholism and our old friend Boom coming back and playing his draenei we finally hit guild level 25!  It’s been a long-ass time coming, and I’m not sure I even want to compute how much of that 80 trillion guild xp I grinded out myself, so I won’t!  I’m just gonna do a /dance and celebrate 😀

Speaking of my old buddy Boom, he was in LFR the other day on his hunter and met a fantastic draenei enthusiast.  Turns out LFR mage recognized the guild name and was asking if Boom was me, or if I was on too.  They were bummed I was not logged on because they wanted to show me their new mage mog, and love my blog!  I’ve just got to say, LFR mage, you made my day, week and month all at once.  I was pretty stoked hear about that, and Boom said I was like a celebrity now, lol!  I’d love to see your mog LFR mage!  Don’t forget you can send it to me, or post it in the comments here.  Hugs and kisses to all my readers, you guys rock!

Here’s some super fly mogs from you rockin’ draenei lovers!

Teal is mogged out in the Ruthless Gladiator’s Pursuit with Surestrike Goggles v2.0.  She says she likes how the goggles give her look a ‘Marksman’ feel.  I like how her and her faithful dragonhawk Opiate are all pretty and purply!  Great place for the screenshot too 😉
When I got John’s e-mail, I had to do a double take.  I thought I read in the subject that Sharade was a shadow priest, but when I looked at the pic, I thought it was Lae’s purple monk mog she wanted to put together.  It’s great that the top and pants model come in cloth and leather, because they look awesome on draenei!  Nice job John!
Shoulders – Amice of the Convoker
Main hand – Fang of Kalecgos
Meet Arcana, she’s a moggaholic!  This is her My Little Cloud Pony paladin mog, so cute!
And here’s a couple of awesome mogs from Proudmoore!
Vurve looks hot hot hot in her red mail mog, I really like this one! Erupting Volcanic Shoulderwraps, Bloodlust Breastplate, Belt and Gauntlets, Inferno Forged Leggings, and Mercurial Greaves. Prideth‘s mog is sooo cute! I can’t say I’ve seen anything like it, so kudo’s for creativity 🙂 Fireheart Skullcap, Green Silken Shoulders, Green Woolen Vest, Red Lumberjack Shirt, Quet’zal’s Crackling Cord, Windwool Gloves and Pants.

Thanks everybody for reading and sending in your fabulous mogs! 😀

-- Draynee
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16 thoughts on “Fly Draenei Friday – Level 25!

  1. Love the pala with the Cloud Serpent tabard! Gorgeous 🙂

  2. Congratulations on guild level 25! That’s quite an accomplishment for a wee little few-person guild 😀

  3. Grats on the guild ding. 🙂

    I love Ruthless Gladiator’s Set for hunters! My heart jumped when I saw the next mog, but then I saw it was cloth. Looks very nice, but I’m still not done with my leather one.

    • Thanks Lae! My first though on getting that e-mail was that you finished it and were sending it in! I know, grinding those old reps sucks big time.

  4. That is so awesome! Knowing someone has seen your blog and recognizes you or your toons and what not! Grats on hitting level 25!! 😀

  5. Grats on your ding!

    And all the Draenei are looking quite fly again this week! Thank you! :p

  6. Congrats!!!!

    I’m hoping to hit 25 eventually with my bank guild 🙂 At 23 now so someday…

  7. Yay, congrats! I’ve been loving the past couple of mog posts!

  8. Congrats on the guild cap! I’m loving that red mail mog, wtb that in plate for my warrior.

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