Fly Draenei Friday – I want my FDF!

Howdy draenei enthusiasts! Man, I’ve got a lot going on lately!  I’ve really been wanting to post more, but too much stuff in my brain.  If you haven’t heard (possibly because I didn’t announce it), I’m going to Blizzcon this year!!  I was fortunate enough to go to the last one on the first day at the very last minute, thanks to an awesome friend.  This year we’ve got our own tickets and plenty of advance notice 😉  So, crazy me thinks I ought to go as Draynee!  I’ve been spending a lot time dinking around with the outfit, and perhaps I shouldn’t have attempted something as complicated as judgement shoulders for my first cosplay… I’ve had a few mis-starts, but I think I’m going to be able to make it work!  So, that’s one of the multitudes of things I’ve been trying to do at once, hopefully I’ll get a post put together about it soon.

In the meantime, Umlaut emailed me his latest super fly mog last week, and was hoping to debut it to you guys before posting it on his blog.  Well, last Friday my rl guild dinged level 5, so I didn’t get a FDF put together (in case that makes no sense, it was my 5th wedding anniversary!).  But, better late than never, right?  Here’s Amerisia’s ‘Lofty’ new mog, you can check out more shots of it over at Mogsaddiction!

Lofty in Pandaria_03


Shoulders – Swiftsteel Shoulders
Thanks for sending her in Umlaut, and thanks for your patience 😉  Here’s some more awesome mogs from my inbox!
Hamadi says he’s having loads of fun being a all shiney as a warrior in paladin gear (Lightforge Armor).  He’s also taking advantage of being one of the only classes that can wield polearms and staves and has mogged his polearm into Key to the Planes.
Chakorii was featured in my last Reader Roundup FDF, and wrote in to say he got a TON of whispers and comments afterwards.  How cool is that?!  Here’s his newest mog, and a beautiful screenshot.  I love the weather in Valley of the Four Winds, it really makes up for the lack of weather in the rest of the world.  Anyhow, Chakorri said this set was inspired by his raid team’s resto druid (and guild “mom”).  It looks great!

Helm – Firebird’s Headpiece

Shoulders – Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Mail Spaulders

Chest – Fel Iron Chain Tunic

Gloves – Firebird’s Gloves

Belt – Belt of the Gladiator

Legs – Legwraps of the Raging Elements

Mace – Tihan, Scepter of the Sleeping Emperor

Shield – Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Shield Wall


Mythrii 2
This is Mythrii in a nice red and gold number!  Those shoulders look really great with this set, and of course, the Crown of Flame goes with everything 😉
newxmog in the light
And to round out what is apparently Fly Shaman Friday is Maria.  She’s always had a fondness for these shoulders and said it was fun to try and match a set to them!
Belt – Stormwrap
Boots – Tsunami Boots (Invisi-boots)
Woo!  Thanks everyone for sending in your mogs, I love getting to post and share them 😀
-- Draynee
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11 thoughts on “Fly Draenei Friday – I want my FDF!

  1. Thanks for the FDF today! I should’ve waited one more day, but when I get the itch to post nothing on Azeroth or beyond can quell my enthusiasm.

    Everyone is stunning this Friday, which is the norm, but still stunning. That shot with the lightning was perfectly timed!

    Nice jobs everyone. Hope to see more. :p

    Now, to figure out this twitter account…

  2. Grats on your rl guild ding. 🙂

  3. Congrats on your anniversary and on your Blizzcon tickets! What fun!

    And what gorgeous sets, all of these.
    Druids and Monks can wield both staves and polearms, too — but yeah, Warriors are the only plate class that can get away with using the Key of the Planes (what a fun idea for a Warrior, and lucky him to have the strength polearm to do it with!).

  4. How exciting! Be sure to have some extra fun at Blizzcon for me. Take some pics! 🙂

  5. Derp, forgot to say grats on level 5! My RL guild just hit 5 in May, so I wouldn’t have updated either. :p

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