Fly Draenei Friday – Katsumii

I love doing Fly Draenei Friday, it’s one of my favorite things about this blog.  I especially love when my super fly readers send me their awesome mogs!!


This week’s reader mog is from Katsumii of Caelestrasz (US). Her violet dress is absolutely stunning, and coordinates beautifully with her cloak and shoulders.

Thanks for sharing Katsumii! :D

As usual, here’s some fly gals I’ve spotted around Proudmoore recently!

I’ve spotted Qandisa before looking super fly, and here she is in another awesome look!  I love the way her sword and offhand shine.  wowhead Woo, finally a Draenei monk!  Hatsuyuki has combined some rogue tier 9 off-set pieces with some bad-ass fist weapons for a super fly look.
Amadita‘s mix of Lofty Legguards with the Glorious Set looks really great with her Tushui Pandaren Tabard. Salores accented her Robes of Insight with this new Mists belt model, a great choice for letting the dress stand out.
-- Draynee
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6 thoughts on “Fly Draenei Friday – Katsumii

  1. These are great! Qandisa looks great, I’ve seen her around before looking very fly :P. I love that the monk chose T9 rogue lookalikes (my favorite rogue tier).

    • I was pretty excited to see Qandisa’s new look, lol. That T9 top is pretty uh, well, it’s something on draenei :D

    • rofl the top is worse on the draenei than the other females :P

    • I did a post about tier 9 where I showed off some shirts. I don’t normally show shirts, but in this case they made it so that it’s the gear that stands out, not the body. ;-) The set is really beautiful and detailed!

  2. Oooh, nice to see a new belt model that’s good to use with the fancy dresses — and it’s crafted, which means it’s readily available, too!

    • I love that new model, it doesn’t stand out so much. It comes in cream, white and purple too! Also, it’s everywhere, I think I had 6 in my bank before I hit 90 on my mage, lol.

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