Fly Draenei Friday – Satsuri


Satsuri in Sundered Armor and Titan-Forged Shoulders of Dominance, and Drainee

A few days ago I was running back and forth between the Leatherworking shop and the mailbox nearby, when a Draenei on a cloud serpent caught my eye.  I stopped to check her out, as she looked pretty fly at first glance, when I realized it was Satsuri!  We have chatted in blog comments before, but this was the first time I’d run into her in game.  We he a nice chance to talk, mainly about her super fly transmog!  I love the way she’s coordinated her mog with her Order of the Cloud Serpent Tabard.  She told me she’s planning on making mogs for all of the faction tabards, which sounds awesome and I hope I get to see them!!


More people are finally starting to mog again, so here are a few gals spotted around Proudmoore recently:

Moxyshock is also wearing the Titan-Forged Shoulders of Dominance but with the Ornate Mail set.  I’m loving these shoulders, it makes me want to level my Shaman up so I can mog them too:) Dalende looking fly in the Bloodscale set paired nicely with the Sparkbreath Girdle and invisiboots – Ancient Skeletal Boots. Her shield is The Fel Barrier.
Tengaaris did an awesome job coordinating pieces with the Enchanted Thorium Breastplate and Leggings.  Stormforged Shoulders, Ymirjar Lord’s Handguards, and Boots of Kingly Upheaveal really pull this look together. Batousi looks great in her fiery mail set. Crown of Flame, Rocket-Chief Pauldrons, Masterwork Breastplate, Dragonfire Gloves, Firearrow Belt, Grunt’s Legguards, and Scaled Draenic Boots.

-- Draynee
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6 thoughts on “Fly Draenei Friday – Satsuri

  1. Ooh, that is a very fly set indeed, and absolutely perfect for that tabard! I hope that you get the chance to see and share with us her other tabard sets.

    These other sets are great, too — it’s always so inspiring to see nifty combinations that I never would have thought of myself.

  2. Hey, I’ve just discovered your blog via Blog Azeroth and I love it! My main is a Draenei and I really want to start getting into transmog (for all my characters). I’ll be using your blog as my inspiration :)

    • That’s great to hear, glad I can help inspire! You can always send in you Draenei transmogs too, I love to see them and post them of FDF :D

  3. Aww, how fun! It was crazy fun to run into you! Hopefully it’ll happen again soon. I have a few alts lurking in Pandaria now, too. Hmm the holidays have gotten me behind on blogging/mogging!

    • It was especially funny because I don’t generally spend a lot of time hanging around the leatherworking shop, hehe!

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