Fly Draenei Friday – Finally!!

Howdy Draenei enthusiasts!! I was pretty bummed out about my post getting eaten last week :/  I am working on moving the blog over to a self-hosted platform, but there is mountains of coding to do.  In the mean time, I am finally going to get this FDF posted 😛  In case you weren’t sure what the heck that picture I posted last week is, that’s my Sylvari Guardian from Guild Wars 2.  I’m having a lot of fun poking around in that game.  It has some really great systems and scenery and it’s a fun change of pace during the end-of-expac lulls.  Although, the lull between Cata and Pandalandia was an excellent time for transmog. WoW Factor shows, Mogolympics… it was the golden age of mogging, lol!  Maybe once we get a more approximate date for WoD the mog fun will start rolling again 🙂  For now, here’s some super fun mogs you guys were awesome enough to send me!


 First up is Chiyasa in her “Classic Priest” set. This robe really is a classic, and I love the pop of purple on the belt! Runecloth Robe with  Elementalist Mantle, Runecloth Belt, Black Mageweave Gloves, Valorous Crown of Faith and Staff of Immaculate Recovery.


This is Chiyas’s Night Elf/Tyrande inspired outfit. The super white dress looks great against her dark skin. Chest Mooncloth Robe with Double-Stitched Woolen ShouldersNetherweave Belt, Handwraps of the Incarnate, Valorous Crown of Faith and Apostle of Argus.


Next up is the lovely Eanor in Wrathful Gladiator’s Investiture. The blue and gold cloak is a nice complement to this set.


Laryala’s orange accents really sets off her Hallowed Raiment set, and the headband coordinates perfectly! With Arcanist Belt and Bloodfire Greatstaff.



Ethlin is a super fly Magenei (Draenei mage, lol!) in her funky purple outfit. I love the boots, they are such a cool design! Hallowed Crown, Valorous Frostfire Shoulderpads, Frostweave Tunic, Valorous Frostfire Gloves, Ruthless Gladiators’s Cord of Accuracy, Black Mageweave Leggings, Arcanist Boots, Seethe and Talisman of Kalecgos.

Thanks for your submissions everyone!

-- Draynee
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Tyria’s Grasp

OMG I had a whole FDF written out and Blogger ATE IT 🙁  I miss you guys, this is what I’ve been up to the past month:

Tomorrow will be Fly Draenei Saturday when I’m not so pissed at web browsers and blogging apps 😛

-- Draynee
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Happy New Year!

What better way to ring in a new year than with Draenei in sequin dresses?! 😀
Hope everyone had a great 2013, here’s to an awesome 2014!
-- Draynee
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Fly Draenei Friday – The Hand

Greetings Draenei enthusiasts! I hope your week went well, if not, here’s a FDF to cheer you up!  A few weeks ago Samaramon posted a really great transmog contest. Her challenge was to design a mog around the Tabard of the Hand, and the prize was an art piece of one of your characters.  I am so bummed I didn’t win, I would have loved a Draynee drawing, but the winners made some fantastic outfits, as did everyone who entered! You can check out the winners and everyone else over at Sam’s blog. Below is my entry, which is remarkable similar to one Euphyley created. Great minds really do think alike 😉



Shoulders – Mantle of Perenolde

Chest – Red Crane Vest

Tabard of the Hand

Hands – Gloves of Holy Might

Waist – Snow Lily Belt

Legs – Ceremonial Leather Loincloth

Feet – Inferno Hardened Boots

Staff – Amber Scythe of Klaxxi’Vess




Last time I posted all but one of the fly draenei from my inbox, put the call out for more, and here’s what I got! Keep ’em coming guys, I love seeing all your mogs 😀



Here’s the one I missed from last time, I hope Moravandra didn’t think I passed her by because I said I posted everything I had! This is her ‘ninja-priest’ mog, which is great for sneaking around healing people in a BG, uh, until those fancy wings pop and give you away XD She is wearing the chest, pants and gloves from Silver-Thread Regalia, along with Soot-Covered Mantle and Guardian’s Dreadweave Belt.



Next is another lovely mog from Teal, who was lucky enough to keep her shoulders and bow from Dragon Soul LFR, they go amazingly well with her Northrend pieces. Wyrmstalker’s Spaulders, Cloak of Biting Chill, Chestguard of Siphoned Elements (Wound Dressing shirt underneath), Gloves of Unerring Aim, Belt of the Ardent Marksman, Conqueror’s Scourgestalker Legguards, Tsunami Boots (Invisiboots), and Vishanka, Jaws of the Earth.



These two beauties are from Rinike at Rinike’s Wardrobe. She has a bunch of beautiful transmogs on her site, so you should hop over and check them out! These two are from her Paladin Week and Shaman Week posts.



Finally, we have this gorgeous mog from Anna at It seems she was tempted by the blue side and has fallen in love with her draenei monk! Hooray for fly draenei 😀 Rifle Commander’s Eyepatch, Lunar-Claw Pauldrons, Raging Spirit Harness, Red Belt of Unspoken Warning, Luminary Kilt, Sandals of Sacrifice, Mighty Gauntlets and Vengeful Gladiator’s Staff.


 Beautiful action shot!
Thanks everyone for sending in your awesome pics, and if you want to send me your fly draenei check out my submission page, I’m always LFM 😉


-- Draynee
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Jade Monk Take 2 – Leather Transmog

jade_monk2Last year I posted a Jade Monk Transmog with intentions to level my monk and dress her up in it.  Well, I never really got into playing my monk.  Most classes aren’t that fun at low levels, and I really wasn’t feeling it.  Then one day I was visiting the Black Market Auction House and came across these amazeballs shoulders.  I ported my little level 20-something monk to Pandaria, hitched a ride over to the BMAH and transferred the 10k gold over to her, placed my bid and waited. Then waited some more. I’d never gotten anything off of this ah, and I really didn’t want to get in a bidding war on an item I couldn’t even use yet!  Luckily, no one else bid on the shoulders, and they were mine! Suddenly I had an incentive to level, and got to it.  These shoulders didn’t really go with the original jade transmog, so after finding this helmet that coordinates perfectly, I put this set together in Mog-It.  This was about 6-months ago…


I was able to get all of the pieces together fairly quickly, but the damn pants.  They drop from the last boss in Heroic Blood Furnace. Draeya leveled from 70-72 just from daily runs through BF. When my husband came back to WoW and I couldn’t use his characters to drag her through, I went and leveled her the old-fashioned way for a bit, but the fire kinda burned out.  After my recent two-month hiatus from the game, I decided to give her another try. With rested and monk buffs, 77-80 took about 5 minutes, and I was knocking on Keli’dan the Breaker’s door again. I was beginning to think the pants weren’t actually on his loot table, when RNG smilled on me, and they dropped! Woooo! I must say the fire to play and hunt mog pieces has been re-kindled!



Helm: The Night Watchman

Shoulders: Bonescythe Pauldrons

Chest: Chestguard of No Remorse

Gloves: Replica Darkmantle Gloves

Waist: Brown Belt of Precarious Balance

Legs: Leggings of the Unrepentant

Feet: Clefthoof Wanderboots

Staff: Fleshling Simulation Staff


-- Draynee
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Fly Draenei of Draenor Friday

Draenei lovers!!! Holy space goat it’s been too long.  It seems transforming myself into a Draenei for one day TOOK OVER MY LIFE, and I needed a short break 🙂  Thank you guys for the wonderful comments on my costume, I ♥ you all! The ‘making of’ was exhausting and stressful, but so worth it, and RL Draynee will be making appearances again. Next time I will spend more than five minutes wearing the boots prior to the event however.  As I was walking to a corner after I couldn’t take standing in them any longer, a guy asked me if I had molten lava coming out of my feet. Pretty much felt like it :O

In other Blizzcon news, I’m pretty excited about Warlords of Draenor! I mean, I’m not 100% sold on the story, but DRAENOR. So cool. There will be no shortage of Draenei NPC’s and I’m looking forward to meeting them all!  I also like that we’re going to see places the draenei lived before the planet blew apart. Lae has a great post on Draenei Settlements in Outland, and I hope we get to see these in all their glory 🙂

So, on to what we’re really here for – the fly Draenei!  My apologies to the fine folks who sent these mogs in that it took so long to post them. Thank you for your patience!


First up is Mayumî from Doomhammer. I love the color of these pieces, and the shoulders and bow are excellent accents to this set! Engraved Mail with Flamewaker’s Spaulders and Skyfire Hawk-Bow.


Next up is a mog that Ariakan has probably acquired by now, but was excited to submit it, and I was excited to share it! She calls this set “Lionheart”, and it coordinates amazingly well with the Lionheart Executioner 🙂 White Tiger Helmet and Pauldrons, Enchanted Thorium Breastplate and Leggings, Judgement Belt, Exalted Gauntlets and Grim Sabatons.


Tianis looks like a death knight you really wouldn’t want to mess with! Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Desecration with Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Warboots of Alacrity, Carapace of Anub’shiah and Quel’Delar, Might of the Faithful.


Maggymaé has picked a very nice shield, Gladiator’s Shield Wall, to go with her Chief Brigadier Mail set. Maggy is a fellow Proudmoore-ite! /wave


To round out this FDF, we have Sakhet from Skywall. I love the way these axes look with the shoulders, and the way the White Swashbuckler’s Shirt peeks out from underneath the breastplate! Crown of Empowered Fate, Glimmering Steel Mantle, Conqueror’s Breastplate, Thorium Belt, Lavacrest Leggings, Bloodforged Gauntlets, Master Cannoneer Boots and 2x Draconic Avenger.


Well, that is actually all of the fly draenei I had in my inbox, so if you have a mog to submit, send it on in cause FDF is back baby!  Thanks 😀

-- Draynee
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Hey guys! Holy crap it’s been a long time!  I am exhausted from Blizzcon, and hope to write more later, but I wanted to share some pics. Enjoy 😀


From Instagram


Me and Elvine!!


From Flicker

-- Draynee
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Paladin Week – Draynee Love


It’s Paladin Week over at Lae’s Alt Appreciation!  I don’t really have any alts or mains, I sorta play whoever strikes me when I log in, but I definitely didn’t want to miss this opportunity to gush over my paladin.  Draynee was my first alliance character, as I was a Hordie when I first started.  The story behind her making her is a little funny.  I had a falling out with a good friend I used to twink PVP with (back before twinks had their own battlegrounds).  I was pretty upset about it, and decided to make an alliance character on our battlegroup in hopes of running into him in the lowbie bg’s.  I chose draenei because I thought the noises they made when they get hit were kind of ridiculous.  I picked Draynee as her name, based on how I originally thought ‘draenei’ was pronounced (I was informed it was ‘dray-nigh’).  So, that’s how my love affair with space goats started.  I never did run into that person in the bg’s, as he quit playing before I got to level 39.  The good news is we are friends again, although he still doesn’t play WoW.  I ended up ditching the original Draynee to re-roll on Proudmoore after discussing possible future Alliance play with my husband, we wanted to pick a pretty high-pop server.  I’m glad I did, since dabbling in the blue side turned into a full-time affair, and Proudmoore’s a great server 😀

So, before I get to the mog goodness, I thought I’d update you guys on why I haven’t posted a whole heck of a lot lately.  If you don’t already, you should follow me on Twitter!  I post updates over there all the time.  Even if you don’t use Twitter, you can click on the link over to the left and see what I’m up to, without an account 🙂  Anyhow, I mentioned it before, but I’ve been working pretty much every day on my Draynee cosplay for Blizzcon!  I’m going in her purple Judgement/Revenant set.  This is my first cosplay, and pretty much first time ‘building’ anything, so there has been some challenges.  It’s coming together though, and I’m getting pretty excited about it!  I’ll probably post some tutorials later, after I get all the pieces finished, but here’s some sneak peeks!


Here’s my almost-finished Judgement shoulder.  I still need to add some details, but I think it’s pretty cool!  At first I attempted to carve this out of expanding foam like the amazingly talented Kamui, but I am not an sculpture artist.  So plan #2 that my husband found for me was to use the Pepakura program to print out the parts for a 3d model, which I made out of posterboard.  Then I added a few layers of glue and brown paper, and sprayed the inside with the expanding foam for structure.


This is Despair, all ready for priming and painting.  The sword is a mix of Pepakura parts, floral foam pieces, and some expanding foam.  The handle is a paper towel roll filled with expanding foam and a wood dowel for strength!  The weeks until Blizzcon are getting shorter, so I expect to be working even more on this, but fear not draenei enthusiasts, I’m still around and the blog’s not going anywhere!  Just might be on a crafting hiatus until after November 😉


Now, on to some mogs!  Draynee only has a few mogs in her collection.  It’s pretty much the reason I started the blog.  I was coming up with some great looks, but only wanted to really wear a couple.  She went wild and wore the Golden Valorous mog for a few months, but she’s back to purple judgement now as inspiration to get this cosplay done!



The cloak in the header picture is Silky Velvet Cloak

This mog is probably the second one I put together.  I’ve heard it referred to as an Alliance soldier mog, but the tabard is just there because I liked how the colors go together, and it covers up the corset.  I use it sometimes for a tanking set, when I get the wild urge to actually tank, lol!
I originally put this last mog together for my death knight, but it was just too bright for her, it didn’t feel right.  It works much better as a holy pally mog!  It’s a pretty popular look, but I still love it 🙂
Whew, well that was a long post, I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at my favorite paladin, Draynee!
-- Draynee
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Mogging with Loshan, Terror Incarnate


A long time ago, in a raid tier far, far away… Well, it wasn’t that long ago, but with as fast as the patches are coming in Pandaria, it sure feels that way!  Back when I was still playing my Horde mage, I received this amazing sword in LFR and knew I needed to mog around it.  In honor of Alt Apprecation Mage Week, I thought I’d finally post about this mog and the one I really wanted to put together.  I never did get that ideal mog made, as it required 25 man Ulduar and we just couldn’t duo Kologarn, but the picture above is how Liddey has been sitting all these months, and it’s not bad if I do say so myself 😉


Shoulders: Very Fashionable Shoulders

Chest: Arachnidian Robes

Waist: Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy

Feet: Arachnidian Footpads

Gloves: Cold Sweat Grips

Main hand: Loshan, Terror Incarnate

Off hand: Inscribed Jade Fan


This is another version of the mog above using the Spellbinder Robe.
This is the mog I really wanted, but I wasn’t able to get the robes on her.  Maybe one day I’ll have to get it on Draynee 😀
Shoulders – Illidari Shoulderpads
A horde-only version with Pauldrons of Catastrophic Emanation, Don Tayo’s Inferno Mittens and Cord of Reconstruction.  You can also see the Arachnidian Footpads here that are listed above.  Only the shoulders are restricted to Horde.
-- Draynee
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Super Spectacular Arcane Mage Mog

It’s finally Mage Week in Lae’s alt appreciation whirlwind, and I’m super excited to share this mog!  I mentioned I was working on this mog in my last Mage post, and I actually finished it awhile ago, but wanted to wait and join in the appreciation fun 😀


I’m really loving this mog now, but it was sort of a pain in the tail to put together.  Of all the alts I took through the Molten Front back in Cata, Drayney was not one of them.  When I decided I HAD to have this pink gloves, I had to start those dailies from scratch.  400 bazillion Marks of the World Tree later I finally had them, however I had neglected farming up the hood.  It drops from Netherspite in Karazhan, and I had seen it drop so many times when I didn’t want it.  Weeks after getting my gloves, it still hadn’t dropped for my mage though.  Then, one night while updating the cloth helm pictures on Mog Companion I had a huge derp moment.  I updated the picture for this hood, grumbled about it not dropping and moved on.  About an hour later I thought, ‘too bad I’m not a Warlock, they can just buy the hood with some Cenarion Expedition rep…’, then ‘wait! Wasn’t there a third item listed as the same model?’  That’s when the derp came, hardcore.  The hood is also a quest reward from Icecrown.  A quest I didn’t do, and towards the beginning of the zone!  So, I ran off to get my hood and promised myself I would thoroughly check the same model as tab next time XD

Anyhow, I thought the mix of pink and purple was a good look for an arcane mage.  The belt and bracers are a little warlock-y, but those shoulders say “Hey! I’m a mage! I will Arcane Blast you in the face!”


Helm: The Argent Skullcap

Shoulders: Vengeful Gladiator’s Silk Amice

Chest: Embersilk Robes

Waist: Sash of Serpentra

Legs: Black Mageweave Leggings

Feet: Unassuming Slippers

Gloves: Widow’s Clutches

Main hand: Chelley’s Staff of Dark Mending




-- Draynee
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