Fly Draenei Friday – Ryi’s Fly Too!

Before we dive on in to this week’s FDF, I want to let you guys know about a transmog site that’s new to me.  Honeypants over at Mogoholic posted about it earlier this week, and I think it’s about to make putting together my FDF’s a whole lot easier 😉  This site is Transmog Viewer.  It’s like the armory, but instead of listing your equipped gear, it lists your mogged gear!  Whew, I’ve been doing a lot of tabbing between the armory, wowhead, and my blog posts, and now I can just copy the links from there *evil grin*!  Thanks for sharing that Honeypants!

This weeks mogs are from Ryi at Doomhammer (EU).  She said her bf bullied her into sending in some pics, but I bet it was more gentle prodding, and I’m glad she did!


This is Ryi’s Dragonstalker Recolor set, I call it her ‘you might think I’m a hunter, but I’ll lava burst you in the face!’ set.  That might be too long a name.  I’m little jealous she was able to get her hands on that belt though, my shaman who wants to wear it is not on the same server, or faction, as my leatherworker who can make it :/  Also, it’s BOP, sadface!

Shoulders – Dragon-Quake Shoulderguards

Chest – Ebon Netherscale Breastplate

Gloves – Warstrike Gauntlets

Belt – Ebon Netherscale Belt

Legs – Scaled Greaves of the Marksman

Feet – Black Ogre Kickers


Another of Ryi’s sets.  This one is very pretty, that Tier 14 chest looks amazing with the Tier 10 pieces!  Defiler’s Mail Pauldrons top of this set that goes perfectly with her little dino pet!

Thanks so much for sending in your mogs Ryi, and thanks for encouraging her, Ryi’s bf 😀


As always, now for some fly Proudmoore peeps!

Haruuka is so pretty in pink and purple! Hallowed Crown, Mana-Sphere Shoulderguards, Vestments of the Shifting Sands, Energis Armwraps, Cord of Sanctification and Staff of Infinite Mysteries. Ahli‘s set is simple yet elegant. Knight’s Mail with Knight’s Pauldrons, and Precious’ Ribbon for a little peek of pink.
Amaravati is rocking the farmer look!  Her’s is pretty similar to my farmer mog, but those blue shoulders are even better! Arcane Cover, Skein Woven Mantle, Blue Overalls, Yellow Lumberjack Shirt, Black Mageweave Gloves and Mistscape Boots. I was totally confused when I first saw Teniitha.  I was on my pally at the time, and I though at first someone used the look-alike elixir on me, but wait, I’m not wearing a helm.  Then I realized I wasn’t even wearing this outfit and it was just a super fly twinsie!  Purple Judgement helm, shoulder, gloves, belt and hands with Revenant chest and legs.
-- Draynee
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5 thoughts on “Fly Draenei Friday – Ryi’s Fly Too!

  1. Wow, is awsome!!! Added to favorites. Love both of Ryi’s mogs too. 🙂 We should all “submit suggestion” in-game that old recipes lose their BOPness btw.

  2. Yeah that sites really cool. Much simpler to view someones ‘mog than the armoury is! I’d never seen that Dragonstalker recolour before – I have original set and have seen the red/green set around.

  3. Everyone is looking awesome! I suprised about that Dragonstalker recolor as well. Very cool. :p

    As for, the site speaks for itself. I tried it out immediately after Honeypants whispered me the link. Seriously, it’s a headache reducing site. So elegant that it deserves an award! :p

  4. Such pretty Draenei! Sigh, I want to level one so I can wear pretties too 😀

  5. Love all the outfits!
    Don’t know what is about those blue overalls, but I’ve always been a huge fan 🙂

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