5.2 Weapon Transmog Changes

Now that patch 5.2 has arrived, we can finally mog some weapons into other weapons!  No more having to change out of your pretty pink outfit because you can’t find a mace to match 😀

The Burning CrusaderMasterwork Spiritblade DecimatorDespair

The change isn’t all encompassing, as you still can’t mog a dagger into a sword, but it is still pretty broad.  Two-handed maces, swords, and axes can be mogged into each other.  The same for one-handed maces, swords and axes.

Bladespire BroadaxeMasterwork Phantasmal HammerThe Willbreaker

Many of the weapons that were previously labeled as main-hand only have been changed to one-handed.  This is an excellent change, as I’m sure like me, you have tried to mog a new tanking mace into something with a different label.

Finally, great news for monks and druids – staves and polearms can be mogged into each other as well!  You do have to have the ability to equip both weapons, however.  So, sorry mages, no Hellreaver for you.

Wow Roleplay Gear has a nifty little chart and some additional details on the changes for more info.

-- Draynee
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