Theramore’s Fall Transmog – Theramore Arcanist’s Hat

Theramore’s Fall was implemented this week as in introduction to the Scenarios coming in Mists.  There has been much written on people’s impressions of the instance, more eloquently than I could put it, so I’ll keep my 2 cents short and sweet like the Scenario itself.  While I don’t think the instance is great by any means, I don’t find it horrible.  I was a little disappointed that the objectives for the horde and alliance versions are pretty much the same – kill people on boats, light boats on fire, kill person on wind rider / gryphon, kill tanks, insert different ending here.  I also felt that had I not read any recaps on what happened in the Tides of War book, I probably wouldn’t have had any idea why I was blowing the place up, or cleaning up the aftermath.  Between the speed of the run, and the complete randomness that is purple loot that may or may not in my spoils bag, it really reminds me most of a holiday boss.  My biggest issue with the place is the “transmog” items in the loot tables.  Really…

hat blk
Anyhow, I like to keep things upbeat, so instead of running through the ugly, I will say there are a few gems in the pile.  First up is this lovely white wizard hat!  A nice crisp white, it is a great addition to the wizard hat collection available in game.  I decided to take inspiration from the ring around the top of the hat to base my transmogs on.  I started with the Gossamer Belt:

Head – Theramore Arcanist’s Hat

Shoulder – Elegant Mantle

Chest – Black Ash Robe

Hands – Soulcloth Gloves

Waist – Gossamer Belt


Several of the Gossamer pieces look quite nice with the hat, including the shoulders. Here’s an outfit using the robe, and including my favorite item in game, a star wand!

Head – Theramore Arcanist’s Hat

Shoulders – Summer Song Shoulderwraps

Chest – Gossamer Robe

Gloves – Soulcloth Gloves

Waist – Vestal’s Irrepressible Girdle

Off-hand – Regal Star

hat white
-- Draynee
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3 thoughts on “Theramore’s Fall Transmog – Theramore Arcanist’s Hat

  1. Oh, Draynee, this whole series is wonderful! I can’t wait to see what might be coming next 😀

    The Archmage’s Staff outfit with the Vermillion Robes of the Dominant and the T12-lookalike shoulders is magnificent! (WTB LBR into the Firelands after we get to level 90, so I can get those shoulders for some of my Mages.)

  2. Thank you Kamalia! I think with the posting of the plate tabard mogs, I’m done with staring at Theramore rewards 😀

    A LBR into Firelands would be awesome, I’ve only ever stepped in the front door to attempt a trash farming run. It would be really nice if they removed the need for tokens to purchase pieces when the next x-pac came out.

  3. Both sets look great and the star wand was a nice touch. I’m glad I managed to farm all the items for my priest and hunter before it was removed.

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